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Daniel Cluff Assessment Project

Assessment Project This was an eye opening project for me. I never had an idea concerning how much work goes into the creation of tests and how they are broken down. I appreciated this experience because it helped me gain an understanding of why certain questions are asked and what kind of information you can get by compiling all the data to get a better picture of the class performance as a whole. The following is a breakdown of how my class performed. If I could do it all over again I would have the class take this on a positive note, this class was a little out of control. 3 Content Domains Enduring- 49%. Important-64% Familiar- 67% 3 Cognitive Domains Applying-74% Knowing-64% Reasoning-30% My students performed best in the content domains of Important and familiar, however, enduring was very low. I feel that I could have improved the activities in my own classroom and produced a better score in the end. Most of the instruction was driven by my teacher and there was not a whole lot that I could do about it.

My students performed best in the applying and knowing categories of the tests but failed miserably in the reasoning section. This seems to trend with the national average and is something that I would like to address in my own classroom by doing more open ended activities that require writing and application. I think that students are trained to well to be sheep by the end of the secondary schooling and need more opportunities to think about how science can be used in multiple scenarios. I apologize for the brevity of the analysis, however, life does not always give us the perfect scenario. I have been extremely sick the past week and had some technology battles that prevented me from compiling the information the way I intended. Thanks so much for a great class!