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Progress Memo: Soccer Ethnography My ethnography is going to be on the soccer discourse community.

As I observe members of the community, I will take notes on how they communicate and interact with each other. Materials that the community uses are blog posts, handbooks, books, and websites. I will be looking at handbooks that explain how to coach soccer. Also I will refer to books that explain how to play soccer. I am planning on interviewing soccer players from the Sun Valley High School soccer team because I played there and also helped coach the teams. The soccer discourse community has a lot of lexis. The most common terms I have heard as a coach and a player are cross, split, overlap, diagonal runs, leave, shield it, keeper, set it up, long ball, shift, man on, and time. Soccer players also have codes to determine what plays they are going to use. For example, 1 would be a shot on frame and 2 would mean it is a service at the top of the 6 yard box. I will be referring to John Swales six criteria and Johns article to determine how soccer is a discourse community. I want to have all this information by November 3, 2013.