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Study the resources, do the activities and learn a lot about Apartheid in South Africa.

Resource 1 1) Complete the map of South Africa: a) With the names of major cities. b) With the names of oceans surrounding it. c) With the names of neighboring countries d) With the name of the piece of land in South Africa that lies at the junction of the two Oceans

2) Decide whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. 1. Pretoria is the capital of South Africa 2. The largest city is Johannesburg 3. English is the official language of South Africa 4. Islam is the major religion 5. The currency is the Rand 6. Jacob Zuma is the current president of South Africa

Resource 2 and Resources 3 and 4 1. Who designed South Africas flag and when was the flag first adopted? 2. Why is this date important in South Africa? 3. Do the colours have an official meaning?

4. What does Y symbolise on the map? 5. Match the colours of the flag with their possible meaning. 1) RED 2) BLUE 3) BLACK 4) YELLOW 5) GREEN 6) WHITE a) b) c) d) FERTILITY OF THE LAND BLOOD WHITE PEOPLE OF EUROPEAN ORIGIN NATURAL RESOURCES(e.g. gold)


Resource 5 1) Why South Africa is called the Rainbow Nation? Resource 6 and Resource 7 1) Who were the first Europeans to settle in South Africa in 1652? 2) How has the presence of gold and diamonds shaped the modern history of South Africa? 3) a) What is Apartheid and who imposed it? b) What is the English translation of the word? c) When did it start and end? Resource 8 and Resource 9 1) What was the Bantu Homelands Act in 1951 about? Click here to see a picture of a homeland. 2) What happened in Sharpeville in 1960? What did the crowd protest against? Click here to see a photo of a passbook. 3) What happened in Sowetto in 1976? 4) Why is 11 February 1990 important? 5) Why were the 1994 elections of great importance?


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