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Frida Kahlo de Rivera was born in July 6, 1907 and was really named Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo

y Caldern. She is a Mexican painter who is best known for her self-portraits. Her artwork is very vibrant and intense. It also reflects a lot of pain and passion. Her work is very much celebrated in Mexico because it reflects Mexico traditions and also because it represents feminist movement in regards to the female experience and form in connection to the dual nature of Mexican/American culture. Her artwork if often considered to be Folk/Nave art and can also be described as surrealist. Having been in a car accident as a teenager, health problems and injures resulted in artwork that was heavily influenced by the isolation and pain that it created. Personally I find her artwork to be very intimate and disturbing. When looking up some of her art it was very clear that she struggled with issues stemming from her accident. When researching her I learned that her accident took a long time to recover from and also that she was in constant pain. So this could be one of the reason that a lot of her artwork depicts violent scenes. I also learned that she travelled to The U.S and also to France and was influenced by many of the art and politics she had seen. This could also be why many of art works include some type of national imagery from other cultures. She passed away in July 13, 1954 and from learning what I learned about her, only hope that shes no longer in pain.