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Xi, 1 Wei Xi Kristen Foster CO150.401 24 October 2013 Explanation of Rhetorical Choices a.

Nowadays, more and more online education institutions are set up to provide people a different way to access to high education. From 2002 fall to 2010 fall, the students who take at least one online course increased from 1.6 million to 6.3 million, which has 18.3 percent annual growth rate from this period of time. (Going the Distance Online Education in the United States, 2011. Elaine Allen and Jeff Seaman.) Many students move toward online courses but they may just following the fashion without a good understanding about those courses. I write this public argument because I want to inform students and parents thick twice before they want to choose online courses. They should know the disadvantages of online courses compare to traditional courses so that they wont waste their money and time on it. b. My purpose of this public argument is to tell the disadvantages of online courses compared to traditional courses to the students and parents in order to let them know more about online courses before they choose it. I choose this purpose because many students are not aware of online classes, they maybe too optimistic about online classes. They may just follow the fashion. They need to know the disadvantages of online courses. c. My claim is students and parents should think twice before they want to choose online courses and at least they should have a good understanding of the online courses, including the disadvantages of online courses. First of all, as we all know, it is important for students to

Xi, 2 maintain close contact with the instructor and other students. While in online courses, students lack close contact. Besides lacking close contact, the quality of online courses sometimes is not acceptable. Moreover, it is actually not that flexible. I use others research from internet and statistic data to support my claim. d. My public audience is parents and students. I choose them as my main audience because students are the main group who takes online courses and parents maybe the one who want them to take online courses. e. I may publish my argument around the CSU campus. I choose this location because most students are studying on campus. They can easily see it. CSU is a state university with about 20000 students and faculty. f. My arguments genre is a poster. The height is a 7.5inch and the width is 13.3inch, the language is English, citation style is MLA, elements includes words and pictures. g. One of the limitations of my argument is like maybe it brings harm to colleges interests so they will not allow me to publish my argument on campus. And also, they people who are not studying in CSU may not able to read my poster.

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Work Cited Allen, Elaine. Seaman, Jeff. Going the Distance Online Education in the United States, 2011 Babson Survey Research Group and Quahog Research Group. November 2011. Web. 5 Oct. 2013.