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ANDREA: Whats wrong, Eric? ERIC: Im really nervous. Im always this way on the first day of school.

ANDREA: oure not the only one. Its hard for me, too. Im !lad were taking this class to!ether. ERIC: Do you "now anythin! a#out the teacher? ANDREA: $h%hu, a little. &omeone told me she !ives a lot of homewor", and you have to tal" a lot in class. ERIC: 'h, no( Im afraid of talking in front of a lot of )eo)le. ANDREA: 'h, dont worry. Everyones afraid at the #e!innin!, #ut after you !et to "now the )eo)le and ma"e friends* ERIC: It doesnt !et #etter for me. Im shy. I have trou#le loo"in! at )eo)le when I tal", and my hands sha"e. ANDREA: loo"* the teachers here. +ets tal" after class.