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Refrigeration and air conditioning II

Psychrometric Sheet
1. Compare between Ammonia and R22 in an ideal refrigeration system operates in the range of 10C and 40C. the compressor has two cylinders (single act) with bore and stroke of 5cm each, and running at 1500rpm. If the clearance is 5% of the stroke. Determine (i) compressor volumetric efficiency. (ii) system COP. (Take ammonia = 1.25 & R22 = 1.13). 2. (16.25) Air at 26C and 60% R.H. is required for some industrial purpose when atmospheric conditions are 42C DBT and 29C WBT. The quantity of air required is 500m 3/min. The required condition is achieved by cooling/dehumidifying and then heating. If the apparatus dew point of the cooling coil (ADP) is 10C. Determine: (i) Cooling coil capacity (ton) and bypass factor. (ii) The quantity of steam required (at 2bar saturated) used for the heating coil. Assume only latent heat is used for heating. (iii) Mass of water vapor removed per hour. a. Air is introduced to air conditioning system at 27C & RH 60%. Two systems are proposed ( ,) . as shown in the figure details If the adiabatic dehumidifier (silica Gel) consumes 3kW for each kg water. Assume air flow to be 1kg/s. (i) Sketch the Psychrometric process for both systems. (ii) Which system will consume less power (compute the ideal power consumption for both systems)

3. (16.27) Design an air conditioning system for a Cinema-hall of 1000 seat with following conditions: outdoor conditions: 11C DBT and 70% R.H. indoor conditions: 20CDBT and 60%R.H. with air supply of 0.3m3/min/person. The required condition is achieved by heating then adiabatic humidifying (to 75%RH) and finally by heating. Determine: (i) Heating capacity (kW) of the first heater ?, air condition after heater ? and heater surface temperature (bypass factor 0.3)? (ii) Heating capacity (kW) of the second heater ? and bypass factor ? assuming heater surface temperature is 26C. 4. (16.34) The room sensible heat factor for conditioned room (RSHF) is 0.65. Room conditions are 26C DBT and 50% R.H. Maximum temperature difference between room and air inlet to the room is 10C. With air flow rate of 200m3/min, determine the sensible and latent heat loads of the room.