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This island has energetically preserved the profound secrets of Andean wisdom; a
sacred knowledge that is no longer practiced by its population, who in the course of
recent decades, is increasingly converting to the Christian faith. We now find in all of
the islands, a large presence in the communities of Lake Titikaka, having a new faith.
This faith was brought by diverse Christian evangelical groups such as Mormons or
Church of Latter Day Saints, Jehovah's witnesses, Adventists, Presbyterians and
Lutherans, among others. All unwittingly in association with the Catholic church to
contribute toward the chaos of belief and faith of these people and places. The
communities in the Islands of the Sun and the Moon have not been spared this ill-fated
blight. In these later centuries the strength and force of the Andean Priesthood has
weakened and grown frail to the point of affording dogmatic beliefs in order to gain
some access into their midst.
Therefore, we cannot consider the present-day Andean communities as genuine
examples of those who preserve the sacred knowledge of the initiated. The testimony
of it has, nevertheless, remained engraved upon stone and in structures, which due
location and distance are still surviving.

I invoke and call upon Pachamama to continue guiding me in the unveiling of

her mysteries. To Pachakamaq to always illuminate my spiritual path.

From: “INKA POWER PLACES” by Mallku Arevalo.