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Grammar Review- Adverbs (20 pts)

I. Find and circle all of the adverbs in these sentences. AND draw an arrow from the
adverb to the word it is describing.

Example: The yellow balloon quickly flew into the heavens.

1. It is unlikely that the giraffes have vocal chords.

2. He held the dog firmly while she brushed its beautiful white coat.

3. Our school colors were carefully chosen by the administration.

4. She ran quickly through the rain to meet her friends for Mexican food.

5. He is a skillful driver. He carefully stopped at the red light.

6. The cabby drove skillfully in his bright yellow car.

7. You did a good job preparing the presentation quickly.

8. Early this morning, Mr. Jones drove erratically into a pizza store.

9. The pudgy child cried loudly.

10. An evening out with friends is just what she really needed that lonely night.