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About the course

This is a Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma, and we offer two options. The Single Award is equivalent to one A Level qualication and takes two years to complete. The Double Award is equivalent to two A Level qualications and takes two years to complete. This is a highly specialised work-related qualication, which aims to develop your communication and ICT skills, and therefore enhance your employability in the world of ICT. You will explore the skills and attributes required by employers, the types of computer systems used in various industries, and will have the opportunity to design and create a website, spreadsheet and database, alongside other interactive multimedia products.

How will I be assessed?

All units are internally assessed through coursework portfolios, which are externally moderated.

Course breakdown
Subsidiary Diploma (Single Award): Unit 2 - Computer Systems Unit 1 - Communication and Employability Skills for ICT Unit 42 - Spreadsheet Modeling Unit 28 - Website Production Unit 18 - Database Design Unit 43 - Multimedia Design Diploma (Double Award): All of the above units plusUnit 14 - Event Driven Programming Unit 22 - Developing Computer Games Unit 3 - Information Systems Unit 16 - Procedural Programming Unit 20 - Client Side Customisation of Web Pages Unit 6 - Software Design and Development

Additional minimum entry requirements:

C in GCSE Mathematics.

Is this course for me?

If you are interested in the world of ICT and in particular developing your programming skills in using C, Visual Basic, Java, PHP and JavaScript, then this is the course for you.

Where can it take me?

The course provides a good foundation if you are wishing to pursue further studies in ICT and its related areas such as: Computing, Multimedia, Computer Science, Business Information Technology, sSoftware Development, Articial Intelligence or Web Development. There are a range of employment opportunities in the eld of ICT such as Software Development for national companies, Systems Analysis, Web Design and Network Technician posts in various companies and Local Education Authorities.