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The Backpack restoration and the Gribs project

Waste inceration destroys the surrounding paper and plastics in the dumps and causes a combustion reaction Recycling is important because the gas caused by the reaction is polluted air that is highly dangerous to humans and if not taken care of can lead to death By recycling we save the earth from being polluted and giving mother nature more space to plant trees which contain carbon that we use to breath and survive off of

Background Information

Save paper and plastics See how much pollution will stop Help environment Fix the problem we started

1. Use recycled materials such as plastic, cardboard boxes, and paper to build a backpack 2. Measure each material to get the number of grams 3. Build the backpack by stapling the straps to the cardboard boxes

Calculation #1
What type of plastics or papers did you have? How many moles of each type of material did you use?

Plastics from old shopping bags Paper cereal boxes and regular construction paper we used for our backpack as the main structure We also used the plastic from the bottom of water bottles to create a pouch for items that you hold on to for quick access

Calculation #2
What are the correctly balanced chemical reactions using your material?

Calculation #3
How many grams of greenhouse emissions would have been produced?

Calculation #4
How many liter of greenhouse emission would have been produced?

Calculation #5
How many molecules of greenhouse emissions would have been produced?

Calculations 6
9 8g x 1 m ole 1 6 2 g 0.6 0m ol C 6 H 1 0 O 5

1mol O2 0.45mol O2 22.4LO2 6mol O2 0.60mol C6H10O5 3.6 molO2 1molC6H10O5 6 molCO2 22.4 L 0.45molO2 10.08 L 6 molO2 1molCO2 10.08 100 12.4% L 81.3 1 36 g 0.18molC10 H 8O 4 192 g 1molO2 10 LO 2 0.45molO2 22.4 L 10molO2 0.18molC10 H 8O 4 1.8molO2 1molC10 H 8O 4 10molCO2 22.4 L 0.45molO2 10.08 L 10molO2 1molCO2 10.08 100 24% L 42 10 LO2

How many 2-liter soda bottles could you fill up with the amount of greenhouse gases that you saved? What are some easy ways that the audience could reduce the amount of trash they produce?

Reduce Reuse Recycle Cook the amount of food necessary Vegetable peels, fruits and other non-meat food waste can be composted in your garden

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