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Grade 3 Science Building with a Variety of Materials Towers GLO: 3-6 Use safely, a variety of tools, techniques and

materials in construction activities 3-7 Construct structures, using a variety of materials and designs, and com are the effectiveness of the various materials and designs for their intended ur oses! "LO: 3-7!# Using a variety of materials and techniques, design, construct and test structures that are intended to: su ort o$%ects 3-6!& "elect a ro riate materials for use in construction tas's, and e( lain the choice of materials! "tudents )ill: #! Construct, using a variety of materials and designs, a to)er meeting s ecific criteria &! *( lain selection of a ro riate materials for construction of a to)er meeting s ecific criteria +aterials - stra)s - tooth ic's - assorted $o(es laydough a er cli s o sicle stic's - "tyrofoam trays and $its - Card$oard tu$es - ,i e cleaners - -a e - ./ grams of )eight - "+01-$oard lesson2 3uestions for discussion Activity 1: 4emonstration 0ctivity 5or'ing in airs have the students stand )ith their feet close together! -he student ushes artner lightly from the side! 6otice ho) easily it is to ut the erson off $alance! 7ave the student stand )ith their feet further a art and have the artner ush on them lightly! 6otice the difference in sta$ility $et)een a )ide $ase and a narro) $ase! 0 )ide $ase increases sta$ility! Activity 2: 4iscuss features of to)ers: - 8oundations of s'yscra ers, called the su$- structure, lay a vital role in su orting these structures! 8irst a hole for the foundation is dug! Large steel illars are then driven into the ground until they hit $edroc'! Concrete ca s these illars and forms a foundation 9li'e a $asement:! -he frame)or', or steel

s'eleton, is $uilt u on this strong foundation! +ost s'yscra ers have a centre core $uilt )ith strong metal $eams in a vertical truss-li'e attern! ;t is the main su ort of the s'yscra er and acts li'e a $ac'$one! -he elevators are $uilt )ithin this core! *ven though s'yscra ers are very sta$le some )ill s)ay slightly in strong )inds! -his is called )ind drift! "ome to)ers also have strong foundations dee underground! 0n e(am le is the C6 to)er in -oronto! ;ts foundation is as dee as five stories underground< Other to)ers such as hydro to)ers )hich su ort electrical lines have their feet anchored in concrete $loc's! -hese to)ers are $uilt using steel $ars in triangular designs to rovide strength and )ithstand )inds! 0n im ortant design feature of to)ers is that they have a )ide $ase )hich rovides strength and sta$ility! =asic construction techniques o 0 )ide $ase rovides greater sta$ility than narro) $ases o "tructures need a firm foundation and must $e securely anchored o -riangular trusses or cross$ars rovide strength and sta$ility

4efine2 discuss "trength and "ta$ility Activity 3: *( lain the tas' for today: =uild a to)er that can stand on its o)n, is at least ./ cm tall and is strong enough to su ort ./ g mass on the to of the to)er! 7alf )ay through $uilding time have students ,ause and engage in a sharing session! "tudents are to as' the question to others on the $oard >*( lain one choice of material chosen and )hy you chose it!? >Offer one com liment and one consideration? 9& minute timer goes off students return to $uilding: Closure: 5hen to)ers are finished $eing $uilt students engage in a sharing session again! 3uestion on the $oard >5hat did you do to ma'e it strong and sturdy@? ;f it )asnAt strong and sturdy )hat )ould you change ne(t time@? 9& minute timer: 0ssessment: " onge 0ctivity: 7ave students dra) a detailed diagram of their to)er la$elling materials! 7ave students ta'e ictures of their to)ers and la$el the icture *( lore &learn!ca2'ids "'yscra er )e$site on com uters