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The power of a smile Can you imagine a world without smiles?

Could you bear seeing sad faces here and there? What a gloomy world it would be without smiles! Today, my topic is The power of smiles. Someone as ed the !ung "u artist #et $i What is the most powerful weapon in the world? %is answer was& a smile. Therefore, he considered the smiling face as the logo of his "oundation. %ere, ' will share with you a true story. (ne day, a young lady li)ing alone heard someone noc ing at her door. She opened the door and saw a big fierce man was standing outside the door with a nife in his hand. The man pushed the door and entered the house. The young lady suddenly had a thought, she smiled at the man and said, *%i, you must be a door to door salesman. ' +ust need a nife, you now. ' +ust mo)ed here and ' prepared e)erything but forgot to buy a nife. Without that, ' don,t now how ',ll prepare my dinner. -lease sit down. .ou loo li e one of my ind neighbors. Would you li e a coffee or tea?,. The man was surprised at the young lady,s beha)ior and little by little he became /uiet and e)en a bit shy. %e sat on the sofa. They tal ed about their respecti)e li)es in the city, their happiness and their sorrows. "inally, the young lady bought the big nife from the intruder. When the man left, he said to her, *.ou,)e changed my life., We can see the power of a smile, and it can sa)e two li)es. 'n addition, ' read an article from a maga0ine about -hu et 'sland. 't,s well nown that -hu et is a famous tourist attraction in Thailand. The number of tourists rises to a high le)el in a short time. The reason is not only its magnificent, uni/ue island scenery, but also its magic weapon, smiles. When you )isit -hu et, e)eryday you can feel the smiling effect of the local people. (ne of the tourist bureau officials describes the power of a smile li e this, *'f you smile to each tourist you meet, that,s a contribution to -hu et 'sland, and it,s a contribution to Thailand., 'ndeed, a smile can shorten the distance between people. Smiling can help us out of frustration. 1 smile can engender a sense of security, intimacy and pleasure. 1 household saying goes li e this2 smile, and you will be ten years younger, otherwise your hair will all turn grey. This may be a little e3aggerated, but the underlying truth that a smile can ma e us healthier and happier can,t be denied. $et,s greet each other and thin 2 did you smile today? 'f not, let,s smile together!