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Accessing the Celestial Sanctum Workshop at Delavan, WI 2013 By Rick Saxton In the January 1930 issue of the Rosicrucian

Digest, H. Spencer Lewis first announced the Celestial Sanctum after having spent more than a decade creating it. At that time it was called then, the Cathedral of the Soul. Here is what he had to say about it: IT SEEMS fitting that in the issue of this magazine for the beginning of the year 1930 and at practically the twenty-first year of our Rosicrucian activities in America under the present cycle, I should have the opportunity to announce the existence of a new and beautiful star in the Cosmic, which will hereafter be known as the Cathedral of the Soul. Fourteen years ago, the first foundation stones of this invisible immaterial yet not intangible cathedral were laid by me with due ceremony and reverential consideration for the part I might be taking in a work that seemed to be Cosmically directed and divinely decreed. Having prayerfully received and considered the instructions for this great work for seven years, it was my joy to bring the inspiration into some form of earthly manifestation and thus fourteen years ago, the plan that was decreed seven years previously became a living Cosmic reality. Our members are to hear much about this Cathedral of the Soul in the near future, and at present I wish merely to announce its name and present to you a brief picture of what it is. This cathedral is that great holy of holies and Cosmic sanctum maintained by the beams of thought waves of thousands of our most advanced members, who have been prepared and trained to direct these beams of thought during certain periods of the day and the week toward one central point, and there it becomes a manifest power, a creative force, a health giving and peace giving nucleus far removed from the material trials and problems, limitations and destructive elements of the earth plane. While some have been busy planning, building, and directing great spires and towers of earthly cathedrals that would reach high into the heavens and become the material abiding place for those in devotion and meditation, we have been creating this cathedral of prayer and illumination, Cosmic joy, and peace high above every material plane and ascent into the Cosmic itself. In this cathedral there will be the music of the spheres and the chimes of Cosmic rhythm, there will come from its spire the call to worship at various hours of the day and week throughout the years to come, and our prepared and advanced members will reach this cathedral with their thoughts and their soul consciousness

Accessing the Celestial Sanctum Workshop at Delavan, WI 2013 By Rick Saxton and dwell therein and carry on the great work of bidding others welcome, touching them with the hand of fellowship and the heart of sympathetic understanding. From its high altar will go forth the illuminating words of Cosmic inspiration and divine illumination. Into this great cathedral we will call those who are seeking for the first portal of the Cosmic Assembly. Hereafter, it will be our ambition and our pleasure to direct the sincere and the devout, the worthy and the needy to this great cathedral. The story of what it is and what it means will be issued in a beautiful booklet to aid those who are starting on the path with their gaze turning upward, away from the desire for knowledge of a material nature, and seeking the more glorious life giving, soul inspiring illumination of the Cosmic hosts. The Cathedral of the Soul shall be your Cathedral and mine, and the dwelling place of the great masters of the past and future. The Celestial Sanctum is not a new idea but has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. For instance, Karl Von Eckartshousen, who lived from 1752 to 1803, wrote some letters which were made into a book called The cloud upon the sanctuary. Here is a quote describing what he calls the inner school; It is necessary, my dear brothers in the Lord, to give you a clear idea of the interior Church; of that illuminated Community of God which is scattered throughout the world, but which is governed by one truth and united in one spirit. This enlightened community has existed since the first day of the world's creation, and its duration will be to the last day of time. This community possesses a school, in which all who thirst for knowledge are instructed by the Spirit of Wisdom itself; and all the mysteries of God and of nature are preserved in this school for the children of light.... Perfect knowledge of God, of nature, and of humanity are the objects of instruction in this school. It is from her that all truths penetrate into the world, she is the School of the Prophets, and of all who search for wisdom, and it is in this community alone that truth and the explanation of all mystery is to be found. It is the most hidden of communities yet possesses members from many circles; of such is this school. Max Heindel, the founder of the Rosicrucian Fellowship, said he was instructed in the etheric Temple of the Rose Cross. I want to read a quote from the book Magical use of thought forms , because I think it explains how H. Spencer Lewis made the Celestial Sanctum.

Accessing the Celestial Sanctum Workshop at Delavan, WI 2013 By Rick Saxton

Page 60-61 In the Sephir Yetzirah, the details of this divine plan are embodied in a glyph known as the Tree of Life, where the various emanations are shown as spheres and the relationship between them as paths. The Sephir Yetzirah becomes so very helpful because the Tree symbolizes the (divine) psychological process of manifestation, allowing us to see what mindset is necessary to make changes in the world around us. The final sphere on the Tree of Life is called Malkuth, the Kingdom, and symbolizes the physical universe. The second last is called Yesod, the Foundation, which symbolizes the state immediately preceding physical manifestation, the state that gives rise to physical manifestation, the platform and pattern on which physical manifestation rests. According to Qabalistic doctrine, Yesod is the sphere of God's imagination. The idea that there is some sort of universal imagination is mirrored in the work of Carl Jung, whose observations as a psychiatrist led him to postulate the concept of a Collective Unconscious-an area of mind common to the whole human race. An eruption of academic interest in shamanism some years after Jung's death led to the insight that shamanic visions gave conscious access to this level of reality, and that such an access often seemed to produce results on the physical level. Two things are at work here-the objective, but nonmaterial state of the Collective Unconscious, and the personal, consciously accessible state of the shaman's own imagination. While remaining self-aware and conscious, the shaman-who was, after all, the world's earliest magician-can function within the Collective Unconscious, manipulate its energies, and, in so doing, influence physical reality. Here, finally, we have the key to the mystery of the Astral Plane. It is the imagination of the universe, that vast substrata of mind-stuff underpinning the dream we think of as physical reality. But human imagination is part of the universal imagination, seamlessly integrated, sharing in its nature, and separate only in that we perceive it as separate. Thus, my early mentor was not mistaken in his definition. Your imagination and mine are both part of the Astral Plane, an entry point to a greater whole, the tool with which we may control the astral light. In practical terms, an act of astral magic is an act of the trained imagination, and the first step of an astral journey is an imaginary trip. In other words, work on the Astral Plane involves the manipulation of thought forms. Page 66 In Lodge work, initiate groups often come together to create structures on the Astral Plane in order to generate magical effects. The system they use is easily described. The group will engage in prolonged concentration on a single image vividly visualized, interacting with the resultant astral structure by means of ritual. This type of group work has long been held to be the most potent possible use of human imagination.

Accessing the Celestial Sanctum Workshop at Delavan, WI 2013 By Rick Saxton A recent edition of the booklet Liber 777 defines the Celestial Sanctum like this: One of the goals of Rosicrucian philosophy is to give every human being the means for living in Cosmic Harmony on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. The mystical teachings that Rosicrucians receive within the framework of their affiliation contribute greatly to this. To allow them to realize total harmony with the most positive universal forces, due to its traditional and initiatic nature, the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis integrates within its grgore a field of cosmic energy from which benefits can be obtained after a person knows how to establish contact with this energy. This field of energy, limited neither by time nor space, constitutes what Rosicrucian Tradition designates as the Celestial Sanctum. From the Rosicrucian viewpoint, the Celestial Sanctum represents the highest plane of consciousness that can be achieved when attuning ones self with the Cosmic. This level of consciousness is the virtual expression of what the Rose-Croixas a mystical and philosophical ideal provides as the purest gift in the service of humanity. This is why you can consider the Celestial Sanctum as the realm of purification, regeneration, revelation, and illumination. If this is so, it is because any contact established with the Celestial Sanctum places the human soul in resonance with the Universal Soul and with all of the potential for strength, inspiration, and wisdom contained therein. For all the members of AMORC, it constitutes a pyramid of ideals, knowledge, and virtues, at the symbolic summit of which are the Cosmic Masters who keep watch over the Rosicrucian Tradition. This is why most mystical experiences had by Rosicrucians, while engaged in their private studies, are found at the level of the Celestial Sanctum. There are many important points concerning the ability to attune at the level of the Celestial sanctum. One thing is to visualize your own version of the Celestial Sanctum. You should consider how you wish to visualize it. It is probably best if you stick with one concept of the Celestial Sanctum, rather than changing it often. Over time you might increase the detail, but sticking with the same general idea of what it looks like is best. Consistency is important. Some people, like Raymond Bernard, say you must visualize it in exacting detail. Although that is important, it is more important to practice attuning to the Celestial Sanctum on a regular basis. The detail will come over time. Even if you could

Accessing the Celestial Sanctum Workshop at Delavan, WI 2013 By Rick Saxton visualize it perfectly the first time, if you dont practice it regularly, you wont be as successful at attuning with the Celestial Sanctum. Over time, you will be able to attune within a few minutes, and even in less ideal circumstances. Another important aspect of attuning is intention. Even if you visualized a sacred place perfectly, without the intention of attuning to the Celestial Sanctum, you would not attune to it. As most of you know, the Rosicrucian technique of visualization involves all of the senses, not just mental images. You should mentally see, hear, smell, and feel the Celestial Sanctum as you conceptualize it. As H. Spencer Lewis said when introducing the Cathedral of the Soul, there will be the music of the spheres and chimes of Cosmic rhythm. You should mentally forget your physical surroundings and consciously dwell in the Celestial Sanctum. Another important point is to raise your emotional state to vibrate at the level of Cosmic Consciousness. This is what liber 777 has to say about emotions; As for the emotions, it is important to know that feelings based on anger, pride, jealousy, and spitefulness, etc., are quite harmful to our emotional well-being and consequently to our physical equilibrium. Even without going to the extremes we have just mentioned, feelings of fear, anxiety, and distressare equally damaging to the general harmony that should prevail on all levels of our being. Thus, we must do everything within our power to harmonize ourselves with the rhythm of pure and constructive emotions. We cannot know Peace Profound as long as we remain in a negative or discordant emotional state. During a period of meditation in the Lodge and Chapter convocation, we are told to think thoughts of peace, love, harmony, kindliness, and health. This is because these emotions bring about an attunement with positive Cosmic forces. In fact, these thoughts are intended to bring about these emotions in you. Also during the convocation, we chant vowel sounds to raise ourselves to an emotional and spiritual plane where we can accomplish projection and reception of thought. So using Vowel sounds can help us to prepare for Cosmic attunement. As Rosicrucians know, positive deep breathing can also raise our vibrations. The final important point in attuning is relaxation. The August 1932 edition of the Rosicrucian Digest has this to say about relaxing during attunement:

Accessing the Celestial Sanctum Workshop at Delavan, WI 2013 By Rick Saxton SOME members have difficulty in making contacts with the Cathedral and we have asked those who had difficulty and finally made the contact to write to us about their experiences and give us helpful hints that we may pass on to others. The result of this Symposium is contained in the following instructions. In letters from those who had the most difficulty in making any contact at all with the Cathedral it appears that eventually the contacts were made very clearly and easily through complete relaxation. The experiences of these persons seem to be all alike. All of them discovered that they were not relaxed and that they were too tense and too expectant. In other words, they were as alert and as expectant as a person might be who is sitting quietly in the home listening for the least sound of an intruder or the most delicate sound of some strange nature. With eyes and ears thus active and the mind keenly alert there cannot be complete relaxation. The reason this is important is because relaxation helps us to enter the borderline state of consciousness between the subconscious mind and waking consciousness. Subconsciousness is the channel through which Cosmic impressions come to our waking consciousness. If we are totally unconscious, it will be less likely that we will be aware of Cosmic impressions. On the other hand, if we are too wide awake, these impressions might not reach our waking consciousness. Raymond Bernard has this to say about ending the attunement with the Celestial Sanctum: This is an important point: do not hasten the return to objective consciousness. It is advisable to let things take their course, in order to assist passively with this return, in contemplating and observing the impressions which, little by little, take form. It is necessary to observe oneself. If thought seems to wander, if the association of ideas takes form, it is enough to follow it as it unfolds. The will should not intervene. As soon as it does, the objective consciousness will take control, and the experience will end. Here are a few more recommendations from the August 1932 Rosicrucian Digest: A few others say that they have found it advisable to sit down and relax for five or ten minutes before the period of contact, and others say that they relax for a sufficient time beforehand to become thoroughly at ease and peaceful and until they feel the vibration of rest and vigor passing through their bodies. Quite a number say that total relaxation of the mind is the final step in the process of preparing for the contact. This means eliminating from the mind any willful

Accessing the Celestial Sanctum Workshop at Delavan, WI 2013 By Rick Saxton attempt to visualize the Cathedral or to force a realization of any impressions of any kind and is equal to a complete abandonment of thought or desire or intent. Others say that in sitting down or lying down for the contact they not only relax but try to attune themselves toward a peaceful attitude toward all humanity and toward the universe. This means the elimination of all thoughts of business or strife. Everyone admits that the repeating of the Cathedral prayer two or three times is a big help if once is not sufficient. Others say that they add little prayers of their own and place themselves in a prayerful attitude as though they were communing with God and hoping that He might take them into His own consciousness and reveal the Cathedral to them. Quite a few others say that sitting in a darkened room or with eyes closed is a big help as it shuts out all sights of any kind that might distract the attention. Some others say that the use of the vowel sounds is a great help to them. Now all say that it requires nearly five minutes of preparation and that sometimes an additional five minutes is necessary for a complete realization of the contact to come. Most of those who have written, state that the first sensation of contact was that of a sense of peace, often followed by a very bright light appearing in the room or a sense of lightness of weight and a sense of mild magnetic currents passing through the air of the room. A majority say that the first manifestation in the Cathedral is a vision of its outer form or the hearing of some great organ. Many agree that music is heard eventually very mildly and sweetly, while others say their contact with the Cathedral has left them without any impression of music but only of beautiful sights and scenes like the interior of some magnificent place accompanied with visions of beautiful beings of different nationalities assembled in one place. Patience is the secret key to all these contacts and the fact that hundreds of letters are received constantly from those who were very discouraged and who eventually made wonderful contacts which they can easily repeat at any time, should encourage each and every person to attempt these contacts whenever it is possible.

Accessing the Celestial Sanctum Workshop at Delavan, WI 2013 By Rick Saxton The Celestial Sanctum is, strictly speaking, not a place, but rather a sacred space. The Rosicrucian workshop entitled Sacred Space, has this to say about the difference between place and space: When talking about specific sacred sites, we are talking about places. Space, on the other hand, is what surrounds these places; It is the field of energy and vibrations that these places emit. Space is abstract, whereas place is concrete. If you imagine a cubic yard of space, chances are that space looks the same as the space that the person next to you is imagining. But if you imagine a place, chances are you have a different image in your head than your neighbor. Neither a space nor a place is independent of its history; each place has a story, a narrative. Sacred Spaces are not discrete locations in time or space. They exist as part of a continuum. They all have a history, a myth, a narrative. Some were sacred to many different cultures over the ages; the architecture may have changed, but the place still retains its history. Temples have been transformed into churches, churches into mosques, but still these places retain their sacredness as a place of worship. Once a place has been used for group prayer or ritual, the vibrations of the space have permanently changed. It is the reverential attitude and conduct that people exhibit at a sacred place that raises the vibrations that make it a Sacred Place. Thus, in our chapter convocation, the master says We come to this sacred temple, made sacred by our thought and conduct, to commune with the Cosmic Hosts. Sacred space is conducive to communing with the Cosmic and our Brethren throughout the earth. And the spiritual attitude of the people increases the vibrations of the space. Thus the longer the sacred place is used for spiritual purposes, the easier it is for people to attain higher states of consciousness. If fact, that is why Rosicrucians are told to have a sanctum in their home, where they can study, meditate, and commune with their master within. By using a special place in your home for spiritual purposes, you set up a vibratory sacred space where you can more easily attain higher states of consciousness. The ancient alchemists had both a laboratory and an oratory or sanctum. Often they were in close proximity to each other. Their work was not only on the physical plane, but also on the spiritual plane.

Accessing the Celestial Sanctum Workshop at Delavan, WI 2013 By Rick Saxton The Rosicrucian teachings state that we add emanations from our minds to a place through our thought and conduct. The Rosicrucian teachings also state that sacred space is beyond time and space. Our Imperator Christian Bernard wrote From a mystical point of view, space is not truly a material verity. It is (instead) a product of human consciousness and more precisely of its objective aspect. But, consciousness is an attribute of the soul. Consequently, it is immaterial in nature. Therefore, we are forced to acknowledge that the same holds true for space. In other words, space is immaterial in the Absolute. A physical place is important to human interaction and conducive to ritual and intention. In a physical place you are reminded of your purpose, by the vibrations of the setting and those around you. But a physical place is not necessary for all activities of a sacred nature. When we ascend to a higher plane of consciousness we are limited by neither time nor space. We have entered a sacred space which is not anchored by the physical world. An example of such a space is the Celestial Sanctum. In attuning with the Celestial Sanctum or the Council of Solace healing work we ascend to a field of cosmic energy, visualized as a place, since it is difficult to blend our consciousness into an abstract field of omnipresent energy. However, this space is immaterial in nature. For the next few minutes we are going to visualize our individual concept of the Celestial Sanctum. We are not yet going to ascend to it, just visualize it for practice. I would like you to close your eyes and visualize your version of the Celestial Sanctum. It could be a natural setting, or some sacred architecture. See it in as much detail as possible. But do more than that. Use all your mental senses to experience this space. Perhaps listen to the Celestial Choir. Do this for the next few minutes. (Pause for a few minutes) When you get home, you may want to create an artistic representation of what your Celestial Sanctum looks like. You can draw, paint, write about, or build a scale model of it. By recreating your concept of the Celestial Sanctum, it will help create a stronger visualization as you will have to think about the details of your sacred space. Even if your representation doesnt come out as planned, by thinking of the image in detail, the visual representation will solidify itself in the minds eye.

Accessing the Celestial Sanctum Workshop at Delavan, WI 2013 By Rick Saxton There is one more preparatory exercise I want us to try before attuning to the Celestial Sanctum. It has to do with raising our emotional vibrations to express peace, love, and harmony. First, think of peace. Remember or imagine a time when you felt very peaceful. Remember or imagine how peace profound feels. You might think of a person you associate with peace, such as Jesus or Buddha. (pause) Feel peace. (pause) Now radiate peace, like a lamp radiating light. (pause) Become peace. (pause) Now let the peace of the Cosmic Masters flow through you, to all of humanity. (pause) Now, think of love. Remember or imagine a time when you felt unconditional love. (pause) Feel love. (pause) Radiate love. (pause) Become love. (pause) Now let the love of the Cosmic Masters flow through you, to all of humanity. (pause) Next, think of harmony. Remember or imagine a time when you felt harmony with the world, a time when everything worked together in harmony. (pause) Feel harmony. (pause) Radiate harmony. (pause) Become harmony. (pause) Let the harmony of the Cosmic Masters flow through you, to all of humanity. (peace)

Lets take a ten minute break. If possible, please wash your hands and drink some water in preparation to attune with the Celestial Sanctum.


Accessing the Celestial Sanctum Workshop at Delavan, WI 2013 By Rick Saxton Preparation In Preparation to ascend to the level of the Celestial Sanctum, sit up straight, separate your feet and place them flat on the floor. Place your hands on your lap, palms down, unclasped. We are now going to intone vowel sounds to stimulate our psychic body. First we will intone the vowel sounds RA-MA-THA on the note of A Natural above middle C. I will demonstrate it first, then we will all intone them three times. Next we will intone the vowel sound AUM on the note D natural above middle C. I will demonstrate it first, then we will all intone it three times. Finally, we will intone the vowel sound KHEI on the note E natural above middle C. I will demonstrate it first, then we will all intone it three times. Before we start the guided meditation, we will stimulate the psychic body further by concentrating on the various parts of the body while doing positive breathing. This is done by taking a deep breath and holding it as long as comfortable, then exhale normally. As you do this, relax the part of the body you are concentrating on. Start by concentrating on the feet while performing positive breathing. (Then continue up the body until you come to the top of your head)


Accessing the Celestial Sanctum Workshop at Delavan, WI 2013 By Rick Saxton Relaxation exercise Now lets relax deeply. Become aware of your entire body. Scan it for any tension and make any position changes if necessary. Release any tension that you notice. If you are holding a lot of tension, you might try tensing and releasing various muscles to remove pent up tension. While continuing to scan your body, perform neutral deep breathing. This is done by relaxing your abdomen and breathing deeply, while performing diaphragmatic breathing. Breathe deeply and dont pause in between breaths. Your abdomen should move in and out while your chest should hardly move. (pause for about a minute) Now try a different type of breathing. It has been called retarded exhalation breathing by some. To do this, breathe in normally, then without hesitating, exhale about twice as slowly as you inhaled. This type of breathing has been known by yogis to be quite relaxing. It was also mentioned in the April 1976 edition of the Rosicrucian Digest. Notice if you find it relaxing. If you do, you can use it in your daily life whenever you need to relax. As you breathe in this way, keep scanning your body for tension, and releasing it. (pause for about a minute) Now breathe normally and recheck your posture. Place your awareness on your scalp; on the top, sides, and back of your head. Relax your scalp. Let go. Let this sense of relaxation flow from your scalp, all the way down your body and out your feet. Continue relaxing your scalp for a while. (pause for about a half minute) Now place your awareness on your forehead. Release any tension and let it flow down your body and out of your feet. (pause) Now place your awareness on your temples, your eyes and the area around your eyes. Release any tension and let it flow down through your body and out of your feet. (pause) Become aware of your cheeks, mouth and jaw. Release the tension completely. Let your jaw drop without opening your mouth. (pause) Become aware of your neck and especially your throat muscles. Release any tension there. It is important to realize that thought and tension feed each other. The more tense you are, the more you think verbally. The more you think verbally, the more tense you become. The opposite is also true. The more you relax, the less verbal thinking you do, the less verbal thinking you do, the less tense you become. So this can be used to help you relax in preparation for meditation or other mystical exercises. It is easier to begin with the relaxation part of the cycle. Another thing to be aware of when trying to reduce verbal thinking is that it is very difficult to think verbally if your mouth, tongue, and larynx are completely relaxed. So as you deeply relax them, your mind will calm down. As your mind calms down, you will become more relaxed. This effect is very similar to the

Accessing the Celestial Sanctum Workshop at Delavan, WI 2013 By Rick Saxton relationship of pain to tension. When we are in pain, we tend to tense up. As we continue to hold tension, we have more pain, and the cycle feeds on itself. Now become aware of your shoulders, arms and hands. Relax them and let the tension flow out of your hands. You can hang your hands at your sides for this. (pause) Now place your hands back in your lap. Relax your chest and upper back. Let the feeling of relaxation cascade down your body. (pause) Now relax your abdomen and lower back. (pause) Now relax your buttocks, legs, and feet. (Pause for about 30 seconds) Finally, scan your entire body and relax any tension that you find. (pause) To relax your mind, visualize yourself as a pebble thrown into a placid pond. As gravity slowly pulls you towards the soft bottom of the pond, you gently sink. (pause) Keep sinking. (pause) Now you are reaching the soft muddy bottom. (pause) You are settling into the soft bottom. (pause) Finally you find complete support and are at rest. (pause)Your body and mind are at rest. (pause) Let gravity pull your muscles towards the earth. Let the earth support you completely. Gravity will pull you down. The position of your spine will allow you to remain upright with minimal effort. Totally allow mother earth to support you. While remaining upright, totally release all tension and rest in the supporting arms of mother earth. You are nurtured. You are safe. You are supported. (pause) Finally, place your attention on your brain. Relax your brain. You might not actually be relaxing your brain, but it feels like it. You may feel a tingling sensation which spreads from your brain to your entire body.(pause) Relax your brain. (pause) Notice if you are thinking verbally. Notice if your mouth, lips, tongue, or larynx are tense or moving. It is very difficult to think verbally without moving them. So if you occasionally check to see if you speaking organs are fully relaxed, you will be less likely to think discursively. (pause) You are now probably at a deep alpha level or borderline state of consciousness. While in this state of deep relaxation, we will now attune with the Celestial Sanctum. Mentally join me in invocation: May the Divine Essence of the Cosmic Infuse our being and cleanse us from all impurities of mind and body, that we may enter the Celestial Sanctum and attune in pureness and worthiness. So Mote it be !


Accessing the Celestial Sanctum Workshop at Delavan, WI 2013 By Rick Saxton Guided Meditation Feel your whole body. Be fully present in it. (Pause) Now expand your awareness to your aura. (pause) Feel the space surrounding your body. (pause) Now imagine that your consciousness is ascending to the Celestial Sanctum, your minds Sacred Space. In other words, visualize that you are ascending above the room, like incense slowly ascending to the heavens. (pause) Now imagine your consciousness is ascending into the clouds. These are not ordinary clouds, but the clouds of unknowing, separating the spiritual plane from the mundane plane. Drop all thoughts and emotions of a mundane nature as you ascend through the clouds. (pause) These clouds are the threshold to the Celestial Sanctum. They are purifying you. (pause) As you continue to rise through the clouds, the essence of the clouds crystalizes any impurities and causes them to fall back to earth. (pause) You are now cleansed. (pause) You begin to notice the bright, spiritual light of the Celestial Sanctum. You feel Cosmic Light, Life, and Love emanating from the Celestial Sanctum. (pause) You are about to enter the Sacred Space of Cosmic Consciousness. (pause) You are about to enter the same Sacred Space that the consciousness of the Cosmic masters of our Order occupies. The light is so bright that you cannot see anything until your spiritual eyes adjust to the Light. You are completely surrounded by spiritual light. (pause) You begin to perceive the Celestial Sanctum. (pause) See it bathed in celestial light. (pause) Feel the sacred atmosphere and presence of the Cosmic Masters. (pause) Merge with it completely. (pause) You feel peace, love, and harmony. (pause) You are living completely at the level of the soul. (pause for a minute) The lighthouse Now we are going to enter a Cosmic lighthouse to radiate Cosmic Consciousness to those who seek it. Imagine a tall lighthouse made of Cosmic light. See it glowing with white spiritual light.(pause) Feel Peace, Love, and Harmony radiating from it and beckoning you to enter.(pause) Now, walk over to the lighthouse.(pause) Open the door and walk in.(pause) Now close the door behind you.(pause) As you close the door, you become part of the cosmic lighthouse. (pause) Feel and radiate Peace. Feel it.(pause) Become it(pause). Radiate it.(pause) Feel and radiate Love. Feel it.(pause) Become it(pause). Radiate it.(pause) Feel and radiate Harmony. Feel it.(pause) Become it(pause). Radiate it.(pause)

Accessing the Celestial Sanctum Workshop at Delavan, WI 2013 By Rick Saxton The three points of the triangle manifest Joy. Feel Joy.(pause) Now that you are attuned to the energy and consciousness of the Cosmic lighthouse, you begin to rise slowly on the spiral staircase. You dont walk, you flow spiral higherhigherHigher.(pause) Finally, you have reached the top of the lighthouse where you can radiate Cosmic Peace, Love, and harmony. You become a beacon of Cosmic light, radiating in all directions. (pause) Feel yourself radiating to all those who are on the mystical path. Let Cosmic Consciousness flow through you.(pause) You are a center of expression of the primal will for universal good. (pause) See fellow seekers of like mind receiving this light with joy.(pause) See them finding the Celestial Sanctum. (pause) See them becoming one with the Cosmic lighthouse and adding their light to ours. While doing this, continue to radiate peace, love, and harmony. (pause for 2 min.) Be receptive Now, stop radiating. Stop visualizing, and be receptive to any messages from the Celestial Sanctum, or just enjoy the energy you have received from this attunement. (pause 3 min.) Once you are ready, return gradually to the objective plane. See yourself descending the spiral staircase of the Cosmic lighthouse. (pause) See yourself leaving the lighthouse and your Celestial Sanctum.(pause) As you descend, become aware of any Cosmic inspiration you have received during this attunement period. (pause) Imagine yourself journeying back to the room. (pause) As you return to objective consciousness, join me in the following invocation: May the God of my Heart sanctify this attunement of self with the Celestial Sanctum! So mote it be! When you are ready, return your awareness to the room and open your eyes. This concludes the attunement.