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Plan to Succeed!

Who will you ask for help?

The OAISD Transition Focus Team can help steer you toward important resources that will help guide and support you after high school. 2-1-1 Ottawa County maintains an extensive database of health and human resource information. To access detailed information on services, such as application procedures, eligibility criteria, fees, hours, target population, and area served, please dial 2-1-1. Other Assistance You can always contact the Transition Focus Team for help. We are a great source for assistance in advocacy, family services, medical care, mental health, and health services. Just check us out at and look under Departments for Special Needs Education, and then Transition.

Success After High School?

Where will you work? What activities will you be involved in? Will you need more training? Where will you live? What transportation will you use? Who can you ask for help?

Ottawa Area Intermediate School District 13565 Port Sheldon Street Holland, MI 49424

Fortunately, there are people in place who can help you plan for your future beyond high school. The Transition Focus Team of the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District will help you make the move form high school to college, vocational education and/or employment. Together, we can determine what is the best next step for you by asking important questions.

This guide was created and distributed for the purpose of assisting students and their families in the move from high school to a healthy community life or employment, enjoyable recreation, and a healthy lifestyle. Developed by the Ottawa Community Transition Council and Transition Focus Team of the OAISD.

Allendale Public Schools Black River Public School Coopersville Public Schools Eagle Crest Charter Academy Grand Haven Area Public Schools Hamilton Community Schools Holland Christian Schools Holland Public Schools Hudsonville Public Schools Hudsonville Unity Christian School Jenison Public Schools Saugatuck Public Schools Spring Lake Public Schools Vanderbilt Academy Walden Green Day School Wavecrest Career Academy West Ottawa Public Schools Zeeland Public School

What activities will you be

Where will you work?

Know your disability and accommodations Tour businesses Attend career fairs Talk to your parents and relatives about their career experiences Research careers, complete interest surveys, and vocational assessments on Take part in job shadows Document employment skills and experiences for job applications Prepare a resume and practice interviewing skills Contact Michigan Works! or Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth/MRS Volunteer and document experiences on resume and/or job applications

involved in? Discover volunteer opportunities by visiting the Volunteer Center Investigate participation in religious activities Investigate social/recreation events Learn about community, civic, and social organizations (Lions Club, Rotary, Elks, Jaycees, and Kiwanis) Check out concerts, theatres, and museums in your community Explore health and tness opportunities at a gym and through community education Identify counseling sources Will you need more training?
Talk to your high school guidance counselor Visit or apply to a college; investigate enrollment process, nancial aid, and disability support ofce Investigate trade schools Investigate Michigan Career and Technical Institute Get a copy of your Summary of Performance Identify learning style and possible assistive technology Improve time management and organizational skills Investigate military options for further education and training Investigate community adult education classes Learn about student rights under Section 504 of the Rehab Act and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Know how to advocate for yourself Review your Educational Development Plan at Education Resources
Career Assessment Center Christian Learning Center/Directline Division Core City CCDA Disability Network/Lakeshore Grand Haven Gospel Chapel GED Tutoring Grand Rapids Community College Grand Valley State University Heights of Hope Computer Skills, GED Holland Public Schools ESL, GED Hope College Education Department Tutoring Latin Americans United for Progress (LAUP) Computer Skills, ESL Michigan Commission for the Blind Michigan Works! Agency Muskegon Community College Neighbors Plus Budget Counseling, Computer, Classes Ottawa Area Intermediate School District Second Reformed Church GED, Literacy, Budget Counseling Tassell M-Tec Upward Bound Tutoring 616-355-3321 616-245-8388 616-355-0071 616-396-5326 616-846-1940 616-234-4140 616-331-2490 616-392-7601 Ext. 12 616-355-1808 616-395-7740 616-392-5058 1-800-292-4200 616-393-5697 1-866-711-4622

Community Activities

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Holland Compassionate Heart Ministries MAC-REC Ottawa County 4-H Clubs Park Township Special Olympics Michigan The Shield Urban Youth Ministry Youth for Christ of Ottawa and Allegan Counties

616-392-4102 616-748-6061 616-392-1711 616-846-8250 616-399-4520 1-800-644-6404 616-396-6526 616-395-2508 616-392-1479

Employment Resources
Career Assessment Center Christian Learning Center/Direction Division Community Mental Health of Ottawa Co.unty Core City CCDA Jubilee Ministries Employment Program Kandu Michigan Commission for the Blind Michigan Rehabilitation Services Michigan Works! Agency Michigan Works! Agency -Workforce Investment Act MOKA Ottawa Area Intermediate School District St. Patricks Catholic Church Career Academy Tassell M-Tec 1-800-644-2434 1-877-702-8600 616-842-0001 616-234-4800 616-355-3321 616-245-8388 1-877-588-4357 616-355-0071 616-392-8191 1-800-747-0718 1-800-292-4200 1-800-481-7837 616-393-5697 616-396-2154

Where will you live?

Investigate housing options, security deposits, utility hookups, and supported living Maintain medical information, health insurance, rst aid, emergency assistance, and medications Learn money skills, how to budget, pay bills, and banking Cook, grocery shop, learn food storage, and nutrition Purchase and maintain clothing by doing laundry and ironing Explore adaptive or assistive technology for independent living Identify pre-occupancy needs: furniture, kitchenware, linens, supplies At age 18 register for the draft (every male regardless of disability) At age 18 register to vote and learn about the election process Explore guardianship options, estate planning, wills, and trusts

Independent Living Support Resources

What transportation will you use?

Purchase and maintain a car, insurance, and repairs Explore public transportation routes and costs Explore carpooling options Transportation Resources
Good Samaritan Ministries Hope Network Love Inc. of Northeastern Ottawa County Love Inc. of Northwestern Ottawa County Max/Macatawa Area Express Pioneer Resources 616-392-7159 616-248-5900 616-895-5683 616-846-2701 616-355-1010 1-800-747-0718

616-399-9190 Ext. 202 1-877-702-8600 616-772-2153 Ext. 105 616-234-4800 616-395-7745

Allegan County Community Mental Health Arbor Circle ARC/Advocacy and Resource Center Central Avenue Group Home Community Mental Health of Ottawa County Disability Network/Lakeshore Heritage Homes Holland Deacons Conference Hospitality House Ladder Michigan Department of Human Services My Brothers House I, II, and III My Sisters House I and II Parkview Adult Foster Care Home Sunshine Manor

1-800-795-6617 616-394-5754 1-800-678-0995 616-396-8118 1-877-588-4357 1-800-656-5245 1-888-596-8288 616-494-6050 616-396-1417 616-786-2606 517-373-2035 616-494-6050 616-494-6050 616-772-4424 616-748-8318