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Centre for Precision Technology

Justyna Lipinska
Architectural Technology BSc Final Year 3 THA 1800 Advanced AT CPT Scheme University of Huddersfield 2013

The Client - University of Huddersfield

Schedule of Accommodation:

Centre for Precision Technology Building for University of Huddersfield

Speedy and efficient construction methods Portal frame with cladding Attractive but simple design Rectangular in plan with a long axis perpendicular to the river - Maximum 650m footprint - Pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for all - Easy access and use of the building

Reception, Exhibition and Caf Area 220 m Conference room 73 m Open Plan Workshop 80 m Full Height Bridgeport room 85 m Workshop- 31 m Lab 29 m 5 Starter offices 110 m (12 m 38 m) Staff Room 12 m
Total 640 m Other Facilities: Reception Office Plant Room Caf Storage Cleaners Storage

The Site
- Located on Colne Road in Huddersfield - Close to University - Large enough for a building of no more than 650 m - Close to main road - Pedestrian, vehicle and cycling access available from the site - River and natural environment located to the south of the site - South facing site more solar gain - Floor risk area - Connection with water and nature

Design Generators
Benchmark Evolution Panels

Natural Environment attractive views & outside sitting area

Low energy consumption Building Regulations

DDA Regulations

Recycled Flood Barriers security and flood protection

CPT Scheme

Use of natural resources and materials

Minimise water use rainwater collection tanks Natural ventilation and day lightning Sustainable Design Principles

Great comfort and an excellent indoor climate

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan


East Elevation

West Elevation


North Elevation

South Elevation

Sustainability in use

Passive Techniques High level of insulation and airtightness Thermal Mass- can help to limit overheating during hot weather or periods of high occupancy Optimal Solar Gain and Day Light Large Windows on the south faade South Faade Shading louvered screens

Energy Efficient Active Systems Mechanical Ventilation reduces heat losses in winter Energy Efficient Artificial Lightning high frequency fluorescent with daylight dimming minimise lighting energy use

Renewable Ground Source Heat Pump to supply heating and hot water Under Floor Heating Solar water heating system roof or south facing wall reduces energy spending and it has low maintenance cost Rainwater Collection Tanks use for window cleaning, watering plants, cleaning bins etc.

Construction Details Steel Portal Frame Kalzip Deck Roof System Pad Foundation Benchmark Evolution Insulated Panels Steel frame party wall Earthwool Flexible Slab acoustic and fire performance Pre cast Concrete Floor Timber Triple Glazed Windows - overall Uvalue = 0.9 W/m2K

Kalzip Deck Roof System

Steel portal frame

Pad Foundation

Benchmark Evolution Panels

Pre cast concrete floor

Timber Triple Glazed Windows

Earthwool flexible slab


Detail 1 Eaves Detail 2 Floor to Wall Junction Detail 3 Foundation

Detail 1 : Eaves

Detail 2 : Floor to Wall Junction

Detail 3 : Foundation

Cutting Edge Technologies

Energy Management System
An energy management system is a device that can be installed in the building to help monitor the energy usage and give advise on how to reduce both energy wastage and money on energy bills. Software can also help to manage hot water and boiler systems more efficiently by taking into account the thermal features of the building, the weather outside and how much hot water the occupants use on average.

Building Automation Services

Evaluation of current applications programs Improvements in system applications Software upgrades Diagnostic and preventive maintenance on hardware components Repairs and replacements for worn or failed components Staff support and back-up programming and operation as needed 24-hour emergency service Generating and coordinating regular service schedules Building Automation Systems Service can improved building efficiencies, comfort and productivity.

Window and Door Schedule

Reception and Cafe

View from Reception Desk

Conference room

Full Height Bridgeport room

Centre for Precision Technology

Justyna Lipinska BSc Architectural Technology Year 3 University of Huddersfield

December 2013