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Positive resolution


[Adult roles and responsibilities] [11th and 12th] [50 min]


Students will understand how to communicate possitively while in a con lict!

Teachin- 1aterials

STA'(A)( 2

$a ectivel level %&

Other )esources"Technoloy
.omputer or video clip

Students will identi y e ective communication in interpersonal relationships! Ob#ective *: (evelop positive assertion s+ills to be used in con lict resolution! a! ,denti y positive and ne-ative methods o con lict resolution! b! .ompare assertive/ a--ressive/ and passive behavior!

,ntroduction"Set ,nduction $10 min&:

0ideo clip o -ood con lict resolution and video clip o bad con lict resolution!

Transition $15 min&:

Have student split up into groups of 3 or 4 and talk about what they thought was positive from the clips and what they thought was negative methods of conflict resolution then have each group share one negative thing and one positive thing with the class that they had talked about in there groups.


2esson 3ody $10&

Practical Reasoning

$.ontent"Teachin- 1ethod&

PHASE 1: Statement of Problem (time): 4ow are you -oin- to en-a-e students in the identi ication o the issue"problem related to course content5 The video PHASE 2: onsider the onte!t (time): 4ow are you -oin- to en-a-e students in the process o considerin- the conte6t o the problem5 3y havin- them split up into -roups and tal+ about bad con lict resolution and -ood con lict resolution that they saw in the video clips7 PHASE ": #etermine $alued Ends (time): 4ow are you -oin- to en-a-e students in decidin- what the valued ends"or outcomes are related to the issue"problem5 4ave them split bac+ up into -roups and tal+ about what can happen to a relationship i there is ne-ative con lict resolution! PHASE %: onsider Alternative &eans for Action (time): 4ow are you -oin- to en-a-e students in choosin- alternatives that are appropriate or action $possible solutions&5 3y readin- them the de inition o assertive/ a--ressive and passive behavior! PHASE ': Select ( )ustif* a ourse of Action (time): 4ow are you -oin- to en-a-e students in selectin- and #usti yin- their decision about which alternative"solution is the best5 PHASE +: Ta,e Action (time): 8hat are students -oin- to do"how are they -oin- to ta+e action5 .ould service learnin- it here5 They are -oin- to solve there con licts in the best possible way! PHASE -: Evaluate Action Ta,en (time): 4ow will students evaluate"re lect on the outcome o the practical reasonin- process5

Transition $5 min&:
9inish up with tal+in- about the de initions o assertive/ a--ressive/ and passive behavior and what they are!

Summary".losure $5 min&:
Sum up by tellin- students that everybody has con licts you #ust need to remember that your relationships will be better i you #ust learn the ri-ht way to tal+ to people and the ri-ht way to solve con licts! ,t is always better i you can communicate and not #ust wal+ away rom a hard situation or con lict!

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