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Deirdre Miller 766 Alignment Template The project is to provide training on pharmaceutical copywriting skills to those writers at pharmaceutical

advertising agencies. Given that the company is constantly seeking to gain new accounts and obtain repeat business from existing accounts the ability to improve skills will improve the quality of the work as well as reduce costs. The training will be delivered online so that learners can pace their own training and managers can pinpoint the specific training needed.

Terminal Objective: pon completion of the training! pharmaceutical advertising copywriters will apply knowledge of regulatory requirements to pharmaceutical advertising copy. "nabling Objectives #ssessment $dea #bsorb #ctivity %o #ctivity &onnect #ctivity 'e able to recall (%# ,astery qui-. .resentation slide show/ppt with ,astery 2ui- and %rill and .onder 2uestions regulations related to narration0 and 1eading .ractice pharmaceutical advertising! with )*+ accuracy. 3rite text that complies with Original 3ork 4ideo .resentation and Guided analysis of a text to Original 3ork /3ork %ocument0 regulatory guidelines. Guided #nalysis 1eading determine if elements are (%# .rovide examples from work in acceptable which regulatory guidelines were clearly followed. Terminal Objective: pon completion of writing training! pharmaceutical copywriters will be able to apply four elements of good copywriting skills and techniques to their work. "nabling Objectives 3rite simple! clear and concise text. #ssessment $dea &omposition "xercise. (ind an example of an advertisement and re5 write. "xplain why changes were made. 6cavenger 7unt ,ini case study ,astery qui-. ,esssage vs. claim #bsorb #ctivity 4ideo .resentation /$ntroduction0 and .resentation slide show /ppt with narration0 4ideo .resentation and 1eading .resentation /ppt with narration0 %o #ctivity #pply grade level tool &onnect #ctivity Original work. (ind an example of copy and re5write it to make text more clear and concise. 6cavenger 7unt (ind 8 "xamples of Good 3riting and 8 "xamples of %isjointed story telling.

,aster the fundamental concept of storytelling. %ifferentiate a message from a claim

,ini case study

,astery qui- &lassify ,essage and &laim

3rite with 9voice: and 9tone:.

&omposition. ;Take a piece of work and apply a new voice.

4ideo .resentation and 1eading

,ini5case studies with both consistent and inconsistent use of tone and voice.

Original 3ork;Take a piece of work and apply a new voice.