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Assignments for PHP & Mysql Level 2

1. Create a php page and create a user form which asks for marks in five subjects out of 100 and then
displays the mark sheet of the student. The format is as follows: Name of tudent!: "arks in #ach ubject ubject 1! : ubject $! : ubject %! : ubject &! : ubject '! : Total "arks (btained: Total "arks: )ercentage: Note: *ll the entries marked +!, are to be input by the user. *nd use a submit button to post the entries in the form using the )( T method. The data gets saved in a "y -. /atabase named 0result0 and table named 0class10. with each user assigned a uni1ue numeric id +*2T( 3NC4#"#NT T5)#,.The following is the format to store the data in the result database: id+637 3NT,8 name+C9*4,8 sub1+3NT,8 sub$+3NT,8 sub%+3NT,8 sub&+3NT,8 sub'+3NT,8 total obtained +3NT,8 total marks+3NT, and percent+:.(*T,.

2. 3n the previous assignment use the following data:

Name: 4ohan "arks in ubject+s,: ''8;;8<<8==8<; Now write a )9) cript to update the values in the database with the new marks in subject ' as 0>>0 and recalculating and updating database entries: total obtained and percent.