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Title: Order of Operations

Write the Objective

Students will be able to correctly solve system of equations by using GEMDAS. Students must show their work and the steps taken to solve each problem.

Introduce the Lesson

Give a sample problem with numerous results on the board for the students to solve individually. After each student comes up with an answer, discuss why we came up with numerous answers. Explain the Objective: To correctly and simply solve systems of equations, we follow an Order of Operations. Relate to Prior Knowledge: Trying to build without following instructions: extra pieces, more difficult, etc.

Present the Content

Knowledge and Skills in Lesson: Focus on understanding the acronym GEMDAS, and its use in understanding the order of solving equations. Teacher and Student Learning Activities: o Watch short clip: Flocabulary - Order of Operations PEMDAS Explain difference in PEMDAS, GEMDAS, and GEMS Work out sample problem presented in clip as a class o Hand out worksheet with simple problems to work in small pre-assigned groups Have each group work on a problem then explain their answer to class Each group will have a chance to lead the class through their problem

Provide Practice and Feedback

Guided practice: Have students work in their pre-determined groups to solve each equation. Ask students to follow the problem-solving steps demonstrated in the lesson, showing their work on the sheet of paper. Rotate among groups to coach students where needed and provide feedback on their performance. Next, go over all of the problems together with the class, showing each step in the problem-solving process. Provide feedback on why responses are right or wrong. If needed, provide additional examples and additional opportunities for practice and feedback. Independent practice: Assign homework for independent practice. Ask students to show the steps in their work on the back of the page. Check the homework with the class the next day in the same manner described for guided practice. Judicious review: Preview following lesson by introducing the concept of working GEMDAS within another step

Summarize the Lesson

Have class go back over acronym GEMDAS and its importance in math community. Point out that this skill could be applied for the rest of your mathematical career.

Provide Practice and Feedback: Within the small group, pair the student with a trained peer who can help keep his or her work on track. Monitor the groups interactions and provide positive reinforcement to the student for appropriate behaviors. Assess Student Learning: Allow student use of extra sheets of paper for the student to show the steps in the problem solutions so the solution does not have to fit into small spaces.