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How many young girls/guys (on average) between the ages of 12 and 21 have you spoken to who have regrets or are involved in toxic relationships (which includes domestic violence, sexual activity, etc.) In the past year I have spoken to between 25-30 adolescents and young adults who are or have been involved in toxic relationships and have regrets. 2. What is a premature relationship? A premature relationship is a romance involving sexual activity before marriage. It may take the form of a one night stand, a brief fling or unmarried couples living together. Either person in the relationship is not mature enough for the commitment of marriage and often has multiple sexual partners during the teen years and adulthood. 3. What is the price many young adults pay for premature relationships? Explain the repercussion of premature relationships. The repercussions of premature relationships are many which include STDs that may result in infertility. Statistics say that people that cohabitate before marriage or were sexually active have a higher divorce rate and are more apt to cheat on their spouse. Trust issues erode the marriage union as well when there is a history of sexual activity before marriage. 4. What is your definition of love? The definition of love is vast but I will list some basics. I Corinthians 13 states that love is patient, humble and kind. Love should also take into consideration the needs of others above their own. Love does not enable unhealthy behavior but sets boundaries with loved ones and speaks the truth to them. 5. Recent studies have discovered that the worlds definition of dating is two people out to have a good time. Do you agree or disagree with this definition? I agree that it is part of the definition of dating. Having a good time may mean different things to different people. To some it may mean good conversation to get to know the other person and sharing similar interests to another it may mean using drugs or alcohol and engaging in sexual activity. 6. Why do you think teenagers today are so caught up in the worlds definition of dating and what do you think young adults can do to change this? Teenagers are affected by their peers and culture. Their friends opinions, what they read or watch on TV holds a strong appeal. Teens are also caught up in establishing their own identity that is separate from their parents that may make them vulnerable to rejecting traditional values. In order to change the situation they should be given the truth about what dating should be. Dating should not focus on romance but on cultivating solid friendships. Lust should not be confused for love and moral standards should be established well before dating. 7. Do you believe that romance in dating relationships should be met with equal commitment? Why? If there is romance in a dating relationship both partners should be equally committed. I think it is wiser to avoid romance as a teen. When teens are focused intently on each other and think they are in love they can miss out on other important activities and relationships because romance is very demanding of ones time and emotion.

8. What are some warning signs that you have discovered young adults should. be on the lookout for when trying to avoid an abusive relationship? Abusive relationships come in many forms and some warning signs are as follows. Are you afraid of the person you are in the relationship with? Must they have the last word? Do they try to control and manipulate you? Do they punish you if you have a different opinion than theirs or try to brainwash you to think like them? Do they try to isolate you from friends, family or other support? Do you feel trapped in the relationship? Are you always in a cycle of thinking, if I would have only done this differently they wouldnt have gotten mad? 9. Some use love to justify having sex before marriage, others use it as a reason to abstain from anything too emotionally and physically intimate in a relationship before marriage, this causes many young adults to feel confused. While many could easily point out the right way to use love to justify their actions in this situation, could you explain what and how we should use love to justify and if we should use it all? There is a difference between lust and love. The following is a chart to define the differences.

temporary sudden selfish untrustworthy impatient uncontrolled desire emotionally shallow based on fantasy

enduring gradual unselfish trustworthy patient controlled desire emotionally deep based on reality

full of emotion driven by ones passions focused on external looks established on faulty reasoning set on getting happiness eager to get Col. 3:5

full of devotion chosen by ones will focused on internal character established on solid reasoning set on giving happiness eager to give I Cor. 13:4-8

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Yes it can be confusing but before considering dating there needs to be some specific goals set to follow. When sex is considered outside of marriage pleasure is the goal and this behavior is forbidden by God. While in a dating relationship one should never underestimate the power of sexual passion or overestimate personal control. The following are guidelines to follow: 1. Make a mutual agreement to never touch any part of the body that a bathing suit would cover. 2. Always keep in mind that every action is to bring glory to God.

3. A good scripture to follow is Ephes. 5:3 Among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or any kind of impurity.

Thank you for allowing me to ask you these questions, I really do appreciate it!