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Course Outline – Art 1

Shoe: Pre-instructional drawing

using pencil create the best drawing of your shoe you know how to make

Cropped and Zoomed: art portfolio using positive & negative space
cut paper portfolios to hold your artwork

Elements of Art & Principles of Design

illustrate the elements of art and principles of design in groups and in sketchbooks

Shape and Value: drawing without using line
using charcoal, conté, paint, and oil pastel to draw simple objects on black or white paper in various
artistic styles

Draw What you See: perceptual drawing in pencil

draw from observation using a viewfinder and pencil to create

Feldman’s Method
Describe, Analyze, Interpret, and Judge an artwork

Stencils in Art
whether it is graffiti art, typography, or poster art you will use stencils as a printmaking technique

Expressive Explorations in Color

create oil pastel drawings from observation and imagination dealing with color and composition

Pieces of Personality: non-objective sculpture

using cardboard and paint create a sculpture based in your personality

Gesture Drawing: figure in the environment

gesture drawing incorporating landscape drawing and perspective

draw from observation a self portrait that reflects not only what you look like but who you are

use different techniques to manipulate imagery and surfaces to create a thematic artwork