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Public relations (PR) is the practice of Genres
managing the flow of information between an Advocacy • Churnalism • Citizen •
organization and its publics.[1] Public relations Civic • Collaborative • Community •
gains an organization or individual exposure to Conspiracy • Database • Gonzo •
their audiences using topics of public interest and Investigative • Literary • Muckraker •
news items that do not require direct payment.[2] Narrative • New • Opinion • Peace •
Because public relations places exposure in Visual • Watchdog
credible third-party outlets, it offers a third-party
Social impact
legitimacy that advertising does not have.[2]
Common activities include speaking at Fourth Estate • Fifth Estate • Freedom
conferences, working with the press, and of the press • Infotainment • Media
employee communication. bias • Public relations • Yellow
PR can be used to build rapport with employees, News media
customers, investors, voters, or the general Newspapers • Magazines • News
public.[2] Almost any organization that has a stake agencies • Broadcast • Online •
in how it is portrayed in the public arena employs Photojournalism • Alternative media
some level of public relations. A number of Roles
specialties exist within the field of public Journalist • Marketer • Reporter •
relations, such as Analyst Relations, Media Editor • Columnist • Commentator •
Relations, Investor Relations or Labor Relations. Photographer • Presenter •
Meteorologist • Production Manager •
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o 3.4 Meet and Greet
o 3.5 Other
• 4 Politics and civil society
o 4.1 Defining the opponent
o 4.2 Managing language
o 4.3 Conveying the message
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[edit] Definition
See more at History of public relations

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) claimed: "Public relations helps an
organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other."[3] According to the PRSA, the
essential functions of public relations include research, planning, communications
dialogue and evaluation.[4]

Edward Louis Bernays, who is considered the founding father of modern public relations
along with Ivy Lee, in the early 1900s defined public relations as a management function
which tabulates public attitudes, defines the policies, procedures and interests of an
organization. . . followed by executing a program of action to earn public understanding
and acceptance" (see history of public relations).

Today, "Public Relations is a set of management, supervisory, and technical functions that
foster an organization's ability to strategically listen to, appreciate, and respond to those
persons whose mutually beneficial relationships with the organization are necessary if it
is to achieve its missions and values."[5] Essentially it is a management function that
focuses on two-way communication and fostering of mutually beneficial relationships
between an organization and its publics.

Building and managing relationships with those who influence an organization or

individual's audiences has a central role in public relations.[6]

[edit] The industry today

Advertising dollars in media products from corporations like News Corp., Dow Jones,
and CMP are under rapid decline in favor of direct advertising products offered by search
engines and other tools. 11 Traditional media publications are laying off journalists,
consolidating beat reporters, shrinking their print editions, and many publications are
shutting down entirely.[7]

Blogs have lower over-head costs than traditional media and are often said to provide
better news coverage and analysis.[8] Blogs are increasingly sprouting to replace
traditional media with a more sustainable low-cost business model and are gaining more
of a following.

The advent of social media is the most pre-eminent trend in PR today.[9] It's important to
note, while social media is on the rise, traditional media is yet to be taken over by the
trend as of January 29, 2009.[10]

Social media releases, search engine optimization, content publishing, and the
introduction of podcasts and video are other burgeoning trends.[9]

[edit] Methods, tools and tactics

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Public relations and publicity are not synonymous but many PR campaigns include
provisions for publicity. Publicity is the spreading of information to gain public
awareness for a product, person, service, cause or organization, and can be seen as a
result of effective PR planning.

[edit] Publics targeting

A fundamental technique used in public relations is to identify the target audience, and to
tailor every message to appeal to that audience. It can be a general, nationwide or
worldwide audience, but it is more often a segment of a population. Marketers often refer
to economy-driven "demographics," such as "black males 18-49," but in public relations
an audience is more fluid, being whoever someone wants to reach. For example, recent
political audiences include "soccer moms" and "NASCAR dads." There is also a
psychographic grouping based on fitness level, eating preferences, "adrenaline

In addition to audiences, there are usually stakeholders, literally people who have a
"stake" in a given issue. All audiences are stakeholders (or presumptive stakeholders), but
not all stakeholders are audiences. For example, a charity commissions a PR agency to
create an advertising campaign to raise money to find a cure for a disease. The charity
and the people with the disease are stakeholders, but the audience is anyone who is likely
to donate money.

Sometimes the interests of differing audiences and stakeholders common to a PR effort

necessitate the creation of several distinct but still complementary messages. This is not
always easy to do, and sometimes – especially in politics – a spokesperson or client says
something to one audience that angers another audience or group of stakeholders.

[edit] Lobby groups

Lobby groups are established to influence government policy, corporate policy, or public
opinion. An example of this is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, AIPAC,
which influences American foreign policy. Such groups claim to represent a particular
interest and in fact are dedicated to doing so. When a lobby group hides its true purpose
and support base it is known as a front group. Moreover, governments may also lobby
public relations firms in order to sway public opinion. A well illustrated example of this is
the way civil war in Yugoslavia was portrayed. Governments of newly succeeded
republics of Croatia and Bosnia invested heavily with American PR firms, so that the PR
firms would give them a positive war image in the US.[11]

[edit] Spin

In public relations, "spin" is sometimes a pejorative term signifying a heavily biased

portrayal in one's own favour of an event or situation. While traditional public relations
may also rely on creative presentation of the facts, "spin" often, though not always,
implies disingenuous, deceptive and/or highly manipulative tactics. Politicians are often
accused of spin by commentators and political opponents, when they produce a counter
argument or position.

The techniques of "spin"s include selectively presenting facts and quotes that support
one's position (cherry picking), the so-called "non-denial denial," phrasing in a way that
assumes unproven truths, euphemisms for drawing attention away from items considered
distasteful, and ambiguity in public statements. Another spin technique involves careful
choice of timing in the release of certain news so it can take advantage of prominent
events in the news. A famous reference to this practice occurred when British
Government press officer Jo Moore used the phrase It's now a very good day to get out
anything we want to bury, (widely paraphrased or misquoted as "It's a good day to bury
bad news"), in an email sent on September 11, 2001. The furor caused when this email
was reported in the press eventually caused her to resign.

[edit] Spin doctor

Skilled practitioners of spin are sometimes called "spin doctors," though probably not to
their faces unless it is said facetiously. It is the PR equivalent of calling a writer a "hack."
Perhaps the most well-known person in the UK often described as a "spin doctor" is
Alastair Campbell, who was involved with Tony Blair's public relations between 1994
and 2003, and also played a controversial role as press relations officer to the British and
Irish Lions rugby union side during their 2005 tour of New Zealand.

State-run media in many countries also engage in spin by selectively allowing news
stories that are favorable to the government while censoring anything that could be
considered critical. They may also use propaganda to indoctrinate or actively influence
citizens' opinions. Privately run media also uses the same techniques of 'issue' versus
'non-issue' to spin its particular political viewpoints.

[edit] Meet and Greet

Many businesses and organizations will use a Meet and Greet as a method of introducing
two or more parties to each other in a comfortable setting. These will generally involve
some sort of incentive, usually food catered from restaurants, to encourage employees or
members to participate.

There are opposing schools of thought as to how the specific mechanics of a Meet and
Greet operate. The Gardiner school of thought states that unless specified as an informal
event, all parties should arrive promptly at the time at which the event is scheduled to
start. The Kolanowski school of thought, however, states that parties may arrive at any
time after the event begins, in order to provide a more relaxed interaction environment.

[edit] Other

• Publicity events, pseudo-events, photo ops or publicity stunts

• The talk show circuit. A PR spokesperson (or his/her client) "does the circuit" by
being interviewed on television and radio talk shows with audiences that the client
wishes to reach.
• Books and other writings
• Blogs
• After a PR practitioner has been working in the field for a while, he or she
accumulates a list of contacts in the media and elsewhere in the public affairs
sphere. This "Rolodex" becomes a prized asset, and job announcements
sometimes even ask for candidates with an existing Rolodex, especially those in
the media relations area of PR.
• Direct communication (carrying messages directly to constituents, rather than
through the mass media) with, e.g., newsletters – in print and e-letters.
• Collateral literature, traditionally in print and now predominantly as web sites.
• Speeches to constituent groups and professional organizations; receptions;
seminars, and other events; personal appearances.
• The slang term for a PR practitioner or publicist is a "flack" (sometimes spelled
• A DESK VISIT is where the PR person literally takes their product to the desk of
the journalist in order to show them what they are promoting.
• Astroturfing is the act of PR agencies placing blog and online forum messages for
their clients, in the guise of a normal "grassroots" user or comment.
• Online Social Media

[edit] Politics and civil society

[edit] Defining the opponent

A tactic used in political campaigns is known as "defining one's opponent." Opponents

can be candidates, organizations and other groups of people.
In the 2004 US presidential campaign, Howard Dean defined John Kerry as a "flip-
flopper," which were widely reported and repeated by the media, particularly the
conservative media. Similarly, George H.W. Bush characterized Michael Dukakis as
weak on crime (the Willie Horton ad) and as hopelessly liberal ("a card-carrying member
of the ACLU"). In 1996, President Bill Clinton seized upon opponent Bob Dole's promise
to take America back to a simpler time, promising in contrast to "build a bridge to the
21st century." This painted Dole as a person who was somehow opposed to progress.

In the debate over abortion, self-titled pro-choice groups, by virtue of their name, defined
their opponents as "anti-choice", while self-titled pro-life groups refer to their opponents
as "pro-abortion" or "anti-life".

[edit] Managing language

If a politician or organization can use an apt phrase in relation to an issue, such as in

interviews or news releases, the news media will often repeat it verbatim, without
questioning the aptness of the phrase. This perpetuates both the message and whatever
preconceptions might underlie it. Often, something innocuous sounding can stand in for
something greater; a "culture of life" sounds like general goodwill to most people, but
will evoke opposition to abortion for many pro-life advocates. The phrase "States' rights"
was used as a code for anti-civil rights legislation in the United States in the 1960s, and,
allegedly, the 70s, and 80s.

[edit] Conveying the message

The method of communication can be as important as a message. Direct mail,

robocalling, advertising and public speaking are used depending upon the intended
audience and the message that is conveyed. The country of Israel has recently employed a
series of Web 2.0 initiatives, including a blog,[12] MySpace page,[13] YouTube channel,[14]
Facebook page[15] and a political blog to reach different audiences.[16] The Israeli Ministry
of Foreign Affairs started the country's video blog as well as its political blog.[16] The
Foreign Ministry held the first microblogging press conference via Twitter about its war
with Hamas, with Consul David Saranga answering live questions from a worldwide
public in common text-messaging abbreviations.[17] The questions and answers were later
posted on IsraelPolitik, the country's official political blog.[18]

[edit] Front groups

One of the most controversial practices in public relations is the use of front groups –
organizations that purport to serve a public cause while actually serving the interests of a
client whose sponsorship may be obscured or concealed. Critics of the public relations
industry, such as PR Watch, have contended that Public Relations involves a "multi-
billion dollar propaganda-for-hire industry" that "concoct[s] and spin[s] the news,
organize[s] phoney 'grassroots' front groups, sp[ies] on citizens, and conspire[s] with
lobbyists and politicians to thwart democracy." [1].
Instances of the use of front groups as a PR technique have been documented in many
industries. Coal mining corporations have created environmental groups that contend that
increased CO2 emissions and global warming will contribute to plant growth and will be
beneficial, trade groups for bars have created and funded citizens' groups to attack anti-
alcohol groups, tobacco companies have created and funded citizens' groups to advocate
for tort reform and to attack personal injury lawyers, while trial lawyers have created
"consumer advocacy" front groups to oppose tort reform

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Hospitality management offers career opportunities in every part of the world. People
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Registration, front office, accounting, housekeeping, kitchen & culinary operations are
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Why hospitality?
• The hotel industry in India is worth $17 billion (Rs. 87,601 crores) (Source:
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Avalon’s 2-year Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management is a complete program

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• Class 10
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Diploma in Travel & Tourism

To meet the global demand for trained & qualified travel professionals, Avalon, in
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Why get into Travel & Tourism?

The advancement of technology, the growth of aviation & easy transport facilities and
the opportunity to explore new places has enabled people around the world to travel

This thirst to explore the unknown & the unseen has led to tremendous growth in the
Travel & Tourism industry worldwide.

In 2007, India attracted 5 million tourists from around the world - a growth of
12.35% over the previous year
(Source: Bureau of Immigration).

Apart from traditional business & sightseeing-oriented travel, niche sectors such as
medical tourism, cruises, backpacking, etc. too have taken off. The industry brings in
huge amounts of foreign exchange; all currencies, from dollars to pounds to euros, are
brought into the country by international travellers.

On the other hand, outbound travel from India is growing too. Every year,
approximately 10 million Indians travel abroad, with an average growth of 16% in
this number each year.

Such growth has increased the demand for well-trained, qualified travel professionals
to offer diverse services in this sector.

The field offers excellent opportunities to build an exciting career where you can
expect loads of travel, the opportunity to meet new people & make friends all over
the world.

• Class 12/ 10+2.
• Good communication skills are preferable.

Avalon’s Diploma in Travel & Tourism is an intensive course that covers diverse
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Course highlights
The course includes a 2-month job internship.

The course fees are Rs. 84,931/-, payable in easy installments.

Batch starts: 17th August, 2009. Hurry!

Career prospects
On completion of this course, students may join the Travel & Tourism industry in
diverse areas including Inbound/ Outbound travel - Domestic & International, Product
Development, Operations, Foreign Exchange or Sales. They may even choose to start
their own travel agency.

Many people in this field get opportunities to escort tours all over the country &

Young people with drive & capacity for hard work can quickly rise to top positions in
this field.

100% placement assistance.

Personality Development
1-month course for those who wish to polish their presentation & communication skills
and get ready to take up jobs where having a good personality is a key requirement

Open to anyone who wishes to enhance his/ her personality & soft skills.

This course includes 4 modules focused on building soft skills & a well-rounded

Students who have completed a personality development course can enroll for core
Avalon courses in aviation, hospitality or travel and tourism

Why Avalon
International careers
The aviation industry has excellent growth prospects both in India & internationally.

Thousands of jobs have opened up at every level & airlines/ airports are looking for
talented, trained people in every role - from airport management to ticketing, from
cabin crew to cargo handling & ground staff.

At the same time, the hotel & hospitality industry and travel & tourism too are
witnessing similar growth.

Range of courses
Avalon Academy is the aviation, hospitality and travel & tourism education brand of
Aptech. Through continuous industry research, Avalon has developed a broad range of
courses. MBA & BBA Degrees in aviation, courses in airport management, ground staff
& cabin crew and diploma courses in hospitality and travel & tourism are offered.

Quality education
Avalon gives great importance to high standards of education. Avalon focuses on
providing updated course material, high-quality learning aids & specially trained
faculty to conduct its courses.

Personality development

Aviation, hospitality and travel & tourism are service industries. Here, one’s attitude
towards people & the desire to help them is most important.
Grooming, poise & fluency in spoken English are valued in these industries. All
Avalon courses include personality development & aspects of customer care as vital

Skills such as swimming, table etiquette & soft skills are imparted in the aviation
courses. Besides, a certificate course in personality development too is also offered.

Avalon trains students in the same environment in which they will have to work in the
aviation industry.

For this, the Academy has invested in world-class infrastructure facilities. For
instance, students of cabin crew courses receive ‘live’ training in actual aircraft,
while beauty & grooming sessions are held in classrooms fitted with the latest
equipment & designed to look like salons.

Industry Accepted Work Experience

Most aviation courses of Avalon include airport internships where students work at
the airport & get ‘Industry Accepted Work Experience’ even before they complete
their course. In 2008, a thousand students of Avalon completed their internships at
leading airports.

Such exposure gives them an edge over other candidates when it comes to getting
suitable jobs in the industry.

Job placements
Avalon has an excellent Placements record with full-fledged Placement Teams stationed at
it's offices across the country. For students, Avalon conducts inductions, counselling &
mock interview sessions to prepare them for job interviews with airlines

Why Avalon?
• Quality education
• Aviation industry
• Hospitality industry

Quality education
Avalon Academy maintains a high academic standard.

ICAM, a great learning methodology

Avalon’s specially-created ICAM curriculum focuses on theory & practical education and
on providing reference tools to students.

Most institutes only use books or presentations to train students.

But Avalon’s ICAM is an innovative teaching methodology that makes courses

interesting as well as easy to remember. Potentially boring textbook topics are
converted to fun practical exercises in the classroom.

Avalon worked with experts from the aviation industry to create this method of

ICAM uses multiple tools of learning

• Slides for each classroom session.
• Study Guide (given to the student).
• Simulation (practice exercises) of every process.
• Video clips of ‘live training’ sessions.
• Mind Expansion Program (reference material for students).
• Reference material (for teachers).
• Interview kit (given to student for reference before his/ her job interview).

An ICAM education class typically follows a set pattern

• Students read the Study Guide before coming to class.

• In the classroom, the teacher uses presentation & audio-visual slides to
explain the concepts the student has read about.
• Mock sessions are held through which students apply what they have just
learnt. For example, students are given a group activity to ‘evacuate (empty)
an aircraft’ in 90 seconds. They do this again & again - even blindfolded - until
they can do it perfectly within the given time.
• Later, the student uses Avalon’s special ‘Mind Expansion Program’ (MEP) that
combines theory & practical learning to further strengthen his or her
understanding of the lesson.

ICAM brings several benefits to students

• ICAM follows a 3-step method of theory learning, classroom practicals &

practical exercises to ensure that every part of the lesson remains in the
student’s memory. Technologies related to aviation, fares & ticketing and load
& trim are taught in such a way that students can easily remember what to do
when faced with a similar situation on the job.

• ICAM takes away the pressure to learn. Students automatically develop their
knowledge through ‘fun’ learning exercises in the classroom & outside.

• Maintains high standards of education at every Avalon centre in the world.

With ICAM, each lesson is taught in exactly the same way, no matter which
Avalon centre you join.
Well-trained & certified faculty

All Avalon trainers undergo rigorous training where they are taught how to conduct the
class in the best manner. They are then tested on their teaching ability. Only if they
succeed in these tests, are they certified by Avalon & permitted to conduct training for
the students.

Once the faculty starts teaching, Avalon students give their feedback about how
effectively the lesson was taught. They rate the teacher on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on
this feedback, some teachers are further trained by Avalon until they are able to
conduct classes effectively.

Online exams
Avalon uses the Randomized Online Skill Evaluation (ROSE) software to test students.
Exams are held online & have randomized questions. The software also provides
instant results at the end of the test.

Wide exposure & value-adds

With Avalon, students don’t just experience one segment of the aviation, hospitality or
travel & tourism industry. Avalon’s courses are a completely immersive learning
experience where the student gains exposure to all aspects of a career in his chosen
field. Once the student gains thorough knowledge of every aspect, he or she can
choose to become a specialist in one particular area.

Avalon students speak

See what students have to say about their education, internship & other

Aviation industry

Aviation is a fun, exciting industry with great growth prospects. It is also the kind of
industry that offers fantastic international job opportunities.

International careers
• Millions of people across the world have taken to flying as their preferred mode of
• Aviation is a young industry; many more people will fly as the world economy
grows & people travel for leisure or business.
• In the US alone, there are over 18,000 airports.
• There are 240-plus international airlines.
• IATA, the global association for the airline industry, estimated that 2079 million
passengers flew during 2007.


Diverse roles/ jobs

Jobs in airlines & airports come in a wide variety of roles:

• Airport manager
• Cargo agent
• Passenger agent
• Flight dispatcher
• Air traffic controller
• Ticket agent
• Flight attendant or cabin crew
• Customer service agent

• Cargo handler & baggage handler

• Crewing/ rostering
• Check-in, passenger service & ticketing
• Sales & reservations
• Aviation safety
• Tower control & administration

The aviation industry supports over 2 million jobs across 5 continents. Many airline jobs
are well-paying & offer prestige as well as excitement and fantastic benefits.

A people’s business

• A career in aviation is perfect for those who like to travel, have a pleasant
personality, are interested in meeting new people & gaining new experiences.
• Many positions in the industry require extensive contact with customers, i.e.
customer service.
• The world’s leading airports such as Heathrow (London), Charles de Gaulle
(Paris), Los Angeles International Airport, Frankfurt Main & New York’s JFK airport
handle over 50 million passengers each year!
• These passengers pay thousands of dollars for a few hours’ service; hence,
people who work in aviation have to maintain high service standards.

Indian aviation sector

• India holds 9th position in the global civil aviation market (among over 200
countries) with an annual growth rate of 18% per annum, up from the 12th
position in 2006.
• Domestic passenger growth at 20% is one of the highest in the world. There are
as many as 82 domestic airports.
• More airlines - e.g. Jet & Kingfisher - have started flying out of India. Use of
corporate jets for senior executives is on the rise.
• Boeing estimates that India’s aircraft numbers will grow by 3.2% & the number of
passengers by 4% over the next 20 years.
• The total number of air passengers in India in 2007-08 was 116.87 million*

*According to International Air Transport Association (IATA). See report.

Hospitality industry

Trends in hospitality
Hospitality - like aviation - is one facet of the global Travel & Tourism industry.
The hospitality sector includes restaurants, hotels, resorts, spas, service apartments -
and almost every other kind of eating-out & accommodation option other than one’s
own home.

Hospitality offers a very challenging, international career opportunity.

The world’s top hotels & resorts charge lakhs of rupees for just one day’s stay. To
charge such rates, these hotels need to provide outstanding service. Their butlers,
chefs, sommeliers, event planners, guest services managers & room service personnel
are all very well-groomed & trained to perform each task to not just satisfy but to
delight the guest.

Managing all these functions is a challenging task. For this, professional hospitality
managers trained at the world’s best hospitality hubs are in demand in the market.

Facts & figures

According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, travel & tourism will provide 40
million jobs in India by 2018.

Over 4.6 million foreign tourists visited India in 2006-2007, posting 13% growth over
the previous year (Source: Economic Survey for 2007-2008).

Currently, India needs 240,000 hotel rooms, but only 90,000 rooms are available
(according to a report in Outlook Business).
Moreover, the sector is expected to provide over 400,000 jobs.

The revenue for the Indian hotel & restaurant industry (or hospitality industry) in
2006-2007 was US $118.85 million.

The industry shall grow rapidly & will be worth US $158.49 million by 2010.

By 2011, 40 international hotel brands shall have a presence in India, according to a

report by Ma Foi Management Consultants.

With land prices coming down & a huge opportunity for quality hotels, many global
hotel players are announcing new projects in India.
Avalon Academy, in association with Scotland’s Colleges International (SCI) offers a
Higher National Diploma (HND) in Hospitality Management. In this course, students
are trained both in India & Scotland.

Student zone
• Students speak

Student zone

From time to time, Avalon organizes seminars, workshops, contests & other events -
TV shows! - for students.

These events help develop our students’ personality, showcase their skills & prepare them
for service-oriented careers in aviation, hospitality & travel and tourism.
MTV ‘On The Job’
Recently, Avalon Academy & MTV together presented a show called ‘MTV On The Job’. The
show is in the form of a contest where three Avalon students competed with each other
to win an internship with a top airline.


Hundreds of Avalon students got a chance to participate in this TV show. To shortlist the
final three, students were screened & short-listed at their respective Avalon centres.

The show, which was aired on

MTV, showed the three finalists performing difficult tasks.
One task involved a mock disaster scenario where a plane had crashed in the sea & a
passenger was drowning. Avalon students are taught to swim in order to face such
situations in real life. Here, the students had to ‘rescue’ the drowning man in the shortest
possible time.

Another task showed the students catering to passengers inside a mock aircraft where
some of the ‘passengers’ were rude & unhelpful and refused to cooperate with the
airhostess/ steward. The students were judged on their ability to soothe such passengers
& make them cooperate.
A panel of judges selected a winner from among these top three Avalon students & the
winner walked away with an internship with one of India’s top airlines!


Avalon’s ‘Rise Up’ on Zoom TV

Avalon also hosted Rise Up, a talent hunt on Zoom TV. Here, participants from all over the
country were screened & judged on the basis of their attitude, personality, aptitude &
their suitability for a career in aviation.


After the screening, 6 participants were selected to go on the TV show which was aired
on Zoom.

These lucky participants received 7 days of intensive training from Avalon. The training
included grooming sessions, familiarization with aviation as a career, tips on diet &
exercise, and much more.

Finally, their newly-acquired skills were tested on television, and a panel of judges
selected 2 winners who received direct job placements with an international airline!

Avalon offers job placement assistance to students & recruitment assistance to
aviation companies (airlines, airports & Ground Handling Agencies) looking to hire
trained aviation professionals.
The Academy has tie-ups with dozens of airlines & airports and has pioneered the
concept of airport internships.

Placement assistance for students

Avalon has a full-fledged Placements Team stationed at its offices across the country.
Avalon Academy pioneered the concept of airport internships in India. The Academy
has a solid track record of placing trained, talented students in suitable jobs across
India & overseas.

Here are 5 ways how Avalon Academy assists in providing job placements of it's
students with leading airline/ airport companies & Ground Handling Agencies (GHA):

• 1. Airline tie-ups
• 2. Industry Accepted Work Experience
• 3. Personality development
• 4. Job interviews
• 5. Placement-oriented courses

Airline tie-ups

To facilitate internships & placements for students, Avalon has tie-ups with dozens of
domestic & international airlines, airports & Ground Handling Agencies (GHA
authorized to manage ground staff operations at Indian airports).

Industry Accepted Work Experience

Most Avalon courses include airport internships where students work at an airport &
get ‘Industry Accepted Work Experience’ even before they complete their course. In
2008, a thousand students of Avalon completed their internships at Mumbai & Delhi
airports alone.

Due to our tie-ups with airports, Avalon students get internship opportunities with
Mumbai airport (both Domestic & International) & at airports in Delhi, Bhopal, Calicut
and Hubli.

Avalon students also intern with airlines including Delta Airways, Malaysian Airlines, Jet
Airways, Air India, Jazeera Airways & more.

Such exposure gives them an edge over other candidates when it comes to
getting suitable jobs in the industry.

Personality development

All of Avalon’s courses contain extra modules on customer care & personality
development to build a ‘service orientation’ among our students.

Throughout the course, Avalon also conducts inductions, counselling & mock interview
sessions to prepare students for job interviews with airlines & airports

Job interviews

Apart from training students, the Avalon Placements Team constantly keeps in touch
with each centre to shortlist those students whose courses are about to be completed
& who should be placed in the coming months.
Not only does Avalon keep in touch with airlines, airports & GHA to understand their
requirements & set up interviews with our students, members of the Avalon
Placements Team even accompany the students to the actual job interview. This helps
reassure the students & builds their confidence so they can put in their best
performance at the interview.

Placement-oriented courses

Avalon has a very active Placements Team which is constantly in touch with aviation
bodies such as the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) & the Bureau of Civil
Aviation Security (BCAS).

This helps us understand the changing trends in the industry & we modify the courses
and teaching well in advance.

See what our students have to say about their training, internship & job placement
experience with Avalon.

Recruitment assistance for airlines/

airports/ GHA
Avalon’s Placements Team has helped aviation companies find talented candidates for
all job roles.

Shortlisting candidates
Avalon has a full-fledged Placement Team operating from offices across India. The
Team is in touch with graduating students at all Avalon centres. On receiving a
recruitment request, the Team screens & shortlists candidates & sends them for
interviews to the company.

Soft skills & personality development

Apart from covering the technical aspects of airline & airport jobs, Avalon also trains
students in English language, communication skills, grooming, etiquette and body

Business partners

Avalon is part of Aptech, the pioneer in franchising in education since 1986. The
company’s success is based on its partnerships with hundreds of business partners.

Avalon is constantly looking for business partners who can open centres in cities &
locations not currently having a centre. Locations are open worldwide.

The company has a proven partnership model with clearly defined roles & support to
be provided by the company and the franchisee respectively.

Registered Office & H.O.

Aptech Limited
Aptech House
A-65, M.I.D.C.
Andheri (East)
Mumbai - 400 093
Tel: +91-22-2827 2300
Fax: +91-22-2827 2399

List of Avalon centres


Avalon Academy
404, Abhishree Bldg.
Opp. Star Bazar
Jodhpur Char Rasta
Satellite Road
Ahmedabad - 380 054
Ph: 0792-6929703; 91-9725139529


Avalon Academy
Indian Overseas Bldg.
Opp. Saint Francis High School
Jalna Road
Aurangabad - 431 001
Ph: 0240-2360085/ 86/ 21; 91-9423781163


Avalon Academy
80 Zone-II
M.P Nagar
Bhopal - 426 011
Ph: 0755-4075555


Avalon Academy
4-A, Ratlam Kothi
2nd floor
Victory Chambers
Geeta Bhavan
AB Road
Indore - 452 001
Ph: 0731-4275900


Avalon Academy
901/ 902,Sagar Tech Plaza 'A'
Near Hotel Sudarashan
Saki Naka
Andheri - Kurla Road Andheri (East)
Mumbai - 400 072
Ph: 022-40540555/56/57/59/64/65

Avalon Academy
Unit No. 201/ 202,Kohli Villa
S.V. Road
Near Shoppers' Stop
Andheri (West)
Mumbai - 400 058
Ph: 022-67103736/ 8/ 9

Avalon Academy
Antonio Da Silva High School
New Building, 2nd floor
Near Kabootar Khana
S.K. Bole Road
Dadar (W)
Mumbai - 400 028
Ph: 022-65200834/ 65200835

Avalon Academy
Samna Press Building
Prabodhankar Thackeray Sankul Sector 30 - A

Opp. Vashi Railway Station
Navi Mumbai - 400 705
Ph: 022-40844646/ 40844600


Avalon Academy
365, Moulana Abul Kalam Marg
Near L.A.D. College
Gandhi Nagar
Nagpur - 440 010
Ph: 0712- 2243227/ 28


Avalon Academy
3rd floor
Bhosale Shinde Arcade
Next to Crosswords
Off Jungle Maharaj Rd
Deccan Gymkhana
Ph: 020-66033948/ 66021497


Avalon Academy
Kalawad Road
Opp. Motel The Village
Rajkot – 360 005
Ph: 0281-3042102/ 91-9825986096


Avalon Academy
58 B/46 L.B.S. Marg
Elgin Road (opposite GHS)
Civil Lines
Allahabad - 211 001
Ph: 0532-2423665


Avalon Academy
1st floor
Rama Place
Awagarh House
Opposite Anjana Cinema
M.G. Road

Ph: 0562-4040400


Avalon Academy
P/ 5-2, Sasha Towers
Stadium Road
Opp. St. Francis School
Deen Dayal Puram
Bareilly - 243 503
Ph: 0581-2300739


Avalon Academy
Near District Hospital
Civil Lines

Haridwar Road
Bijnor - 246 701
Ph: 01342-261699/ 91-9359466362


Avalon Academy
SCO 118-119-120
Sector - 34A
Chandigarh - 160 022
Ph: 0172-2667800/ 2667900/ 4649600

Avalon Academy
L-5, Chandralok Colony
Rajpur Road
Ph: 0135-2740253/ 2740354, 91-9756202707, 91-9756202708, 91-9756202709


Avalon Academy
SCO 58/ 59 Above Reliance Fresh
Opp. Pristine Mall
Sector 31
Faridabad - 121 003
Ph: 0129-4143790/ 91/ 92/ 93/ 94


Avalon Academy
2nd floor, Vijaya Bank Building Plot No. 69
Ahinsa Khand II
Ghaziabad - 201 010
Ph: 0120 2651006/ 07/ 08


Avalon Academy
C-30, Lajpat Marg
Jaipur - 302 001
Ph: 0141-5100123/ 5179999


Avalon Academy
9 A / B Gole Market
Above SBI Bank
Near Swaran Theatre
Jammu - 181 004
Ph: 0191-2434420/ 2433272


Avalon Academy
Opp. Café Coffee Day
Opp. Devki Palace Lane
Kanpur Nagar
Kanpur - 208019
Ph: 0512-2500007/ 2503587

Avalon Academy
32/ 109, 1st floor
85, Mahatma Gandhi Marg
Opp. Cafe Coffee Day
Lucknow - 226001
Ph: 0522-4029192/ 4026401/ 2625342

Avalon Academy
2nd floor
Pushpa Bajaj Showroom Building
Opp. Alambagh Bus Stand
Lucknow - 226 005
Ph: 0522-6567444/ 4008351


Avalon Academy
1st Floor,Sears Tower
Bharat Nagar Chowk

Opp. Telephone Exchange

Ferozepur Road
Ludhiana - 141 001
Ph: 0161-2770434/ 35


Avalon Academy
F-116, 2nd floor
S 231-232-233, Abu Plaza
Abu Lane Cantt.
Meerut - 250 001
Ph: 0121-2691811/ 12/ 13/ 14

New Delhi

Avalon Academy
E-14, 3rd floor
Main Market
Above Oriental Bank of Commerce
South Extension - Part II
Ring Road
New Delhi - 110 049
Ph: 011-26267000/ 26278000/ 26272200/ 46081301/ 02

Avalon Academy
2526, 2nd floor
Hudson Lines
Kingsway Camp
Near NDPL Office
New Delhi - 110 094
Ph: 011-45566810/ 11/ 12/ 13

Avalon Academy
A-1, 2nd floor
Ring Road
Rajouri Garden
Near Rajouri Metro Station
Next to Raja Garden Flyover
New Delhi - 110 027
Ph: 011 25934444/ 25936666/ 25176666

Avalon Academy
Vidya Bhawan
Opposite Kali Mandir
Bangla Sahib Road
Connaught Place
New Delhi - 110 001
Ph: 011 23348843/ 23348846

Avalon Academy
Swasthya Vihar
Opp. Preet Vihar
Main Vikas Marg
Near V3S Mall
New Delhi - 110 092
Ph: 011 43108201/ 02/ 9999190564


Avalon Academy
364/2, Kannu Arcade
1st floor
Next to Kalyani Hospital
M.G. Road
Gurgaon - 122 001
Ph: 0124-4547000 to 4547050 (50 lines)


Avalon Academy
301, 3rd floor
Singhal Tower
Opp. Sector 58
Noida - 201301
Ph: 0120-4284081 to 89

Avalon Academy
4th floor, Madhav Chambers
Opp. GPO
Near Chetak Theatre
Udaipur - 313 001
Ph: 0294-5177777


Avalon Academy
D 63/ 13A
Near Mahmoorganj Police Station
Varanasi - 221 010
Ph: 0542-2224539



Avalon Academy
Salt Lake
Sector - 1
Kolkata - 700 064
Ph: 033-40104444

Avalon Academy
220, 1st floor
Acharya J.C.Bose Road
Kolkata - 700 017
Ph: 033-40111999


Avalon Academy
3rd Floor
Arrhamm Chamber
Near Union Club
Motibagh chowk
Raipur - 492 001
Ph: 0771-4009405/ 6


Avalon Academy
2nd Floor, Sri Block
Shriram Garden
Kanke Rd
Ranchi – 834008
Ph: 0651-2230516/ 3244587/ 3244588


Avalon Academy
22,Sarat Bose Road
Siliguri - 734 001
Ph: 0353-6533102/ 2520255/6533102


Avalon Academy
406, Ashiana Tower
Exhibition Road
Patna - 800 001
Ph: 0612-6570199


Avalon Academy
58, Nilgiri Path

2nd Floor
R. G. Baruah Road
Guwahati - 24
Ph: 91-9435701444



Avalon Academy
#149, 2nd floor
Above KFC
32nd Cross

11th Main Road

Jayanagar 4th Block
Bangalore - 560 011
Ph: 080-26644144

Avalon Academy
#2585, 9th Main Banashankari 2nd Stage
Opp. Nagalakshmi Kalyana Mandapa
Bangalore - 560 070
Ph: 080-41650297/ 98/ 41312421

Avalon Academy
1st Floor
Sree Madhura Krupa Tower
#51 North Boag Road
Above Kovai Palzhamuthi Nilayam
Chennai - 600017
Ph: 95000 11217/ 18/ 19


Avalon Academy
38/40, Race Course
(Near Collector's Bungalow)
Coimbatore - 641 018
Ph: 0422 - 4394696/ 4394564/ 4506564;


Avalon Academy
Wali Arcade, 1st Floor
Opp. J.G. College

P.B. Road
Hubli - 580 021
Ph: 0836-2271038/36; 91-9343982883/ 84/ 85/ 86/ 87


Avalon Academy

Masab Tank Lane

Next to Hotel Arosa
Hyderabad - 500 028
Ph: 040-23326066/ 23326044


Avalon Academy

B-4, K.G. Oxford Business Centre

Ground Floor
Srikandath Road

Kochi - 682 016
Ph: 0484-4054050;


Avalon Academy
3rd floor
S.K.P. Builidings

Opp. Petrol Pump

Beach Road
Kollam - 691001
Ph: 0474-2762725/ 3290352


Avalon Academy
2nd floor
Marikar Buildings

Pin Code 695 001

Ph: 0471-4077333/ 3217093


Avalon Academy
4th floor, G.K. Towers
Opp. Kala Niketan
Vishakapatnam - 530 016
Ph: 0891-2782387 / 964 222 1777/ 3777

Avalon Aviation Academy ties-up with

Karnataka State Open University to offer One
Year Diploma Programme

Avalon Aviation Academy, the aviation training wing of Aptech Limited, a Global
learning Solutions Company, has tied-up with Karnataka State Open University to
offer a One Year Diploma in Airport Management and Customer Care.

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New Delhi, Delhi, IND, 2008-01-29 11:00:00 (


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Avalon Aviation Academy, the aviation training wing of Aptech Limited, a Global
learning Solutions Company, has tied-up with Karnataka State Open University to
offer a Diploma in Airport Management and Customer Care.

For the first batch starting Feb 2008, the admissions are currently on at the
various Avalon Aviation Academies across the country.

This Course is a part time one year diploma that comes with a Dual Certification.
The student gets a Karnataka State Open University Certification and also an
Avalon Aviation Academy Certification on the completion of the program.

The course focuses on enhancing human asset quality and productivity, and
inculcates business and customer orientation specifically attuned to the
requirements of the aviation industry.

Says Ms Preeti Malik, Head Avalon Aviation Academy, “The Diploma in Airport
Management & Customer Care is a wholesome package for any student who wants
to make a career in aviation. From being a Cabin Crew to a Ground Staff or even
an Airport Manager, the course gives a wide range of career options to choose
from. The course is delivered by some of the finest trainers of this country and the
participants are prepared for all subjects in Aviation that are hugely in demand. We
are definitely looking at a far more enhanced placement ratio with this course,
which is so complete in itself.”

Dr. Janardhan Jha, Coordinator, Karnataka State Open University says,

“The University visualizes this course as a healthy tangent from the traditional
format of learning at universities in India. Aviation is undoubtedly an industry of
the present and future. Learning patterns have to be contemporary and in line with
the prevalent industry needs. We are glad that the training is being imparted by
Avalon Aviation Academy, which comes from the rich educational pedigree of
Aptech Ltd.”

After doing this Diploma Course, students can move into any of the areas – viz.
Cabin Crew, Airport Professionals (in the management cadre), Reservation Agents,
Marketing Executives & Business Development Executives in Destination
Marketing, Business Development Managers for Passenger Sales – Airlines, Fare
Desk Executives, Tour Planners, Tour Operators, Tour Escorts, Logistics Managers &
Cargo Executives and Managers, Finance Executives and Managers for Airports and
Airlines, Load & Trim Managers, E-Commerce Solutions, Air Cargo, Freight &
Forwarding, Material Operations Management, etc.

Avalon Aviation Academy has been providing quality aviation training in the
country. Today it is present in most of the cities offering world-class infrastructure
facilities and training to the students.

- End -

About Avalon Aviation Academy:

Avalon Aviation Academy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aptech Ltd., which came
into existence about 2 years ago to provide high quality training to aspirants in the
aviation industry. The institute offers a plethora of professional courses that focus
on hard core aviation and related skills required in this sector.

Avalon has strategic alliances with over 37 leading Domestic and International
Airlines. It has established Aviation Academies in nearly all major Metros and mini
Metros. Avalon has a competitive edge in the industry with its State-of-the-art
training methodologies, infrastructure facilities and world class trainers. Adding on
to this is Avalon’s course content which is constantly updated to make it pertinent
to the present day scenario.


Avalon Aviation Academy is driven by one mission: to train you the best, so that you can fly
with the finest. If we train you, we will place you*! All parts and parcel of our efforts are to
bring professionalism to the arena of aviation training.

Avalon Advantages
World Class training Faculty
Strategic alliance with 37 Leading International & Domestic Airlines
Modern training methodologies
Internship Training

Contact: 38 / 40 Race Course, Coimbatore – 641018, Ph: 4394696, 4506564

Mobile: 9944477656 Email:

Welcome to Avalon
Avalon Academy is the Aviation & Hospitality training arm of Aptech Limited. Avalon

provides the world's finest training to those interested in global careers in Hospitality or Aviation.
The Academy has specialized Degree & Diploma programs for both these fast-growing sectors. For
its intensive Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management, Avalon Academy has tied up with
Scotland's Colleges

We Provide.
We are one of the few aviation academies to offer an array of courses that

primarily cater to the aviation and travel industry, as well as courses that help students and
professionals from different sectors and walks of life develop all aspects of their personality. We
are committed to make dreams of millions of Indians come true. Globalization has led to immense
opportunities for us. ...

Our Vision
Our core vision is to emerge as a centre of excellence by providing training of the

highest standards to candidates.

Our Programmes
Avalon's training programme is supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure,

facilities and courseware at par with the highest standards.

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