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Student Lab Report Guide Cheat Sheet.

Please use this format for all labs. Final copies of labs must be typed. Title - Give the experiment an appropriate Title.

Question - State the question. Does the amount of light affect plant growth. Does the quality of water affect plant growth? Background Information - May include vocabulary words, a few simple facts about the topic, or other information you researched on the topic. in this lab you need to include photosynthesis, abiotic, biotic factors, the nutrient cycles, and make connection to how humans have affected the environment in relation to your question. Why should we care about this experiment, how might it change our thinking and our actions in our daily lives?

Hypothesis - This statement is a testable educated guess based on previous experience and background knowledge. Your hypothesis should be stated using the words: If ... then...because... Variables - Identify the dependent and independent variables in the experiment. Be specic as in Amount of light rather than light or depth of water or quality of water rather than water, quality of water. Manipulated variable - The variable that is deliberately changed by the experimenter. This is the variable being tested. For example the quality of water, the hours of sunlight, the type of soil. Responding variable - The variable that changes because of the manipulated variable. The height of the plant in centimeter, the number of leaves, the amount of starch produced, the colour of the plant. Controlled variable - A list of conditions that will remain the same during an experiment, so that they will not affect the results. Try to focus on three to four, relevant variables. For example, the type of sunlight will change, but all plants will be exposed to the same temperature, soil, amount of water and hours of sunlight. Materials - A list of equipment needed to do the experiment, including specic kinds and amounts. Procedure - This is a step-by-step numbered list explaining how to do the experiment. Someone reading your procedure should be able to repeat it accurately. This may include a labeled diagram of the setup, cleanup instructions, and safety instructions. This is written like a recipe, not using I. Data/Observations - Measurements and observations from an experiment. Observations could include measurements and physical observations. Include data tables, labeled graphs of data, and labeled diagrams of the experimental outcome. Analysis - Explain the results and data. Conclusion - Explain how your hypothesis was supported or not supported by the data. DO NOT change your hypothesis. If you encountered any problems, explain how you might change the experiment to avoid them. What unexpected data was gathered? What other questions do you have related to this topic.

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