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SET NATIONAL BENEFIT LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ‘STATE DISABILITY ‘re Gout Sere Lang ind (00) 53527 Farl600) S843 New York Statutory DBL Insurance’ New Business Rates Effective July 1, 2009 Monthiy Per Capita Rates MALE FeMALe 1-49 employees ~NEW: $1.30 $3.45 (aie ponuat in svance) 10-49 employees $2.90 $6.35 (oltae quarterly in arear) Partner, Proprietor $9.50 $9.50 © © OF Member (rowntary coverace i ici policy premium $20 pee quarter oF $00 annua. National Benefit Life offers: * Low premium rates available 1-49 employees + Fast policy issue * Competitive commission, paid monthly + Financial strength - A.M. Best rated A+ Superior)’ + NBL Direct™ - instant claim information available 24/7, (800) 535-2710 + Quick competitive quotes for groups with 50 or more employees For more information, contact your NBL General Agent, upstate marketing representative, I or the Home Office at (800) 535-2711 Upstate Marketing Representative » (716) 652-4604 Paul Borowiak, Regional Sales Mgr... pauborowisk2000@yahoo com Home Office + (800) 535-2711 Kathleen Dla, VP Underwriting (Greg Ranier, Underwriter. gregory.anieri@primericacom Elaine Walker, Sheila Wyse, Sr. Vice President... sheila _ " poley Form 8-91-0818) "Employer of least one emloyee may apply for coverage atte of {appleaion or 30 cays pir to nex enema » Explanation of ating: Best ratings range nore tom the highest fating 3s folows: Aww, Av Ader Be, Bt, BVEHe CS DES, 42n 7109