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September 2, 2009

Kasing-Kasing St.,
cor. K-10 St., Kamias,
Quezon City

Register of Deeds for the Province
of Bulacan ,
Malolos , Bulacan,

TITLE NO. RT-32583 (T-258529)

Dear S i r :

I am formally writing in your good office to gives notice that Owner’s

Duplicate of my subject title (Agricultural Lot with No. 3388) located at
Bulacan consisting of 58, 356 square meters, more or less , is still in my
possession as owner thereof. A machine copy of the title is hereto attached
for your reference.

Please be informed that sometime on May 16, 2006, the undersigned

and my wife , executed a Deed of Absolute Sale of said parcel of agricultural
land in favor to Mr. Samloen S. Pimentel without paying the agreed
consideration of Nine Hundred Thousand (Php 900,000.00) Pesos,
and/or any single centavo to date.

In the duplicate copy of our said deed of sale in my possession , the

said vendee made his own hand written annotation at the second page
thereof which he admits and states that the validity of the sale will be upon
full payment of the contract price aforestated . Machine copy of the Deed of
Sale with Annotation is hereto attached for your additional references.

Hence, the deed of sale aforestated is now subject for recession and
not valid at all.
For your information and guidance.

Very truly yours,


SUBSCRIB ED AND SWORN to before me this ____day of

September, 2009 at __________________________, affiant exhibited to me
his _______________________ ___________________Identification Card
with No._______________for his identity.

Doc. No.___________;
Page No.___________;
Book No.__________;
Series of 2009.

Copy furnished:


No. 3608 Bautista St.,
Makati City