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To: Lori Mau From: Lincoln Chamberlain, Pam DeGraffenried, Benton Lewis, Casey Mau Date: October 10,

2013 Subject: Proposal for Social Media posts and Event help

The Queen Center The Queen Center is a local grassroots organization founded by Sale and Joyce Ah You. The Queen Center spends all of its time and talents raising awareness and providing education about the growing health concerns within the Pacific Islander community in Utah. Specifically the Queen Center focuses on diabetes, obesity, teen pregnancy and tobacco use among Pacific Islander teens. By providing valuable life changing information and guidance the Queen Center continues to fortify, strengthen, and unify the Pacific Islander community here in Utah. We are honored to help move forward the noble cause that the Queen Center has established.

The Queen Centers Needs With the ongoing expansion of technology come new forms of communication. The Internet, social media and Email are among the most used methods for the distribution of information and communication in today's world. The Queen Center would like to better utilize this technology by using their Facebook and Website pages as a source for the ongoing distribution of informative and inspiring information. Updated and accurate statistics and information concerning tobacco, diabetes, obesity and teen pregnancy are key to educating people affected by one of these topics. By continually adding new posts addressing these topics, and web links for help, the Queen Center can better reach out and educate those that may be dealing with one of these issues. The Queen Center also holds events displaying the talents, culture and traditions of the Pacific Islander people to attract support from the community. The Center is always in need of volunteers willing to spread the word of the events through flyers, posters and technological methods as described above. The members of this group are excited to help the Queen Center spread this valuable information to the Pacific Islanders here in Utah.

Health and Heritage The Queen Center is trying to expand its influence by letting more people know about their purpose and help more pacific islanders through the use of social media, their website and community events. We are going to start a series of shorts stories or anecdotes that illustrate how Polynesians can live healthier happier lives and/or the detriment of making poor choices otherwise (this series is tentatively called Health and Heritage). Our goal is to write these stories in such a way that they speak to the Polynesians culturally and attract more people to their website and Facebook page. This will require research on our part about their culture and what is

relevant or funny to them. We hope that people will start to follow these stories because of their entertainment value and the messages that they convey. We as a group will write these stories and post a new one every two weeks on their website with links and shorter messages on their Facebook page. The Queen Center also has a Pacific Islander health week planned for November 10-16th. They will need a press release for this event. The Queen Center has asked us to include in the press release statistics about Pacific Islander health (they will provide the statistics) and showcase events of the Pacific Islander health week. We as a group also plan to help at the health week to better understand their culture as we continue to write our series of stories. For this and other future events they have asked us to create a fact sheet/resources page that they can hand out. This will help raise awareness and give meaningful resources for those that need help. As needs arise throughout this semester we will accommodate to further writing needs the Queen Center may have. Schedule 10/8/13 10/10/13 10/21/13 11/4/13 Meet with Queen Center, discuss project objectives Turn in Rough Draft of Proposal Post 1st Health and Heritage, start fact sheet/press release Post 2 Health and Heritage, turn in fact sheet/press release

11/10-16/13 Attend Health Week Press Release 11/18/13 12/2/13 12/13/13 Post 3rd Health and Heritage Post 4th Health and Heritage Final Portfolio Due

Qualifications Besides this upper-division writing class that we are providing this service through, we have each been through courses to prepare us to work together on this writing project. Half of our group, Pam DeGraffenried and Lincoln Chamberlain, are pursuing careers related to the health and medical field. The other half, Ben Lewis and Casey Mau, are both pursuing careers in the computer and electronics field. In each major we have been through courses that we have taught us to identify a problem and what a customer or patient needs, then to achieve a solution through communication and teamwork. We are eager to begin the process that would display these qualities in providing the Queen Center with exactly what they need to fulfill their purpose and help Pacific Islanders. Budget As a group we have met with a spokesman for the Queen Center and have determined that our budget is a maximum of 20 dollars individually. This will be

used to produce templates for both flyers, posters, and community newspapers. After we provide the templates, the Queen Center will be in charge of mass-producing them. The 20 dollars will also cover the cost of transportation. Conclusion Our group is very excited about this opportunity to serve the community through the Queen Center. It is anticipated that helping the Queen Center increase public health awareness will be a rewarding and challenging experience. We will focus on producing health information and facts in a way that will appeal to the Pacific Islander populace and their culture. We are confident that we will be able to positively impact Pacific Islanders lifestyle choices through educating them on risk factors. We are excited to use our creativity, time, and skills for this cause. We are dedicated to helping the Queen Center bring about positive change in the Pacific Islander community.