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what do you do? what can I accomplish in those 2 minutes: get people to like you.

ur 2 minutes is compelling and memorable, so that people like you. you should have a script. memorize that script 1. opening - grab attention, curiousity 2. what u do, whose on ur team. 3. closing: ask for appointment, or contact. Opening - people are the weAKEST: u need a hook. something that will cause the person - this sounds interesting. HOOK - unmet need that you meet. investors meet many people like you. Do somethi ng dramatically different. stand out. Seperate urself from the masses. S - stories, narrate small, quick, relavant story - (15-20)sec - eg. whr my logo came from, in the opening S - similie, more similies A - use analogy, we do for surfing what chairlifts do for skies M - metaphor, highest importance, E - examples, Collect SAMs everyday from everywhere. "How A Dog Smells Pizza" - Good, graphic example. Its an analogy. Silly stockphoto exercise. SoundBytes, Taglines, Description - Best Source - Reader's Digest - Best writers on the client. Most effective SAMs have nothing to do with your biz field - WRONG["we're the go ogle of social media"] - RIGHT[Use something SIMPLE] ***************************************** 6 Questions - u must answer in 2 minutes: ***************************************** 1. What is ur product or service? 2. Who is ur market? 3. How will u make money? 4. Who is behind the company? - describe core team in 1-2 sentences 5. Who are your competitiors? - recognize ur competitiors, but get back to what you do 6. What is ur competitive advantage? - what's ur USP, so that u can pulverise an y threats CONCLUSION: Parts of close: 1) ask for what u want eg. appointment, contact, reference, money etc. 2) Columbo Close - At the very end of 2 mins, "in conclusion, I'd like to leave you with this one thought" + ur thought. Remember the script, rehearse. Ur passion and enthusiasm for ur project has to c ome accross. Think about how u r presenting. HOMEWORK: 1. Make list of SSAMs currently being used in your company. 2. Fill out answers of 6Qs - just in 1-2 sentence each - finetune them. 3. Figure out your columbo close. 4. Rehearse.