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Artisan Roasted Coffee -

$14 per bag

($5 goes to the MVMPCS Student Activity Fund)

How to order
- Choose a grind type and number of bags. Fill out the form below. - If you choose to ask your friends and family for orders use the back of this form to keep track and tally your orders. - Spring orders start today. Please return the bottom of this form to your childs teacher with cash or check ASAP. Checks should be made out to DUBLIN ROASTERS. -Further pick up details will be distributed at a later date.

Grind Options
-Whole Bean -!Auto-Drip -!French Press -!Keurig
Decaffeinated coffee also available in all options!

MVMPCS Community Cup Blend Coffee Sales

Students Name ____________________________ Teacher____________________________________ Total bags sold__________ Total amount enclosed ($14 a bag) ___________

Place bag totals on desired lines. For decaffeinated options please indicate with a D (ex. 6D) ___________Whole bean ___________Auto-drip ___________French Press ___________Keurig


(keep the top of this page, send in the bottom)

About the coffee

-!The MVMPCS Community Cup Blend is a mixture of both fair trade and organic El Salvadorean and Ethiopian Coffee Beans. The beans are blended and roasted here in Frederick MD, at Dublin Roasters. -! You can NO LONGER get this blend at Dublin Roasters Coffee, all orders must be placed through these school forms.