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Honors Chemistry

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U n i t 4 : S t o i c h i o m e t r y

Stoichiometry and Measurements Lab

Stoichiometry Lab As a doctor in the hospital, your patient needs 1.35 o! "arium dichromate !or the production o! his #li!e sa$in # medicine. %ou &no' that e$ery time you conduct this reaction, you et a ().5* yield. +he chemicals that you ha$e to 'or& 'ith are potassium dichromate and barium nitrate . ,they are $ery e-pensi$e, so use the minimum amount needed. /escri"e !ully 'hat you are oin to do. /ra' in the !ollo'in : Sodium Nitrate Sodium Sul!ate A 0arium Nitrate 0 C 0arium Sul!ate 0arium Sul!ate / 2nitial "ea&er 1ilterin Pre-lab: Questions to address prior to starting lab 1. Ho' much o! the reactants 'ill you need to measure out3 4. Ho' much 'ater should you add to the "ea&er3 3. +o separate the solid !rom the li5uid, you 'ill need to !ilter. 6hat is in the !ilter paper3 Should you mass the !ilter paper "e!ore hand3 6hy3 4. Ho' 'ill you collect the a5ueous product3 /oes this need to "e measured3 5. 6here are some places 'here you mi ht lose some o! your product3 Ho' can you ma-imi7e your percent yield and minimi7e your percent error3 0e!ore "e innin , include all calculations necessary to "e in your procedure. /ra' a data ta"le necessary to collect the data. 0e care!ul to thin& o! all data necessary to collect and include this in your ta"le. ,i! you !or et somethin , you can al'ays repeat the la". Analysis and Discussion: As you collect your data, include a calculation o! the percent yield and percent error, sources o! error, 'ill your patient ha$e enou h !or his medicine, 'hat impro$ements 'ould you ma&e to your procedure !or ne-t time. A!ter solutions are com"ined SodiumNitrate 1 Sodium Nitrate

Honors Chemistry 8a" Stoichiometry and 9easurement 8A0 08:; <U0<2C ;roup 9em"ers ____________________________________________________________________________ +itle=purpose _____= 1 9aterials _____= 1 Conclusion statement _____= 1 Concludin statement at the end o! the report summari7es your la" !indin s and re!ers "ac& to purpose. 8a" clean _____= 4
>-cellent ?ery ;ood 5 4.5 Procedure: ,past tense, para raph !ormat, no use o! B2C or B'eC. @ 'ith rationale related to the BDuestions to "e addressed B !rom pre@la" Sho' all calculations in your lo ic o! the masses o! reactants used 2s the amount o! 'ater important3 6hy not3 6hy did you mass the !ilter paper and=or the "ea&er3 Data tables 'ith titles and la"els e . +a"le 1: 9asses o! E :N8% rele$ant data pro$ided in the data ta"le ,!or e-ample, do you need the mass o! the "ea&er that you mi-ed the reactants in3 /id you use that mass in your calculations3 2! not, donFt include itG. <eaction descri"ed ,reactants and products. Analysis of data Sho' calculations o! actual yield Calculations to determine percent yield and percent error !or each product. ,'ith attention to si !i s !rom data. Discussion 1: 6hat 'as the theory "ehind your la"3 6hat techni5ues 'ere used3 6hy3 6hat chemical concepts helped you to produce the products3 /id you et close to 1AA* yield3 6ill your patient sur$i$e3 2s your yield too hi h or lo'3 6hat a!!ected your yield !or each3 ,"e speci!ic in your error analysis H to coincide 'ith your results ,hi h or lo'... Discussion 2: 6hat 'ould you di!!erently ne-t time. Iropose three !easi"le impro$ements to this la". 6hat did you learn !rom the la"3 6hat other real li!e application can you apply this to3 ;ood 4 A$era e 0elo' 3.5 A$era e 3@A

=35 points