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Robert Rush LB Day 2 Legislative Branch Lesson Plan 2 Grade: 12th Grade American Government Period: 1st Block

Length: 78 minutes Objectives: C. I want my students to learn about the Senate. Students will be able to: 1. Compare the size of the Senate to the size of the House. 2. Describe how States have elected Senators in the past and present. 3. Identify the qualifications for serving in the Senate. 4. Identify the personal and political backgrounds of the current members of Congress. D. I want my students to learn about the members of Congress. Students will be able to: 1. Describe the duties performed by those who serve in Congress. 2. Describe the compensation and privileges of members of Congress. 3. Identify the three types of Congressional power.

Identify constitutional provisions of the legislative branch of the government of the United States. Contrast rights and responsibilities of citizens in a representative democracy. I. The Senate II. Pre-Class preparation: A. Materials needed 1. Computer 2. PowerPoint program 3. Projector 4. Textbook/ portfolio B. Set-up 1. Projector 2. PowerPoint presentation ( opened to first slide) III. Instructional Procedures: A. Senate 1. Size 2. Terms 3. Elections 4. Sessions 5. Qualifications B. Members of Congress 1. Personal and Political Backgrounds 2. Job 3. Compensation C. Congressman Activity IV. Evaluation: 1. Students responses to understanding the Senate process. 2. Students comprehension of terminology. 3. Students ability to distinguish between Senate and House of Representatives. 4. Students will able to accurately explain the Senate process.

Robert Rush LB Day 2 V. Self-evaluation: 1. Were the objectives met and do the students know the material? 2. Did the students successfully identify key processes for the Senate? 3. Were the presentations informative and successful in relaying information? 4. Were students able to accurately explain and discuss the Senate process? Modifications: 1. Copies of notes for those who need them. 2. Extra time to complete any assignment.


Instructional Procedures include lecture and discussion concerning the National Legislature. This lecture/ discussion will include the topics of the bicameral Congress, the House of Representatives, the terms and membership of the House of Representatives. After lecture, students will break up into small groups and work on handout.