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Sydney Klingler HUMA1100 14 November 2013 Reflecting on Humanities 1100 Throughout Humanities 1100, many concepts have been

covered which have caused me to reconsider what I had previously thought of as the whole story regarding religions, love, effective communication despite varying paradigms, and freedom. When completing assignments, I could see that the journals caused me to reconsider and understand the content of different articles and ideas that I now recognize which I previously had not. This, however, was not the case with the three cultural activities. These three special assignments did not bear the significance they do now, having reflected on the overall purpose and effectiveness of this course in developing my understanding and perspectives of different lifestyles, beliefs, and paradigms. As the goal for a humanities course, as stated in the syllabus, is for development of broader perspectives and deeper understandings, I would consider my time in this class to have been a success. I feel that I have reformed my views on certain issues, fortified my personal understanding and beliefs, and developed basic skills that will enable me to achieve greater success in the upcoming years of higher education as well as in life overall. In sum, this course has enabled me the ability to withdraw my emotional response connected with my personal opinions about most issues to better understand what a peers beliefs or ideas are founded upon to better work with him by identifying what motivates him along to enable functional and productive teamwork.