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Austin Davis English 1101 Professor Raymond November 2, 2013

Annotated Bibliography Project

"History of Football- The Origins." The Game. FIFA. Web. 2 Nov 2013. <>. The purpose of this source is to help to understand how the origins of soccer began. The popularity of soccer began around 1863 when the rugby and football associations split into their own associations. The only main differences in the two games at this point was the fact that football required the use of your feet only. While there were many adaptations of the game the goal has always been simple, you cannot handle the ball except with your feet and your team is trying to put the ball in the net of the other teams goal. The weakness of this source is that the information is very broad and is somewhat speculated. I believe that this will be an excellent source for our project because it describes how soccer started as an international sport.

Lewis, Michael. "Americans in the Dreamlands." FIFA World. Sept 2013: 22-23. Web. 5 Nov. 2013. <>. This source talks about how the U.S. Mens national soccer team has qualified for their spot in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It also explains that they won the 2013 Concacaf Gold Cup which gives them a half of a ticket for the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup. They will play the winner of the 2015 Gold Cup at the Confederations Cup in Russia. The magazine article goes on to talk about how well the U.S. team has done for the past games they have played for both the tournament and the World Cup Qualifiers.

This is an important source because the World Cup is an event that only happens once every four years and right now it is down to the wire for teams to try and qualify for a spot.

"Soccer In The USA." History Of Soccer. Geno Jezek. Web. 1 Nov 2013. <>. This source is more of a broad definition of how soccer began in America. It talks about how the game was brought over from England where it was popular. It also goes on to talk about how the

game became very popular for colleges. It also talks about FIFA being formed in 1904 and the U.S. joining in 1913. This is a good source because it gives good background on how soccer b ecame more popular before the U.S. soccer association was formed in 1913.

"History of English Football." Information Britian. N.p.. Web. 1 Nov 2013. <>. This source goes into detail about how soccer started in England. It talks about how the game was more based on the current day rugby at the start rather than soccer. Soon it shifts to talking about how the different leagues were formed in England and the significance of each one. Today there are multiple leagues but the highest league is the Barclays Premier League which is watched all over the world. This source is good because it gives good background on how soccer started in England and also how the forming of the Divisions came about. Pele The Autobiography. London: Simon & Schuster Uk, 2006. eBook. This book by Pele himself is about how his life started out in Brazil. It talks about much of his early life and a lot about his family. It gives good background about where he learned some of his soccer talents from and why he pursued the soccer career. This source is good because it gives good insight into the life of my personal favorite player of all time and also the best player in the entire world of soccer.

"English Premier League 2013/14 interactive map."TankedUp. N.p.. Web. 1 Nov 2013. <English Premier League 2013/14 interactive map>. This is a picture of a map of England showing the clubs that are a part of the Barclays Premier League. This is important because soccer is such an important part of Englands society. Everyone in England watches soccer, because they were born around it. Everyone has their own opinions about the best teams but much of it is based on where you are from This is a very good visual because it can show how the rivals of the league are set up and possibly why the rivalries occur because of the closeness of the teams. "History of Soccer." History of Soccer. N.p.. Web. 1 Nov 2013. <>. This source gives a very broad description of how soccer began. It pulls examples from all the world. There are reports of a game like soccer being played as early as 3rd Century B.C. in China. There were also reports of a game being played by Japanese as a way to work out. Some other references come from Greece and Rome, although these games that were played resemble rugby more than soccer.

This is a good source because it gives information about where the origins were from and how they played the game.

Duffy, Ty. "Landon Donovan: The Greatest U.S. Soccer Player Of All Time?." USA Today Sports. N.p., 26 Jul 2013. Web. 1 Nov 2013. <>. This is a source that talks about the validity of Landon Donovan being possibly the greatest American soccer player of all time. This article goes on to talk about the achievements of Landon and talk about how well he has done in his career. It references his times playing in England in the Premier League and talks about his success he has had as an international player not just a domestic one. This will be a very good source because we will be doing comparisons between certain players giving our opinions on who we think is the best and etc. "U.S. Soccer Celebrates 100 years." About U.S. Soccer. N.p.. Web. 1 Nov 2013. This source talks about the history of soccer in America after the forming of the U.S. Soccer Association. It was formed in 1913 and this year is celebrating its 100th year as an organization. It talks about how far soccer has come in the United States and talks about how popular it is now. This is a good source because we want to highlight the history of U.S. soccer and talk about how popular it is now and how far it has come in the past 100 years Coggin, Stewart. "Best Soccer Players in the World."World Soccer. N.p.. Web. 1 Nov 2013. <>. This source is an article about the possible best soccer players in the world as of right now. This lists the top ten in the authors opinion of who they think is the best then they give a brief response about why they believe that this is the best list of top players. This is a very good source because part of our project will be explaining some of the best players in the world based on what we think qualifies them as the best.