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Strategy Harvest

5 Whys Gallery Walk Checkerboard StandUp, HandUp, Pair Up Jot Thoughts ThinkWriteRoundRobin World Caf Talking Chips Whiteboarding/Spin the Board Co-constructing Criteria Strip and Sort Round Table Consensus Love It, Leave It, Lose It Inside-Outside Circle

5 Why Protocol
Pattern Statement: The CIA initiative was created to support curriculum, instruction and assessment in our secondary school.

Why: _______________________________________





5 Why Gallery Walk

Gallery Walk: Using the tape provided, participants post their work on the wall. Participants circle the room, viewing the other participants/groups work.

As participants circle, they look for patterns and trends, similarities and differences.
Upon returning to their table, participants share observations with their group.

Find a checkerboard quote that you connect with.

Participate in a StandUp-HandUpPairUp.
StandUp-HandUp-PairUp: Participants stand up, put their hands up, and quickly find a partner with whom to share or discuss

JotThoughts & RoundRobin

JOT THOUGHTS: Facilitator provides prompt or question for participants. Participants have 1 minute: Individually record the questions/answers/observations they have on a post-it 1 item per post-it. ROUND ROBIN: In their groups, participants take turns sharing their JotThoughts. The person with the next birthday in the group will start. If participants have any duplicate items, stack them together to avoid repetition.

World Cafe
Teams disperse evenly amongst the tables. Everyone moves except one anchor at each table.
Round 1 = 5 minutes Anchor at the table begins by sharing their groups work in response to a question/prompt provided by the facilitator. Other participants at table respond and share their connections, ask questions.

Round 2 = 5 minutes Process is repeated with a new question or prompt.

Round 3 = 5 minutes Process is repeated a final time with a new question or prompt. Teams return to their group to debrief.

Talking Chips
Participants each receive a specific number of talking chips. Each time a participant contributes to the group conversation, they must place one of their chips at the center of the table until they are out of talking chips.
Statement 1 Statement 2 Statement 3

Spin the board

On a large whiteboard or a piece of chart paper, participants record their responses to a prompt or question. Participants spin board. They will spend 2 min reading & reacting. Try to reserve judgment. Date #1: 2 mins Date #2: 2 mins Date #3: 2 mins Add comments,questions, feedback, suggestions, etc.

Co-constructing Criteria
Participants individually record the criteria for the given topic on the strips of paper provided.
Facilitators may use structures like RoundRobin and consensus structures like RoundTable Consensus or Love it, Leave it, Lose it to ensure all voices are heard as participants share their criteria.

Strip and Sort

Look at the brainstormed criteria and begin to categorize like criterion Determine if there are any missing items and add additional strips where necessary
Determine the big ideas for each category

Consensus Structures
Strategy: Round Table Consensus
Each member of the group verbally shares a their contribution with the group. The entire group must approve with a thumbs-up before the criterion is recorded or accepted.

Strategy: Love it, Leave it, Lose it

Participants silently reflect on their groups work. Participants record what they love, what they would modify, and what they would eliminate. Participants can share these with the group using a structure like RoundRobin or Talking Chips. Love it Leave it, but edit Lose it

Inside-Outside Circle
Participants find a partner. Determine who will be O and who will be K. Os form a small, inner circle. Ks face partner, creating an outer circle. Facilitator provides prompt for discussion. Inside circle then moves and discussion continues with new partner.