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Elijah Crawford English III 1st Block Mrs.

Hensel Marijuana

Marijuana can be use for good and bad. Some people encourage it and some discourage it. Some positi e wa!s to use marijuana is for medical purposes and relief purposes "Marijuana#. $egati e wa!s to use marijuana is to smoke it for fun% or to be cool around friends% or other negati e wa! is because it can kill brain cells. Marijuana can be negati e and positi e at the same time its just how !ou smoke it% wh! !ou smoke it% and if its gi en to !ou b! a doctor. Marijuana can be use in man! times of wa!s like% painkillers% helps apetite% but it can also gi e !ou problems too like% memor! loss% and depression. Medical marijuana is an illegal drug that is b! the &rug Enforcement 'genc!. Medical marijuana is still not accepted to be use as a legal medicine. Medical marijuana can ha e posti e effects% it can be used to treat people that are suffering from cancer% 'I&S% and can be used as a pain killer "Marijuana#. (here are some studies that show that medical marijuana is helpful to people who has chronic non)cancer pain% omiting and nausea "Science#. It can also help with treating 'I&S patients and muscle spasms. *ith all these positi e effects% it is not !et appro ed b! &E'. Medical marijuana is getting a lot of support and the numbers of users are increasing "+amil!). (here are 1, states that legali-ed the use of medical marijuana and the federal go ernment cannot do an!thing and the! are still debating. Marijuana without the high% is a er! effecti e painkiller. Scientists belie e the! can harness the drug.s highness and change it to a effecti e painkiller% and not all the side effects. (he effecti eness of cannabis in marijuana has been in lots of studies. &octors found that the brain showed less pain b! cannabis "Science#. (he drug ma! help patients endure pain. E en though it ma! ha e less pain its not as strong as painkillers% it just brings the pain down a little. It can impro e !our sleep% for people that can/t sleep good

it/ll make !ou sleep longer "Marijuana#. Scientists think that one da! people whose stomachs are too tender for aspirin or ibuprofin ma! be swallowing (HC pills to get rid of headaches% aka marijuana pills. 0ou could be safer ingesting marijuana% the most used illegal drug on earth than a prescription pain killer drug. ' real painkiller can be the most deadliest drug of all% its worst than marijuana. 'n addicti e painkiller kills more people than an!other drug% so the! are looking into to making some components in marijuana a pill "Sur i al#. ' pain that marijuana can help out with% b! making !ou feel better is migraines% it takes awa! the pain from the headache. It is the safest drug as it has ne er caused deaths in about 1%222 !ears of medical use% unlike other drugs% which ha e killed man! thousands of people. (hose were all the pros% good medical purposes of marijuana and now its time for the cons and negati e thoughts toward. $ow that I/m starting to think that there is more cons than pros about marijuana% e en though the pros are trul! good causes. Some negati es about marijuana could be that it gets !ou high% makes !ou act different% and memor! loss "Marijuana). Cogniti e function% how long it sta!s in !our bod! and mental illness are some facts I/ll be hitting about marijuana "Sur i al#. Smoking marijuana can slow down all t!pes of time% mo ement% and the world% it will make !our reaction time slower. It can make !ou talk cra-!% and mi3 up !our words% and it can do stuff to !our memor! "Sur i al#. Since it slows down !our reaction it can lead to an accident while dri ing and might lead to deaf from !ourself. If !ou combine marijuana and alcohol% it will ha e !ou not remembering !our time with it% and it can lead to all t!pes of possibilities that are not good for !our well being. (he effects of smoking marijuana fade 4uickl!% but the drug% can be detected in the bod! for weeks and sometimes longer. How long it remains in the s!stem depends on how often or how much marijuana the user has been smoking. If !ou/re a pot head "marijuana smoker that smokes a lot# then it is stored in the fat components of the bod!. (HC enters the bod!.s bloodstream right after smoking marijuana. If marijuana is

swallowed then it takes longer to be absorbed into the blood% it takes twent! minutes% to a hour% ma!be a half "'lcoholism#. (here are two strong mental illnesses from marijuana and that/s depression% and Schi-ophrenia. 't ages 11 to 15 marijuana can gi e kids er! mental illnesses that could be deadl!% so er! harmful. Some illnesses could be that the! can/t tell from what is real and what is not. 'nother one could be that the! might hear oices that are not reall! there% or belie e things that are not true. (he! ha e all t!pes of emotion% and the! can/t control themsel es. So now that I ha e found all the pros and cons of marijuana m! first thought to it was that it could be good for !ou. *hen I was researching I found more cons of marijuana than pros and that/s not good because it could ha e lots of pros if scientist can find a wa!. +or now marijuana is illegal and probabl! will sta! like that o er here% and people will probabl! still use it for good and bad.