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Robert Rush MiE- 8 Microeconomics Lesson Plan 8 Grade: 12th Grade Economics Period: 4th Block Length: 78 minutes

Objectives: 10. I want my students to learn about competition and market structures. Students will be able to: a. Explain the characteristics of perfect competition. b. Understand the nature of monopolistic competition. c. Describe the behavior and characteristics of the oligopolist. d. Identify several types of monopolies. 11. I want my students to learn about market failures and their causes. Students will be able to: a. Discuss the problems caused by inadequate competition. b. Understand the importance of having adequate information. c. Describe the nature of resource immobility. d. Explain the nature of positive and negative externalities.

Standards: 3.) Analyze graphs to determine changes in supply and demand and their effect on equilibrium price and quality. 4.) Explain the impact of the labor market on the market economy of the United States.
I. II. Market Competition & Market Structure/ Market Failure Pre-Class preparation: A. Materials needed 1. Computer 2. PowerPoint program 3. Projector 4. Textbook/ portfolio B. Set-up 1. Projector 2. PowerPoint presentation ( opened to first slide) Instructional Procedures: A. Review of previous lesson (10 minutes) B. Lecture/ notes on Markets (20 minutes) C. Go over homework (20 minutes) D. Guided Practice (20 minutes) Evaluation: 1. Students responses to understanding of the concepts presented. 2. Students comprehension of terminology. 3. Students ability to distinguish between factors of market failure and how markets are structured, and what competition is. 4. Students will able to accurately explain the material. Self-evaluation: 1. Were the objectives met and do the students know the material? 2. Did the students successfully identify key concepts? 3. Were the presentations informative and successful in relaying information?




Robert Rush MiE- 8 4. Were students able to accurately explain and discuss the material? Modifications: 1. Copies of notes for those who need them. 2. Extra time to complete any assignment.


Instructional Procedures include lecture and discussion concerning microeconomics. The lectures/ discussions will include the topics of demand, supply, elasticity, demand factors, social goals, role of the government, and price. After lecture, students will break up into small groups and work on handouts.