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(707)547-7538 alex.loranger.1988@gma l.!om ABOUT ME:

I am eager to learn new things. Challenging myself has always been a priority. If I'm not learning something new, I'm strengthening something else. I will always be on the scene, ready for action. My educational goals include obtaining a 2-year degree for Information Technology With an mphasis on !inu" at mpire College, as well as transfer to a #-year college with credits from the $%&C.

QUALIFICATIONS: Ex"er en!e #a$% ng & $%e$ Ex"er en!e '$ ng a !'(( ng ma!% ne (o "re"are !a))age* on on$* an& !eler+ ,or !%o# me n -n &e"(% .no#le&ge o, ma n(a n ng /r$( !on(a!( )e(#een e$(a)l $%men( an& !'$(omer 0 g%l+ $. lle& n re$ol1 ng !'$(omer !om"la n($ an& a&&re$$ ng 2'e$( on$ 0an&$ on ex"er en!e n "re"ar ng !ommon ,a$( ,oo& (em$ SPECIAL SKILLS: 3'$(omer $er1 !e 3omm'n !a( on 4'l( (a$. ng 3a$% reg $(er 4anag ng !om"la n($ an& ,'r o'$ !'$(omer$ ACHIEVEMENTS: 3'$(omer 5er1 !e 3%am" on a( 6a!o 7ell EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: Taco Bell Team Member 8'l+ 9007 : 8'ne 9008 Lo !"# $r%!#&ore A&&e 'a & A'g'$( 9008 : No1em)er 9008 Pa 'a E()re## $*#+,a#+er O!(o)er 9011 : No1em)er 9011

References available upon request