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Listening/Speaking Reading Writing

Level Summary Can speak about Can read simple Can write simple,
( pre-intermediate) daily life, past texts and graded short letters or
experience and books. Can guess messages about
future plans e.g. some words from daily life using
school and jobs. the context. Can simple structures
understand basic and question forms
signs and (e.g. who, what,
instructions such why) using the
as adverts. auxiliary
Social & Tourist Can introduce Can identify Can write short
statements themselves. Can different types of notes or letters and
express their views text and can often postcards using the
using basic understand the gist present simple with
structures such as: without support. reasonable accuracy.
“I like…”, “I
prefer…”, “I don’t
like…” and “I think
that…” Can ask for
directions and
information with
relative ease.
Work statements Can talk about their Can identify Can express their
summary jobs and their basic differences in styles views adequately by
roles and of informal and using simple
responsibilities. Can formal letter language. Can write
understand short writing. Can read a continuous text of
dialogues and short e-mails and about 100 words
informative texts messages. e.g. a letter with
and understand the personal content.
essence of the
content and
Study statements Can usually Can use a dictionary Can write short
summary understand when to look up words. notes and lists
someone is being Can use the during class. Can
impolite or not. internet, albeit with keep a basic learner
a lot of effort diary.