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John Smith Willow Avenue, no.

78 London

London Bank Trafalgar Street, no.4 London

1 Januar! "#11 $ear Sir%&adam, ' am writing to (om)lain a*out a )ro*lem ' have en(ountered thi+ morning while ' wa+ tr!ing to withdraw mone! from one of !our *ank,+ AT&+. &! (urrent a((ount wa+ em)t!, in +)ite of the fa(t that at m! la+t (he(k, it (ontained "###-. At fir+t, ' thought that ma!*e the AT& i+ out of (a+h, *ut when ' re)eated the o)eration on another one, ' reali.ed that +omething might *e wrong with m! (urrent a((ount. /on+e0uentl!, ' went to !our *ank and a+ked for information a*out it. To m! *igge+t +ur)ri+e, the (lerk announ(ed me that ' had no mone! in m! a((ount. Though, thi+ +ituation i+ alarming for me a+ la+t week, when ' (he(ked m! a((ount, ' had in it almo+t "###-. /on+e0uentl!, a+ the (lerk wa+ not a*le to )rovide me an e1)lanation for thi+ event, ' am a+king !ou to inve+tigate the di+a))earan(e of m! mone!. &! a((ount num*er i+ #""#LB2 384"154. ' am e1)e(ting !ou to manage to +olve thi+ un)lea+ant +ituation within a week and to let me know the detail+. ' look forward to hearing from !ou.

6our+ faithfull!, John Smith