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TEACHER: Mallory Ranallo SDC/RSP/Inclusi on: RSP

SUBJECT: Science Date: Nove !er "# $%&' Sc(ool: Solorio Ele entary Sc(ool

)RADE: T(ir* Site Su++ort Provi*er: Mrs, McCann

-ESS.N TIT-E: Day &# )ettin/ t(e 0acts Strai/(t -EN)TH .0 -ESS.N: 1% inutes

CONTENT STANDARDS AND CONTENT OBJECTIVES )ra*e -evel State Content Stan*ar*: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.3.1 Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring explicitly to the text as the basis for the answers. 1. Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one-onone, in groups, and teacher- led) with diverse partners on grade 3 topics and texts, building on others ideas and expressing their own clearly. a. Explain their own ideas and understanding in light of the discussion. IEP ).A-: T(e stu*ent 2ill correctly ans2er 3uestions# usin/ a co +lete sentence# to *e onstrate un*erstan*in/ o4 a te5t# 2it( 6%7 accuracy in ' out o4 1 trials# !y t(e en* o4 t(e secon* /ra*in/ +erio*, Instructional .!8ective: Stu*ents 2ill use rea*in/ resources to *evelo+ a list o4 ten 4acts a!out 2ater, Pre9Re3uisite s:ills: All stu*ents ust !e 4a iliar 2it( t(e co +onents o4 a co +lete sentence an* (o2 to s+ea: in a co +lete sentence, T(ey ust also :no2 t(e *i44erence !et2een a co +lete sentence an* an inco +lete

Instructional Strate/ies: ;-ist a ini u o4 1< Mo*elin/# o!servation# /rou+ learnin//s(arin/# +icture 2al:# 2ait ti e



PRE ASSESSMENT: ; I :no2 t(at t(e stu*ents are a2are o4 t(e co +onents o4 a co +lete sentence, I :no2 t(is !ecause t(is is a Co on Core stan*ar* an* 2e try to inte/rate t(is stan*ar* into every lesson, S+ea:in/ in a co +lete sentence is also an IEP /oal 4or any o4 are stu*ents so 2e really try to stress t(is 2it( t(e stu*ents, C0U: ;I*enti4y at least ' 2ays your 2ill c(ec: 4or un*erstan*in/ *urin/ t(e lesson< I 2ill c(ec: 4or un*erstan*in/ !y as:in/ t(e stu*ents co +re(ension 3uestions *urin/ t(e rea*in/, I 2ill c(ec: 4or un*erstan*in/ !y as:in/ t(e stu*ents to list 4acts a!out 2ater t(at t(ey learne* 4ro t(e rea*in/, I 2ill o!serve t(e stu*ents an* listen 2(en t(ey are *iscussin/ 4acts 2it( t(eir nei/(!ors, 0INA- ASSESSMENT: Stu*ents 2ill *iscuss 2(at t(ey learne* a!out 2ater 2it( t(eir nei/(!or# 2(ile s+ea:in/ in co +lete sentences,


Strate/ies 4or Universal Access an* Di44erentiate* Instruction: Clari4y :ey conce+ts an* /enerali=ations# E +(asi=e critical an* creative t(in:in/# En/a/in/ all learners# Sca44ol*in/ *irections# re+eate* instructions# o*elin/ Materials# e3ui+ ent an* a*a+tive tec(nolo/y ;i*enti4y lo2 to (i/(<: +a+ers 2it( rain*ro+s i a/es# Ma/ic Sc(ool Bus Boo:# >i*eo# E-M.

STEPS THROUGH THE LESSON INTO: 9S(o2 stu*ents a vi*eo a!out rain an* 2(at (a++ens to 2ater t(at 4alls 4ro t(e s:y, 9A4ter t(e stu*ents (ave 2atc(e* t(e vi*eo as: t(e stu*ents 2(at (a++ens to 2ater a4ter it 4alls 4ro t(e s:y or 2(ere it /oes a4ter it enters t(e rain, 9I 2ill e5+lain to t(e stu*ents t(at ne5t 2e 2ill !e rea*in/ a !oo: an* learnin/ ore 4acts a!out 2ater, RATI.NA-E: 9S(o2in/ t(e stu*ents t(e vi*eo 2ill /ive t(e i*eas on 2(at (a++ens to 2ater a4ter i4 rains, 9I 2ill as: t(e stu*ents 3uestions !ecause (earin/ ot(er stu*ents ans2ers an* tal:in/ a!out it 2ill (el+ t(e recall 4acts 4ro t(e vi*eo, 9It is i +ortant to +rovi*e stu*ents 2it( a s oot( transition into t(e ne5t activity an* to tell t(e 2(at you 2ill !e *oin/ ne5t, RATI.NA-E: 9I 2ill *o a +icture 2al: 2it( t(e stu*ents !ecause it 2ill (el+ increase t(eir un*erstan*in/ o4 t(e in4or ation 2it(in t(e te5t, Ma:in/ +re*ictions 2ill also increase t(eir critical t(in:in/ s:ills an* /et t(e e5cite* a!out rea*in/ t(e !oo:, 9Many o4 our stu*ent stru//le 2it( rea*in/ co +re(ension an* a +icture 2al: is a /oo*

THR.U)H: 9S(o2 stu*ents t(e !oo: ?Ma/ic Sc(ool Bus at t(e @ater2or:sA Do a cover 2al: 2it( t(e stu*ents, 9Do a +icture 2al: 2it( t(e stu*ents# as: 3uestions# an* (ave t(e a:e +re*ictions a!out t(e story, Mo*el a co +lete sentence an* tell stu*ents to ans2er 3uestions usin/ a co +lete sentence, 9)ive stu*ents ?Rea*in/ RulersA

to 4ollo2 alon/ 2(ile t(e !oo: +lays on ta+e, 9Pause t(e ta+e to as: co +re(ension 3uestions an* to c(ec: 4or un*erstan*in/, 9All stu*ents ust ans2er 3uestions in a co +lete sentence 9.nce story i4 4inis(e* (ave stu*ents turn to a nei/(!or an* *iscuss a 4e2 4acts a!out 2ater t(at t(ey learne* 4ro t(e vi*eo ;in a co +lete sentence<, Stu*ents 2ill !e tol* to ans2er 3uestions usin/ a co +lete sentence, 9Have stu*ents raise t(eir (an*s an* list so e 4acts t(ey recall 4ro t(e story, 9Mo*el a co +lete sentence an* tell stu*ents to ans2er 3uestions usin/ a co +lete sentence, 9As stu*ents list 4acts# 2rite t(e on c(art +a+er, 90acts can !e 2ritten on in*ivi*ual 2(ite !oar*s 4or stu*ents 2(o (ave trou!le trac:in/

s:ill to teac( t(e to assist t(e 2it( rea*in/ co +re(ension, 9It very i +ortant 4or e to o*el (o2 to ans2er 3uestions in a co +lete sentence !ecause even t(ou/( 2e (ave revie2e* t(is any ti es# t(e stu*ents !ene4it ore o*elin/, 9I 2ill (ave t(e stu*ents *iscuss :ey learnin/s 2it( t(eir nei/(!ors !ecause t(is /ives t(is anot(er o++ortunity to +ractice s+ea:in/ in co +ete sentences, Stu*ents also learn 2ell 2(en t(ey *iscuss t(in/s 2it( a +eer, I also so e o4 our stu*ents (ave trou!le retainin/ in4or ation an* tal:in/ 2it( a nei/(!or 2ill (el+ t(e re e !er 4acts t(at t(ey learne*, 9I 2ill +rovi*e so e stu*ents 2it( in*ivi*ual 2(ite !oar*s t(at (ave 4acts 2ritten on t(e !ecause any o4 our stu*ents (ave trou!le trac:in/ an* 2ritin/ *o2n in4or ation i4 it is not *irectly in 4ront o4 t(e , RATI.NA-E: T(e stu*ents 2ill 2rite t(e &% 4acts construction +a+er in t(e s(a+e o4 rain*ro+s !ecause t(ese rain*ro+s 2ill !e use* in t(e ne5t *ayCs lesson, 9T(e teac(er 2ill +re9cut rain*ro+s 4or stu*ents 2(o (ave +oor 4ine otor s:ills, T(e teac(er 2ill also (el+ stu*ents cut out t(eir rain *ro+s i4 so e

BEB.ND: ;Descri!e stu*ent in*e+en*ent +ractice# assess ent/ or *e onstration o4 lesson astery# an* your lesson closure< 9)ive stu*ents &% rain*ro+s on !lue construction +a+er to cut out, 9Stu*ents 2(o stru//le 2it( 4ine otor s:ills can !e /iven rain *ro+s t(at are alrea*y cut out, 9Stu*ents 2ill !e instructe* to

2rite one 4act on eac( o4 t(e ten car*s, ;T(e car*s 2ill !e use* 4or an activity in t(e ne5t lesson on *ay t2o,<

stu*ents 4in* t(e circular s(a+e* cut *i44icult to aster,