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Introduction to Mass Communication

Lecture 12 Prof. Shaukat Ali

Language in Communication


Verbal Language Non verbal Language

Language gives a continuation to communication for generations over a time.

Behaviours of language in communication:

Polarization. Labeling. Static meanings. Indiscrimination. Gossip. Multiple meanings.

a typical hurdle in mass communication

What is stereotyping?

Stereotypes are ideas held by some individuals about members of particular groups, based solely on their attitude. They are often used in a negative or prejudicial sense and are frequently used to justify certain discriminatory behaviors.

Stereotype Groups

Age Race Ethnicity Religious beliefs Gender Social class

Commercial interest in stereotyping a case study

Beauty Image in the Media

Mass Communication Terminologies

Mass Communication Terminologies

Capital intensive an area where heavy

investment is required.

Causation the causes/ reasons that

resulted into a certain behaviour of a person.