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Student misbehaviour: Describe what happened in the first class. What types of misbehaviour did you observe?

When did these happen? How did the teacher respond? What were the most effective strategies used? What were the least effective strategies? The first class of grade 2-1 was going good but suddenly at the middle of the class, one of the children, started to bully his friend because of a pencil. The teacher noticed what happening and started to walk around them to stop their movements but it didnt work so she used a stronger strategy which was separating them and take their pencils away. So guess what they stopped bulling each other. Student involvement: Choose 2 children from your second observation and describe their level of involvement and deviancy. Was there a correlation (link or relationship) between involvement and behavior? I started my observation with Ahmed who was from grade 2-2. He was involved and focused with his teacher. He was well behaved since he didnt even have the time to misbehave while involve with the teachers activates and the group work. In the other hand, Saif was in his own imagination away from teacher orders and not involving with his group work. So what I realized that involving at the lesson and behaviors are have a strong connection.

Use your observations and readings to discuss the factors that can contribute to a childs misbehaviour? The factors that lead childs to behave is to getting attention at the first reason, I did too when I was a child, I think its a normal thing the child will do in his class. More factors are; to get power and be the strongest person in the class, revenge to one of his friends that betraying him and gaining a self-confidence. Use your observations and readings to discuss some effective strategies for dealing with misbehaviour? (illness, egocentric, attention seeking, stubbornness, learning or behavioural problems, negative peer influence, strategies inappropriate for age/interests of students) Using some active body language like; looking straight on their eyes, walking around them and move hands. Also, focusing with planning activities that suitable with different learning types that students have will help decrease misbehaving. Another strategy that will almost work for students is to give them motivating words, simple presents and even a stamp of a star to stop an action or motivate them to another. What abilities, attitudes and traits do you think an ideal teacher should have? How can this influence the management and atmosphere of a class? The first thing the teacher have to get is to be patience since this work will give him or her a complicated situations and experience that he have to deal with it. At second, balance and being flexible is great attitudes that help to handle the class. Being in charge or controller, imaginational will help making interesting activities for students and having a little bit of humor that will help to control kids better.