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HUMAN RESOURCES Employee relations Addressing a potential conflict of interest Example 1 /~ N!ERO"" CE MEMORAN#UM !

O$ % & "ROM$ % & #A!E$ % & SU'(EC!$ %Conflict of interest& %Smit)* +efs,e and !aylor Attorneys& )as t)e interests of its clients at )eart- !)at.s /)y /e cannot allo/ o0r employees to s)are information /it) companies t)at compete /it) o0r clientsrecently learned t)at yo0r affiliation /it) %'ea0ty at Home nc-& may 1e in conflict /it) o0r /or, ser2ing %+orgeo0s +irl Cosmetics&- Ha2ing a conflict of interest is serio0s and co0ld 3eopardi4e yo0r contin0ed employment /it) %Smit)* +efs,e and !aylor&- 'y t)e end of t)e /ee,* please /rite me a memo explaining t)e nat0re of yo0r affiliation /it) %'ea0ty at Home&)ope /e can find a m0t0ally agreea1le sol0tion for t)is sit0ation~/ 5 5

dentify t)e alleged conflict of interest+i2e t)e employee time to respond 1efore ta,ing any action-