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Band-In-A-Box 2009.5 PC Version


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Create your own play alongs and songs without needing to understand how to write music. Just type in the chords, choose your style and Band-in-a-Box does the rest. You can then add melodies and print out notation and lead sheets. Now with Real Instruments. Windows XP/Vista and earlier. AC160SC Windows version 99.00


Louis Vause & Seamus Beaghen: Boogie and Blues Piano DVD
Learn classic blues and boogie riffs with two top British session players. From basic bass lines to intricate Fats Waller blues and Professor Longhair licks. Smart, funny and filmed on location around Camden, North London. Our best blues piano DVD by far! PT300DV DVD, 1 hour 15 mins 19.90 17.95


Duncan Lamont: The Streetfighter's Guide to Improvisation

Discover freedom scales, demystify chord voicings and use quartal harmony to open up your ears. Learn how to inject excitement into your solos and life into the music you play with this wealth of ideas from UK professional saxophonist Duncan Lamont. IT158T Book, 150 pages 19.95 17.95

Lionel Grigson: A Jazz Chord Book

The third edition contains chord progressions for off! 357 of the most commonly played standards and jazz originals, selected and arranged by Lionel Grigson. Each tune is clearly presented in a 4 or 8 bar-to-a-line grid, with first and second time bars offset for ease of reading. Chord symbols only; melodies not included. Comb-bound. FB001T Book, 127 pages 21.00 10.50


George Garzone: The Triadic Chromatic Approach


20 lessons from the New York master saxophonist on how to generate fresh, unpredictable lines. Includes play along tracks, pdfs of all the examples and lead sheets, transposed for all instruments. With subtitles in German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. ST154DV 2DVDs, over 3 hours 86.00 75.00


John McLaughlin: This Is The Way I Do It


10! McLaughlins magnum opus on guitar improvisation: 12 comprehensive chapters packed with critical insights and deep analyses of his sound and playing approaches, from major modes and pentatonics through to uncommon time signatures, minor harmony and chromaticism. English and German.
GT657DV 3DVDs, 3hours 40 minutes 93.00 83.00

Pete Thomas: Taming the Saxophone

This powerful presentation of technique and chop builders consolidates all of the physical aspects of playing the saxophone into one workbook. Scale studies in all 12 keys are interspersed with beneficial tone development exercises and essential articulation drills. ST158T Book, 140 pages 11.95 9.95

Jamey Aebersold Vol. 54: Maiden Voyage

off! 14 classic tracks with easy changes and manageable tempos make this the most popular play along for beginner improvisers. With tips and suggested scales for each chord. Songs include: Autumn Leaves; Summertime; Cantaloupe Island; Watermelon Man.
JA054C Book/CD, 71 pages 14.95



John Elliott: Insights In Jazz

This sequel to Harmony With Lego Bricks will help you memorise tunes, and play by ear in any key! Learn how to recognise patterns in the harmonies of hundreds of songs using colour-coded roadmaps. The CD contains 55 audio tracks plus roadmaps for 238 commonly played jazz tunes in pdf format. TL135C Book/CD, 68 pages 25.00 22.00

Bart Noorman: Virtual Music School


10! This ground breaking multimedia suite uses movies with scrolling on-screen notation and chord symbols. Learn as you listen, watch, and play your way through 11 original songs demonstrating common harmonic devices in Western music, from the cycle of fifths to tritone substitution. Windows, Mac and Linux compatible.
AC158SD DVD-Rom 99.00 89.00


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George Russell: Lydian Chromatic Concept Of Tonal Organisation (4th Edition)

John McLaughlin: Improvisations

Transcriptions of McLaughlins improvisations and arrangments for 5 acoustic guitars and bass-guitar on the four standards found on the CD Thieves and Poets. This score book comes with an introduction from John; contains a never published cover photo taken by his wife Ina; and even a cool sketch by his son Luke. GS114T Book, 52 pages 17.50 15.00

This rare sought after text, first published in 1953, was the first theoretical work from jazz and the book that inspired Miles Davis' Kind of Blue. Includes the foldout chart listing all permutations of the Primary Modal Genres and the 7 Principal Scales of the Lydian Chromatic Scale. TH003T Hardback, 268 pages 100.00 90.00


Jamey Aebersold vol. 16: Turnarounds, Cycles and II-V7's

If you have been working on playing scales, chords and harmony in general, this is the next step towards getting your ears and fingers coordinated. This double CD set is a continuation of volume three, but in much more depth and includes 12-key workouts of typical chord changes and song forms. JA016C Book/2CDs, 61 pages 19.95 15.95

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Penelope Roskell: Yoga for Musicians

Penelope Roskell demonstrates how yoga principles can be applied directly to instrumental playing. The exercises demonstrated are ideal for musicians of any age and any level and will be particularly beneficial to musicians suffering from injuries, tension or stress. No previous experience required. TL119DV DVD, 94 minutes 19.95 15.95

Mark Levine: The Jazz Theory Book

This college level textbook takes you from basic chord construction, scale theory and the II-V-I progression to the blues, Ive Got Rhythm changes, slash chords, bebop and pentatonic scales, how to read a lead sheet and memorise tunes. Plus a great study of reharmonisation. TH024T Spiral bound, 522 pages 37.00 35.00

Mike Tracy: Jazz Piano Voicings For The Non-Pianist

This book teaches beginners and non-pianists the basic keyboard skills needed to play good sounding chord voicings. Covers two-note voicings and four-note chords using major, minor and dominant qualities. The second part of the book sets out simple voicings for 68 standard jazz progressions. PT179T Book, 145 pages 13.50 11.50

Pat Harbison: Trumpetology

Make the daily practice of trumpet basics a delight with this collection of 2025 minute daily practice routines that cover all the basics of trumpet technique, tone, intonation, articulation, fingers, range and flexibility. Intermediate level up. RT107C Book/CD, 143 pages 17.95 15.95

Mark McGee: Learn to Play Rhythm n Blues Saxophone

This unique technique book shows you how to honk, pop, growl and scream like the best blues tenorists. Simple instructions, clear diagrams and quality audio mean you dont even have to read music. Youll be walkin the bar in no time at all. Highly recommended. For tenor saxophone only. ST143C Book/CD, 47 pages 12.95 6.45

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Andrew Gordon: Ultra Smooth Jazz Grooves for Guitar

20 Smooth jazz grooves in a variety of contemporary styles including jazz, R&B, rock, gospel, hip-hop, and Latin. Each groove is separated into three melodic ideas with demo and play along tracks. The first example is usually the easiest, the second slightly harder and the third the most difficult. GS115C Book/CD, 46 pages 19.50 17.50

Hal Crook: How To Improvise: An Approach To Practicing Improvisation

Learn how to create good sounding, musical solos with Berklee professor Hal Crook. Each topic is explained and demonstrated with written musical examples, suggested exercises and a daily practice schedule. Used at Berklee College of Music since 1988. IT059C Book/2CDs, 185 pages 46.00 41.00

Anton Browne: The Sing Thing Volumes 1 & 2

These popular CDs present exercises and practice routines that will bring about steady improvement if used regularly. Vol. 1 contains 18 tracks of exercises for correct breathing, tension reduction, range extension and improved tone and 15 backing tracks for practice. Vol. 2 continues at a more advanced level. WT031X Volume 1, CD WT040X Volume 2, CD 9.95 9.95 8.95 8.95

Allan Cox: Meet The Bass Player

Practise with double bass player Paul Morgan and guitarist Hugh Burns playing 18 tracks of blues and common jazz progressions in tempos from 40 to 340 bpm with meters of 3, 4 and 5. Designed for drummers and suitable for all players who want to practise locking in to the groove. PA573X CD, 72 minutes 11.75 10.00

Jamey Aebersold Vol. 3: IIV7I Progression

20% Master the most important musical sequence in modern jazz by working on major and minor IIoff! V7s in all keys. Contains scales and chords needed for each track plus tips on substitute scales, piano voicings and a supplement with 120 written patterns to be used with the CD.
JA003C Bk/CD, 84 pages 14.95 11.95

Jamey Aebersold vol. 84: Dominant Seventh Workout

Master the dominant sound once and for all with this comprehensive study. The Dominant 7th is one of the most substituted, coloured and altered sounds in modern music. This workout set takes you through the dominant seventh chords and scales in all twelve keys backed by a swinging jazz rhythm section. JA084C Book/2CDs, 112 pages 20.95 17.95

Greg Fishman: Jazz Phrasing for Beginners

10 melodic pieces which are easy to play, and convey the essence of mainstream jazz vocabulary (swing/bebop/bossa). Short, catchy pieces teach how to use sequences and voiceleading to make statements that clearly outline the chord progression, without needing advanced technique. SS116C Bk/2CDs, 36 pages 19.95 17.95

Avishai Cohen: Songbook Vol. 1

A collection of 14 arrangements, composed by Avishai Cohen, with all piano, horn and bass parts transcribed, including: Nu Nu; Smash; Madrid; Remembering; Handsonit; Lyla; Short Story; Song for My Brother; Arka; Slick; El Capitain and The Ship at Sea; The Gift; Bass and Bone Fantasy; Bass Suite #1. CP152T Book, 32 pages 14.95 12.95

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Nussbaum & Smith: The Art of Playing with Brushes

The most comprehensive brushes tutor ever produced. Living legends Billy Hart, Eddie Locke, Joe Morello, Charli Persip and Ben Riley along with modern brush masters Adam Nussbaum and Steve Smith demonstrate and discuss their styles then all perform the same set of swing, ballads and Latin tunes. DVD/CD/Booklet, 7 Hours 16 Mins/36 pages. DT387DV 32.95 28.95

Jamey Aebersold Vol. 1: How to Play Jazz and Improvise (6th Edition)

This definitive overview surveys over forty fundamental topics such as scale choices, melodic development, ear training, blues scales, bebop scales, chromaticism, articulations, time and feeling, II-V7s, practical exercises, patterns, licks, standard repertoire list and tune learning. JA001C Bk/CD, 103 pages 15.95 12.75

John McLaughlin: The Gateway to Rhythm

Discover Konokol, the universal system of mastering rhythm without drums, as advocated by guitar legend John McLaughlin and taught by Konokol master Selvaganesh Vinayakram. Learn the 5 basic rhythms and you will be amazed how your own soloing will come alive. For all instrumentalists. IT177DV DVD, 82 minutes 24.00 21.00

Mark Levine: The Jazz Piano Book

Over 300 pages of instruction covering intervals & triads; 3note voicings; tritone substitution; left-hand voicings; scale application; comping; So What chords. Plus authentic voicings as played by Herbie Hancock, Duke Ellington, Bud Powell and others. PT017T Book, 307 pages 28.00 26.00

Chris Horne: Contemporary Jazz UK: Twenty One Lives in Jazz


Dick Wellstood: The Art of Jazz and Blues Piano Vol. 1

6 transcriptions with analysis and discography, showing Wellstoods influences from stride and blues to Monk and Coltrane. Happy Feet; I Concentrate On You; Lets Get Lost; Night Song For the White Rabbit; Paganinis Thing; St. James Infirmary. PS067T Book, 78 pages 15.95 11.95

5! 21 British artists reveal what inspired them to become musicians, discuss the twists and turns of their careers, and share their aspirations and tastes in music. A totally new perspective on todays UK jazz scene through the words of its leading practitioners.
BK0726P Paperback, 215 pages 14.99 9.99

Phil DeGreg: Jazz Keyboard Harmony

This key text for the developing pianist starts with 20% off! simple theory and progresses step-by-step to inversions, progressions and more advanced concepts. Then you practise what youve learnt, performing complete songs. CD contains demo and play along tracks from all the material in the book. PT111C Book/CD, 244 pages 22.50 18.00

Ray Ramirez: The Swing of the Latin Bass (Part 1)

Learn the secrets behind playing authentic Latin music, on either upright or electric bass. The book introduces many Tumbaos and some of the most used patterns of various Latin styles, in a step by step approach. No previous knowledge of latin music is necessary. For all levels of player. BT175C Book/CD, 57 pages 19.50 17.00

David Liebman: A Chromatic Approach To Jazz Harmony and Melody



Bob Stuckey: Scales, Modes And Chords By Key Signature For Piano
A full understanding of major and minor key signatures and their associated scales, modes and chords is vital for learning pieces, sight-reading and composing and improvising. This book presents each key signature as a two page spread and displaying its particular scales, modes and chords. PT211T Book, 48 pages 7.50 5.00

Incorporate chromaticism into your playing and modernise your existing jazz material. Includes theory discussion, advice on practising, and transcriptions from Bach to Shorter. The CD has Liebman demonstrating concepts discussed in the book. Recommended by Pat Metheny. IT118C Bk/CD, 180 pages 41.50 31.50

Jamey Aebersold vol. 21: Gettin It Together

Extremely thorough practice set with 31 different 20% tracks. Each track covers all twelve keys. Use with off! volume one and youll have a solid foundation to meet any musical challenge. The two CDs cover major, minor, dominant seventh, half-diminished, lydian, sus four and blues in F and Bb. JA021C Book/2CDs, 64 pages 20.95 16.75

Dan Haerle: Jazz Piano Voicing Skills

A graded course on piano voicing skills, starting off! with simple block chords over Major and Minor chords and methodically progressing into more exotic and advanced polychords and substitutions. A comprehensive workout, with over 120 skills in all 12 keys explained with clear instructions. PT105T Book, 156 pages 13.50 10.80


Jamey Aebersold: Anyone Can Improvise

Watch Jamey as he defines the building blocks of a jazz solo and then puts them all together so even non-musicians can understand. This DVD contains nearly two hours of improvisation fundamentals, jazz harmony, practice tips and motivation. For everyone. IT126DV DVD, 105 minutes 20.95 18.95

Nick Homes: Jazz Duets for Alto Saxophone

Each book/CD set features 12 short duets exploring a range of styles from Blues and Rock to 5/4 Swing, Odd-Meter Swing and Calypso, at a variety of tempos. The CD contains demo tracks for all three books. For Grades 1-6. Book/CD, 16 pages. SM372C Easy edition SM373C Intermediate edition SM374C Advanced edition 10.95 10.95 10.95 8.95 8.95 8.95

The New Real Book Volume 1 (Sher 1988)

Over 220 tunes with a great mix of standards, jazz classics, Brazilian, Latin, and pop fusion hits. Accurate melody and chord changes. Includes (where applicable) sample keyboard parts, harmony parts, bass parts and drum figures. Spiral bound, 485 pages. FB033T C & vocal edition 37.00 33.00 FB034T Bb edition 37.00 33.00 FB035T Eb edition 37.00 33.00

Duncan Lamont: Play Chords on a Keyboard in 15 Minutes!

This quick start guide for absolute beginners and non-pianists of any age teaches you to harmonise simple popular tunes such as Summertime and 12 bar blues using the most basic three fingered technique. Even if you dont read music, this book shows you how to play intervals, chords and songs by ear right from the the very start. PT269T Book, 57 pages 8.95 5.95

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Turbo Ears Bundle
Build turbo ears and learn to improvise with confidence. Instantly recognise the scales, chords and progressions commonly used in jazz. Jamey Aebersolds Jazz Ear Training [ET013C] and Roberta Radleys The Real Easy Ear Training Book [ET041C] will show you how, and you'll quickly notice improvement.

Ike Isaacs: More Moods


Ike Isaacs was one of the great chordal masters of off! the guitar, and a mentor to Martin Taylor. Ike wrote this collection of solo guitar pieces to expand the guitarists awareness of the harmonic possibilities of the instrument. Includes Starlight, which Ike performs on his CD Intimate Interpretations [GT225X]. GM085T Book, 24 pages 8.95



2 Books/4CDs, 189 pages




IT154C IT142C

Practise Right Bundle


Use these three best selling titles to help you 5! practise effectively and get results faster. Discover how the pros practise step-by-step. Learn how to really build scale and chord technique playing standards; and the weekly planner that will help you timetable it all. For all musicians. BN0027 3 Books/2CDs, 376 pages 53.00 48.00


Kenny Werner: Living Effortless Mastery

Kenny describes this as his second book because it explores the topics from his earlier book and CD Effortless Mastery [TL087C] in greater depth. Kenny demonstrates the principles in performance and explains how he trains his mind to bypass any obstacles, with particular emphasis on free jazz. IT176DV DVD, 3 hours, 38 minutes 19.95 18.95

Pete White: The Book of All Possible Scales

Complete reference for all possible three to eleven note scales that can be composed from the western chromatic scale. All scales appear in gridform, covering all twelve keys without duplication. The accompanying CD tracks of backings and atmospheres bring these examples to life. TH057C Book/CD, 135 pages 19.95 18.95

Andrew Gordon: 100 Ultimate Jazz Riffs For Tenor saxophone

100 typical Jazz riffs based on common chord progressions in both major and minor keys. The riffs are from a range of styles, including Jazz Funk, Swing and Latin Jazz. Each musical example has a single note improvised melody line with the chord progression.
ST084C Book/CD, 42 pages 19.50 17.50

JR Pedersen: Scandinavian Double Bass Technique Bundle

Develop the technical ability to express your musical ideas on double bass with this series of four books, written by a former student of Danish bassist Niels Henning rsted Pedersen. The exercises are beneficial for all bassists who want to change their technique or wish to widen horizons. BTK004 4 Books, 250 pages 51.80 48.00

Sammy Nestico: The Complete Arranger

Complete reference and how-to book that no 5! serious student of arranging should be without. From arranging basics to the symphonic band and advanced techniques for putting it all together. Two CDs with 100 tracks demonstrate solo and ensemble colours, textures and styles. Special hardback edition. CA026HC Book/2CDs, 430 pages 79.95



David Liebman: The Complete Guide to Saxophone Sound Production



Jamey Aebersold vol. 116: Miles of Modes Master Jazz Scales and Modes

A 150 minute instructional DVD on every aspect of sound production for all saxophones and styles. Every area is covered: breathing, air support, reeds, mouthpieces, horns, style, articulation, backed-up with clear exercises and examples. Use with his book on same topic [ST001T]. ST141DV DVD, 143 minutes 76.95 66.95

Master jazz scales and modes with professional level exercises that will help you dig deep into the modal style of playing. An in-depth study, with introduction by Pat Harbison. Includes slow tracks for beginners and doubletime practice tracks for advanced players. JA116C Book/2CDs, 66 pages 19.95

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George Bouchard: Intermediate Jazz Improvisation A Study Guide for Developing Soloists (2nd edition)
Intermediate practice routines plus in-depth discussion of 18 popular jazz tunes from Summertime to Stella By Starlight, with sample solos and two CDs containing 40 play along tracks from the Jamey Aebersold series. IT127C Book/2CDs, 410 pages 29.95 23.95

Mike Di Liddo: Guitar Voicings from Jamey Aebersold Volume 54 Maiden Voyage
Mike Di Liddo performs authentic guitar comps to the most commonly played jazz song forms including Autumn Leaves, Summertime and blues in Bb and F. Stereo CD features guitar, bass and drums. Book includes notation and chord boxes. Full of professional, playable voicings. SU046C Book/CD, 80 pages 14.50 11.95

Cathrine Sadolin: Complete Vocal Technique (2008 version)


Andrew D. Gordon: 100 Ultimate Blues Riffs

This is an exhaustive collection of the various phrases or riffs that make up blues soloing, both from a rhythmic and soloing standpoint. All levels. Book/CD, 58 pages RT114C ST137C For Brass For Alto saxophone 19.50 17.50 17.50 15.95

Complete instruction on how to sing, with advice on taking care of your voice, intonation, overcoming unwanted breaks, microphone techniques and a voice repair programme. The CD features musical examples, exercises and a daily training programme. WT026T Book, 272 pages 45.00 40.00



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Art Prints
Herman Leonard: Fine Art Portfolio of Six Famous Jazz Prints
AC019S 6 Black &White prints 7.95 5.57

Combo Charts
Tim Garland: Rosa Ballerina
CC481T Score/parts for 9 piece band 19.99 13.99 13.99 17.85

Jazz Icons 3: Cannonball Adderley - Live in 63

DVD0544 DVD, 100 mins 12.99


J.J. Johnson: Live In Concert

DVD0285 DVD, 120 minutes DVD0524 DVD, 131 minutes DVD0546 DVD, 64 mins

14.50 24.95

10.15 17.47 9.09 9.09 9.09 9.09

Tim Garland: Lady Catherine

CC484T CC513T

Big Band Charts

Doug Beach: Got Rhythm?
BB1003T Score/parts for big band 36.95 29.95 33.95 36.95 34.50 35.00 35.00 38.00 37.00 29.95 29.95 29.95 52.95 52.95 36.95 25.87 20.97 23.77

Score/parts for 9 piece band 19.99 Score/parts for rock combo 25.50

Louie Bellson: Legends of Jazz Drumming Complete Jazz Icons 3: Nina Simone - Live in 65 & 68

Robbie Williams: Feel

Jon Phelps: Caribbean Getaway Doug Beach: Storm Zone

BB921JK Score/parts for big band BB1002T Score/parts for big band BB1018T Score/parts for big band

Composer Collections
Norah Jones: Feels Like Home
CP148T Book, 80 pages 12.99 9.09

Jazz Icons 3: Bill Evans - Live in 64 - 75

DVD0547 DVD, 99 minutes DVD0548 DVD, 57 minutes

12.99 12.99

Jazz Icons 3: Lionel Hampton - Live in 58

Joe Jackson: Do Nothin Till You Hear from Me Me and My Shadow

James Rae: Jazz Clarinet Studies
CM068T Book, 32 pages 6.95 4.87

25.87 24.15 24.50 24.50 26.60 25.90 20.97

Jazz Icons 3: Sonny Rollins - Live in 65 & 68

DVD0550 DVD, 87 mins 12.99

BB1036T Score/parts for big band

Phil Collins Big Band: Milestones

BB796T BB811T Score/parts for big band

Kellie Santin & Cheryl Clark: Creative Clarinet Duets

CS015C CT032C Bk/CD, 32 pages 8.50

5.95 8.05 9.07

Trinity Guildhall: Flute Scales & Arpeggios for Flute and Jazz Flute - Grade 1-8
FT021T Book, 45 pages Book, 32 pages Book, 37 pages 6.95 6.95 9.50

Night Train

Kellie Santin & Cheryl Clark: Creative Clarinet

Book/CD, 72 pages Book/CD, 32 pages 11.50

4.87 4.87 6.65

Score/parts for big band

James Rae: Jazz Flute Studies

FM072T FM073T

Charles Mingus: Better Get It In Your Soul

BB864T BB876T BB911J Score/parts for big band Score/parts for big band

Play Along Blues with a Live Band: Clarinet

PA646C 12.95

James Rae: 40 Modern Studies for Solo Flute Andy Hampton: Jazzworks - Flute and Piano
PA600C Book/CD, 23 pages Book/CD, 31 pages 9.95

Frank Sinatra: Fly Me To The Moon Doug Beach: Final Drive

Geoff Nicholls: The Drum Handbook
RF142T Book, 192 pages 16.95 14.95 11.87 10.47

6.97 9.07

Score/parts for big band Score/parts for big band

Play Along Jazz with a Jazz Trio: Flute


Doug Beach: Uptown Blues


Conga Masters: Changuito and Giovanni Duets DVD

DT383DV Book/DVD, 45 mins 20.97 20.97 37.07 37.07 25.87


Les Sabina: Swing Happens

BB920JK Score/parts for big band BB937K BB939K BB968K Score/parts for big band Score/parts for big band Score/parts for big band

Andrew Gordon: Outta Sight Funk and R&B Patterns for Drums
DT392C Book/CD, 58 pages 14.95

Authentic Jazz Playalong: I Got Rhythm - 10 Jazz Standards (Flute)

PA589C Book/CD, 32 pages 9.95


10.47 7.67

Jim Snidero: Easy Jazz Conception for Flute

FT013C Book/CD, 40 pages 14.95

Gordon Goodwin: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Gordon Goodwin: Cut n Run

Mel Bay: First Lessons Djembe

DT397D Bk/CD/DVD, 32 pages



Stanton Moore: A Modern Approach To New Orleans Drumming

DT398DV DVD, 60 minutes 24.95


Corey Christiansen: Qwiklicks - Blues & Funk Basics

GT608DV DVD, 124 minutes GT622C 17.99 12.59 11.87

Hal Leonard: Thieves in the Temple

Hal Leonard: Were All In This Together - From High School Musical
BB970K BB997T Score/parts for big band 36.95

Danny Gottlieb & Joe Morello: Natural Drumming: Lessons 3 & 4 (DVD)
DT375DV DVD, 98 minutes 17.99

Phil Capone: Exploring Jazz Guitar

Book/CD, 192 pages




Hal Leonard: Full Count

Danny Gottlieb & Joe Morello: Natural Drumming: Lessons 5 & 6 (DVD)
DT378DV DVD, 121 minutes DT379T Book, 88 pages Book/CD 17.99

Mike Christiansen: Mel Bays Complete Jazz Guitar Method

GT600DV Book/CD/DVD, 255 pages GT643C Book/CD, 136 pages 25.00


Score/parts for big band Score/parts for big band Score/parts for big band Score/parts for big band Score/parts for big band

39.95 52.95 52.95 52.95 52.95 45.00 43.95 40.00

27.97 37.07 37.07 37.07 37.07 31.50 30.77

12.59 6.97 11.55

Andrew Green: Jazz Guitar Structures

Gordon Goodwin: Hunting Wabbits

BB943K BB948K BB949K BB960K BB956T

Joe Morello: Master Studies 2



9.95 16.50

Gordon Goodwin: There's The Rub Gordon Goodwin: Whodunnit?

Christian Bourdon: African Rhythms For Percussion


Jay Umble: Jazz Curriculum - Payin Your Dues with the Blues (MBGU)
GT645C Book/CD, 152 pages 19.95


Danny Gottlieb: The Complete All-Around Drummer 1 (DVD)

DT384DV DVD, 90 mins, 8 page booklet 22.95 16.07

Dave Frackenpohl: A Practical Guide To Jazz Band Guitar

GT642C Book/CD, 80 pages 13.95


Gordon Goodwin: The Phat Pack Robbie Williams: Mr Bojangles Mintzer: March Majestic

Danny Gottlieb: The Complete All-Around Drummer 2 (DVD)

DT385DV DVD, 90 mins, 12 page booklet 22.95 DT388C Book/CD 9.95 16.07

Bruce Saunders: Jazz Curriculum - Diminished Workbook (MBGU)

GT647C Book/CD, 96 pages 13.95


Score/parts for big band

Peter Magadini: Polyrhythms - The Musicians Guide


Paul Mehling: Learn To Play Django-Style Gypsy Jazz Guitar: Volume 1

GT648DV DVD/booklet, 60 minutes 22.95

BB934JK Score/parts for big band


Antonio Carlos Jobim: No More Blues

BB682T Score/parts for big band


Jazz Icons 3: Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Live in 63 & 67

DVD0545 DVD, 80 mins 12.99

Paul Mehling: Learn To Play Django-Style Gypsy Jazz Guitar: Volume 2

GT649DV DVD/booklet, 60 minutes 22.95


Ed Friedland: Jazz Upright Bass
BT179DV DVD, multi-region, 147 mins 9.95 PA553C Book/CD, 88 pages 13.95 6.97 9.77


The Jazz Masterclass Series From NYU: Jimmy And Percy Heath
DVD0539 DVD, Region 0, 151 minutes 13.95

Allan Holdsworth: Reaching for the Uncommon Chord

GS034T GS067T Book, 111 pages 12.99 10.95

9.09 7.67


Miles Donahue: The Jazz Workbook Volume 1 (Bass)

Al DiMeola: Music, Words, Pictures - Guitar

Book, 143 pages


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Guitar cont
Larry Coryell: Jazz Guitar
GT400C Book/CD, 96 pages 12.95 14.95 9.95 9.07 10.47 6.97 12.59 11.55 6.97

Mark Harrison: Smooth Jazz Piano (HL Keyboard Style Series)

PT283C PT298C Book/CD, 79 pages Book/CD, 47 pages 9.95

Improvisor: Ear-Training software for the Improvising Musician
AC142SC CD-ROM, Windows only 39.95 27.97


Tricia Woods: Easy Soloing for Jazz Keyboard


Jimmy Bruno: Non Nonsense Jazz Guitar (Hotlicks)

GT604DV DVD, 120 minutes GT617C


Sid Jacobs: Modern Jazz Concepts for Guitar

Book/CD, 48 pages

Sittin In with the Big Band - Jazz Ensemble Play Along (Piano)
PA613C PT282C Book/CD, 25 pages 12.95 9.95

Teaching & Learning

Eddie Harvey: Jazz in the Classroom - Pupils Book
TL037T Book, Book, 36 pages Book/CD, 8 pages 7.50 5.25 4.55


Mordy Ferber: Make the Tune your Best Friend

GT609DV DVD, 66 minutes GT633T Book, 132 pages 17.99

Mark Harrison: Jazz-Blues Piano

Book/CD, 96 pages


Malcolm Miles: Rapsong



Peter OMara: A Chordal Concept for Jazz Guitar


Play Alongs
Hal Leonard Volume 69 - Classic Jazz
PA617C Book/CD, 80 pages Book/CD, 64 pages 10.95 10.95 7.67 7.67

Kendor: Improvisation Workout Vol. 1 (Beach & Shutack)

TL127C Score/parts & CD 50.00

Jean Marc Belkadi: Technique Exercises For Guitar

GT635C Book/CD, 40 pages 9.95


Sid Jacobs: Complete Book of Jazz Guitar Lines and Phrases

GT619C Book/CD, 160 pages 21.95

Hal Leonard Volume 48 - Bebop Classics


Shelton Berg: Alfreds Essentials of Jazz Theory Teachers Answer Key (3 books in 1)
TL130C TL126C Book/CD, 120 pages 29.95


15.37 8.37

Sittin In with the Big Band Play Along (Guitar)

PA615C Book/CD, 25 pages 11.95

Bob Mintzer: 12 Contemporary Jazz Etudes (Bb Trumpet, Clarinet)

PA548C PA618C PA631C PA391C Book/CD, 46 pages Book/CD, 88 pages Book/CD, 71 pages 17.50 10.95 10.95 10.95

Jarvis & Beach: The Jazz Educator's Handbook

Book/2CDs, 271 pages 38.00

12.25 7.67 7.67 7.67


Allan Holdsworth DVD (Alfred's Artist Series)

GT630DV DVD, 75 minutes

Hal Leonard: Volume 63 - Classical Jazz

Alan Colin: Contemporary Atonal Etudes for Trombone
TM040T Book, 36 pages 5.75 4.03 7.67 8.05 9.07 17.15

24.95 17.46

Corey Christiansen & Per Danielsson: Essential Jazz Lines in the Style of Miles Davis (Guitar)
PA605C Book/CD, 72 pages 12.95

Hal Leonard: Volume 74 - Best Jazz Classics


Hal Leonard Jazz Playalong: Volume 8 - AC Jobim

Book/CD, 48 pages

Jiggs Whigham: Play Along Fusion

TM058C Book/CD, 18 pages PA622C PA635C Book/CD, 63 pages Book/CD, 31 pages

10.95 11.50 12.95

Oscar Peterson Multimedia CD-Rom
PT202SC CD-ROM, Windows only PT249DV 2 DVDs, two hours PA500T

63.95 42.95 6.95 15.95 22.95 44.78 30.07 4.87 11.17 16.07 5.57

Dechert: Funk & Soul Power - Trombone

Dr John: The Piano Styles of Dr John

Randy Hunter: Complete Jazz Styles - Introductory Etudes in Jazz Comprehension Book 1 (Alto/Bari Sax)
SS106C Book/CD, 26 pages 15.50

Play Along Jazz with a Jazz Trio: Trombone Kurt Dietrich: Jazz Bones
BK0761P Book, 612 pages


Scott Joplin: Ragtime Favourites (Piano)

Piano accompaniment book

Randy Hunter: Complete Jazz Styles - Introductory Etudes in Jazz Comprehension Book 2 (Tenor Sax)
SS109C Book/CD, 26 pages 15.50


Paul Smith: Jazz Solos for Piano

PM138C Book/CD, 40 pages PT293DV DVD, 80 minutes PT187T Book, 38 pages


Red Rodney: Then and Now solo transcriptions
RS031T Book, 31 pages Book, 41 pages 7.95 5.57 8.75 5.57 9.07 8.58

David Cohen: Learn to play Blues Piano Vol. 3

Randy Hunter: Complete Jazz Styles - Introductory Etudes in Jazz Comprehension Book 2 (Alto/Bari Sax)
SS108C Book/CD, 26 pages 15.50


Thomas Stewart: The Artistry of Roy Eldridge

RS029T 12.50 7.95 12.95

Olegario Diaz: Latin Jazz Piano Technique Vol. 2


Jim Snidero: Easy Jazz Conception for Baritone Saxophone

ST104C Book/CD, 40 pages 14.95 11.95

Jazz Sessions: Trumpet


Lavitz: Jazz-Rock Keyboard (HL Keyboard Style Series)

PT289C Book/CD, 56 pages 9.95

10.47 8.37

Book/CD, 22 pages


Chris Vadala: Play Along Fusion (Alto saxophone)

SM352C Book/CD, 21 pages

Play Along Blues with a Live Band: Trumpet

PA648C RT028T Book/CD, 32 pages Book, 77 pages

Antonio Adolfo: Brazilian Music Workshop

PM114C Book/CD, 143 pages PM151T PS014T Book, 47 pages Book, 72 pages Book, 96 pages


17.15 5.57 7.88 11.17 10.47

Bob Mintzer: Concertino for Tenor Saxophone, Strings and Winds (Tenor Sax & Piano Reduction)
SM382T Book 16.50

Ernest Williams: Method of Scales


23 Christmas Songs (Easy Keyboard) Billy Taylor: Solos and Sketches The Very Best of Diana Krall


7.95 11.25 15.95 14.95

Nick Brignola: Jazz Solos (For C instruments)

SS018T Book, 38 pages. 11.95

8.37 12.57

Audition Songs for Professional Singers

WM043C Book/CD, 176 pages


17.47 10.47

Miles Osland: The Music of Bob Mintzer

SS088C Book/CD, 87 pages


The Best of Cole Porter

WM045T Book, 71 pages


David Cohen: Teaches Blues Piano Vol.2

PT173C Book/CD, 38 pages

Buckland / Scott: Cafe Europa (for alto sax and piano)

SS100T Book 10.30

Professional Singers' Audition Book

WM042C Book/CD, 180 pages


24.95 17.47

Corey Christiansen & Per Danielsson: Essential Jazz Lines in the Style of Bill Evans (Piano)
PT217C Book/CD 12.95


Apollo Saxophone Quartet Series: Saxophone and Piano Book 1

SS101T Book, 28 pages 10.30

Sam West Vocal Workout DVD



David Cohen: Learn To Play Blues Piano Vol. 1 - A Beginners Guide To Improvisation (DVD)
PT236DV DVD, 90 mins PT276C 22.95

Eric Marienthal: Play Sax from Day One (DVD)

ST140DV DVD, 60 minutes PA315C 22.95

16.07 9.09


30% OFF

Jazz Club Alto Saxophone Grades 1-2

Book/CD, 20 pages

Noah Baerman: Jazz Keyboard Harmony

Book/CD, 95 pages




Hector Martignon: Salsa Piano (HL Keyboard Style Series)

PT277C Book/CD, 54 pages 9.95

Corey Christiansen: Essential Jazz Lines in the Style of Clifford Brown (Eb)
PA467C Book/CD, 40 pages 12.95 9.07




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