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Clear report mandate: While writing the research problem statement and study background, the writer needs

to be absolutely clear in terms of why and how the problem was formulated. Clearly designed methodology: Any research study has its unique orientation and scope and thus has a specific and customized research design, sampling and data collection plan. In researches, that are not completely transparent on the set of procedures, one cannot be absolutely confident of the findings and resulting conclusions. Clear representation of findings: Complete honesty and transparency in stating the treatment of data and editing of missing or contrary data is extremely critical. Representativeness of study finding: A good research report is also explicit in terms of extent and scope of the results obtained, and in terms of the applicability of findings. Thus, some guidelines should be kept in mind while writing the report. Command over the medium: A correct and effective language of communication is critical in putting ideas and objectives in the vernacular of the reader/decision-maker.