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Food and Nutrition I 10-12 Grade

Got Milk?
The students will become the milk and decide its course from the cow to the table.

60 minutes

Teaching Materials
Out on the farm video

Standards/Objectives: Level III Application

Standard 4 Objective 2: Apply food selections and preparation guidelines related to milk and milk products. Cognitive Domain, Level 3: Application

Other Resources/Technology
Misc. Resources A variety of milks. Skim, Whole, 2%, Half and Half Small sample cups

Introduction/Set Induction (9 min):

Out on The Farm video to show students the pathway of milk.

Transition (5): Pass out the different samples.

Got Milk 1

Lesson Body (46):

Synectics: PHASE 1: Description of Present Condition (3): You have a glass of milk sitting on the breakfast table, ready to be consumed. PHASE 2: Direct Analogy (2): Cold milk is like a breath of fresh air, a drink on a hot day Washing your hands after playing in the dirt What is drinking that glass of milk to you? Is it a stomach ache waiting to happen, if youre lactose intolerant? PHASE 3: Personal Analogy (3): You are now the analogy you just came up with. What does it feel like? What does it look like? PHASE 4: Compressed Conflict (3): With the group next to you, combine them together. What did you come up with? PHASE 5: Direct Analogy (3): Pick another analogy from the compressed one you just came up with. PHASE 6: Re-Examination of Original Task (2): Teacher has students move back to original task or problem and use the last analogy and/or entire synectics experience.

Transition (30): Taste testing different kinds of milk! See if they can identify the different kinds of milk in front of
them. Write the different types on the board and see if they are able to decipher which ones are in front of them.

Summary/Closure (5):
Did they think going in that they would taste that different? Did they struggle trying to identify which type of milk product was which? What kind of milk do they prefer?

Did they seem to enjoy the taste testing? How was their experience?

Got Milk 2