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Meeting: Agenda Review Session Date: Thursday, November 21, 2013 Start Time: 5:30 p.m.

Location: Regular Board Room Auditorium Participants: Board members, Superintendent, Administrative staff Meeting Purpose: Discuss agenda items as listed
TIME (min.) TOPIC Smart Scholars Early College High School

Key Roles Leader: Mr. Petrozzi End Time: 7 p.m. Minute Taker: Ms. Felton Guest Participants: Preparation Required: People Facilitator: Timekeeper: Scribe: Process Facilitator: Secondary Facilitator:




5:30-6:00 (30) 6:00-6:20 (20) 6:20-6:50 (30) 6:50-7:00 (10) 7:00 p.m.

P, F

Dr. Lewis Ms. Cuddahee Students Dr. Lewis Mrs. Lopoyda Ms. Ridgeway Ms. Massaro Mrs. Dumas Regular Meeting

Information sharing Information sharing Review of proposed policies Review of Nov. 21st Regular Board Meeting

Liberty Partnership/NCCC Proposed Policies Review of Agenda

P, F

P, F P, F

Special Presentations Perfect Score Awards Recipients: Makaela Molly and Roman Wright Recognition of Matthew Rajczak, Master Teacher

(See BoardDocs for presentation handout)

*P = Presentation (Information Sharing)

PS = Problem Solving (Information Processing)

D = Decision Making (Information Sharing)

F = Feedback