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Summary of Effects of Adrenaline

Target Organ Effects of adrenaline Purpose & results

Liver 1) Increases rate of 1) To increase blood sugar
conversion of: Glycogen  level so that more glucose is
Glucose available for energy
2) Arterioles dilate (become production (esp in muscles)
wider) 2) Person feels active
Heart 1) Rate & Force of heartbeat 1) Send more blood
increases containing oxygen and
2) Arterioles dilate glucose to skeletal & heart
2) Heart thumps rapidly
Breathing 1) Breathing rate increases 1) To breathe in more air and
center of 2) Arterioles in lungs dilate increase blood flow to lungs
brain and so that more oxygen is
gaseous absorbed into blood & more
exchange carbon dioxide is got rid of
organs from it
2) Person breathes rapidly
Muscles 1) Become tense 1) To prepare them for
(skeletal) 2) Arterioles dilate immediate action and
increase blood flow to them
2) Person trembles and feels
Blood vessels Constrict (diameter becomes 1) Send less blood to these
of kidney, smaller) regions so more blood can
skin & gut flow to the muscles, liver and
2) Person looks pale, mouth
becomes dry
Eye: radial Contract  Pupils (opening) 1) To allow more light to
muscles of become bigger enter eye to form brighter
iris images  helps to detect
visual dangers in
2) Pupils dilate