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1. !nterview in morning session will start at 10.00 A.N. and that of evening session will
start at 02.00 P.N. All candidates should report in-time, at the respective venues as per
2. The candidates will only be allowed to appear in interview, if they are found eligible for
admission to Ph.D. Programme, as per Ph.D. Regulations of PTU (available at or
3. !nterview will be based on technical fundamental aspects of respective core subjects
and candidates may also discuss their research interestfarea with the interview board.
Candidates, who have been exempted from entrance test, on the basis of qualifying
UGC-NETfGATEfSLETfJPETfCS!R Exam, will have to produce original score card at the
time of interview, for verification purpose.
5. Candidates need not to bring the consent of any supervisor f co-supervisor at the time
of interview.
As per Ph.D. regulations, the inter-se merit of the candidates appeared in the interview
will be made on the basis of following criteria:
Weightage to marks in Post Graduation (in concerned field): +0
Weightage to marks in Entrance Test f GATE(etc.) Score (in concerned field): +0
Weightage to interview: 20
All original documents have to be produced at the time of interview for verification
8. Following documents are to be arranged in the sequence:
a) UGC-NETfGATEfSLETfJPETfCS!R Exam Score Card (if exempted from Entrance Test)
b) Post Graduation Degree.
c) All DNCs of Post Graduation Degree.
d) Graduation Degree.
e) All DNCs of Graduation Degree.
f) Natriculation Certificate.
9. On selection, admission of any candidate is subject to the Rules and Regulations of
Ph.D. of Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar.
10. !n case, any informationfparticular is found incorrect at any stage, Punjab Technical
University can cancel the admission of such candidates and all the fee deposited shall
be forfeited. !n such case, candidate shall have no claim, whatsoever, in respect of
hisfher admission.
11. The list of eligible candidates for enrolment in Ph.D. will be uploaded at PTU's website
( or