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Konsome-Panchi: An Edible Fistful Punch

By Jacob Duritsch September 18, 2013

Konsome-Panchi, which is Japanese for Comsumable Punch, is a TV ad that aired in Japan for a specific chip flavor in 2007. The chip was described as being a consumable punch or flavor-blasted. Even with the commercial relying on mostly emotions, it is still very effective.
All translations made for Japanese quotes are not guaranteed to be completely accurate due to my lack of knowledge for the language. All translations are rough guesses that bring the main idea across.

What happens in the ad?

The commercial starts with a dog named Panchi that is lying in the dog house. A boy with a broken heart, the broken heart is made obvious by a cartoon though bubble, walks by and catches the Panchis attention. The dog grabs the boys attention and holds up an ear and a sign saying dekkaku nacchata or My youve gotten big. The scene cuts quickly to the boy and back to the dog which is wearing a princess mask and holding a sign stating kore ga watashi? or Is this really me? Panchi notices hes not cheering the boy up and switches to crazy antics to try something new. The boy regains his confidence to talk to the girl and is no longer broken hearted. The dog realizes his good deed and rewards himself with KonsomePanchi, or a treat thats great for anyone. In the background, a jingle is playing that describes the chip as being a consumable punch that has flavor so powerful it can blast you off. The jingle ends describing how the chip brings health and vigor. Of course all of the voices and signs are in Japanese.

Who is the company and what are their perceptions?

Calbee created and published this advertisement in 2007 for the Gizagiza Potata: Chicken Consomm chips. Calbee is very strict with the quality of their products which has been made known according to Calbees website. The company cares about the health of the consumers which can easily be derived from their strict safety standards for potatoes as well as having their logo state Harvest the Power of Nature. The company tries their best to create everything more naturally and avoid the use of preservatives. Besides the nutritional facts, Calbee is concerned with the appearance and taste. They want to have delectable chips that kids cant have enough of. Using creativity and humor, Calbee creates ads and a logo that relates to kids and encourage their youthful, fun side.

Who is the audience and how does the ad communicate with them?
The ad targets young Japanese children that are usually 2 to 20 years old. Most of these children come from a family with moderate income. Technology and abstract ideas are an everyday part of their lives. So many new electronics are developed in Japan and they usually get the first go at it. Nintendo and Sony both have headquarters there. Children are more into rebellious video games and their preferable genre is RPG. TV is probably bigger than the video game industry. Some of the worlds most famous shows had originated in Japan, including Hello Kitty, Dragon Ball Z, and Pokmon. All of these familiar aspects have one thing in common, a blend between the real and fantasy worlds. Japan has a national Japanese children have a love for crazy, abstract obsession with staying ideas and stories that can stretch the boundary of creativity. This love may have stemmed from young. Japans obsession with being youthful. The topic of the ad is how Konsome-Panchi chips can make anyones day better. Their angle is more obscured. Since the company has been around since 1955, they are a wellknown brand like JIF and Welchs are today. Instead of using the ad to focus the attention on how their products are better, they tell a story that is relatable with the intended audience. They create an advertisement that feels young and draws attention.

Pathos and Ethos and Logos, Oh my

Ethos and logos play an equal role in the Konsome-Panchi commercial. Ethosor the use of reputation, experience, and vales of an author or expertis used by the company with their history and advertised quote. Calbee is over 55 years old and uses their reputation to guarantee the quality and taste of their snack. By incorporating the use of natures gifts to the fullest extent, the company is now known for the purity of the ingredients and the absence of harmful preservatives. The use of ethos is to appeal to the population in the older section of the audience. Logosor appealing to the audiences common sense, beliefs, and valuesis used to appeal to the younger to mid-range of children and teenagers. They charm younger audiences by sponsoring one the most popular, current anime shows, Tiger and

The main influential area for KonsomePanchis advertisement is in the area of pathos, or use of emotions to influence the audience. Panchi, the humanistic dog, provides most of the pathos. He brings the fantasy and youthful feeling to the commercial that can connect with most children and teenagers. He also is a rolemodel and shows what means to be a friend and cheer someone up. The advertisement is showing to be more like Panchi, which also includes the subliminal message of eating the Consomm Punch chips. The dog shows his caring and connecting side by holding an ear up to his head signaling hes listening. This

occurs early in the video when the boy walks by gloomily with a broken heart. When the caring doesnt work, humor is used. The dog does some of the oddest activities including fan dancing, walking on hands, wearing a princess mask, and using his tail as a belt to appear as a sumo wrestler. These antics brighten the boys spirits and give him the courage to talk to the girl. The advertisement is used to relate to the emotions that are common to the Japanese population under twenty. However, with the influence being greater on younger part of the range, Calbee keeps the same marketing style and retro look to help remind the older part of the audience of younger childhood memories. The most influential part of this advertisement is the jingle that plays in the background. The energetic and catchy influence makes the jingle stick in the heads of everyone for many hours. This can have an effect on children and lead them craving for Konsome-Panchi.

Translation of the Catchy Jingle (Much Catchier in Japanese)

Konsome-, Konsome-, Konsome-Panchi Ponchi janai yo, Konsome-Panchi Umasare kiite ru Konsome-Panchi Konsome-, Konsome-, Konsome-Panchi (Musical interlude) Konsome-, Konsome-, Konsome-Panchi Panchi de genki, Konsome-Panchi" Consumable, consumable, consumable punch Not fruit punch but consumable punch The taste of it blasts you off Consumable, consumable, consumable punch (Music interlude) Consumable, consumable, consumable punch With consumable punch comes health and vigor

The Final Result Is?

In the end, the commercial for Calbees Consomm Punch chips is a success. Despite the lacking use of logos and ethos, the pathos is heavily pressured. For the intended audience, pathos is the best way to win over customers. Younger children could care less of the nutritional value or the quality as long as it tastes good. The use of Panchi relates to the entertainment beliefs of most Japanese children and teens. Along with a good visual of the commercial, a catchy tune is played in the background that can leave one singing for hours on end. Sometimes it gets a little crazy when it wont leave. A flipside besides the hypotheticals is a piece of actual evidence. Calbee used Panchi in a commercial from 2012 that featured a different consomm flavored chip. Since then, a couple more have been released. The only reason to keep using the same advertising style is the fact that it is actually effectively.